IAS Prelims 2016

With just over a month left for IAS Prelims 2016, you have got to focus and avoid common mistakes.

IAS Prelims 2016

I’ve seen a lot of aspirants commit blunders before the Civil Services Preliminary Exam. Some of them are as follows –

  • Preparation of new topics that have previously not been covered
  • Reading archives of the Hindu
  • Reading archives of the Yojana and magazines like Civil Services Times
  • Rote learning from the India Year Book
  • Making Notes for most important topics (apparently) a few weeks before the exam
  • Learning topics from Mrunal superficially and not doing a detailed follow up
  • Going through previous year papers with the aim of remembering questions
  • Setting a cutoff and strategizing to attempt questions that’ll fetch them marks as per the set cutoff
  • Excessive Panic weeks before the exam
  • Excessive discussion with fellow students
  • Not attempting any Mock tests

During the Exam –

  • Wild guessing in Paper I
  • Not making an informed decision as to what question to attempt and what to leave
  • Wasting time once the paper I is finished and not investing that time in revising the paper
  • Spending too much time on Comprehension in Paper II
  • Not Attempting Questions from Quant and Reasoning first
  • Marking on the OMR sheets along with attempting questions even though it should be done in the last 15–30 minutes.

Try avoiding all the above stated mistakes, else it’ll be difficult to qualify the exam.

All the best for CSE 2016.

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  2. What you have guessed is exactly the same all aspirants confused or frustrated on or during their exam preparation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This guides all IAS aspirants. Can you provide me in detail or any other book references to guide them….

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