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Reading Comprehension or RC Passage, as is commonly referred to, is one of the most important topics of English Language section of LIC AAO examination. This topic always has a high weightage in the exam which means more marks.

But the only problem is that it consumes a lot of time, and thereby leaving only a little time for other questions in the section. In a way RC Passage can make or break your sectional cutoffs and thus final scores also. This will ultimately be the differentiating factor between a selected candidate and a candidate who will be applying next year again.

We all know that solving RC Passage has become an inevitable part of  the LIC AAO Exam. And thus the very next question that lingers in every LIC AAO aspirant’s mind is “How to solve RC Passage Questions?”

Every aspirant can easily solve simple and direct passages. But that is not the case when it comes to LIC AAO Exam. The passages are not that simple making the task difficult.  Aspirants are not able to understand the theme and idea of the passage. The inability to understand vocabulary (meaning of words) makes it even tougher.

The aspirant ultimately loses his interest (read confidence) in this section.To avoid this situation, Today we will share with you some tips and strategies to solve the RC Passage quickly. The ultimate solution will lie not in shortcuts, but in hard work and dedicated preparation. You have to make a systematic plan and need to stick to it. So, here are some Reading Comprehension strategies to follow, to get more marks in Reading Comprehension.

1.Understand the passage

One of the major issue that aspirants face is that they are unable  to understand the theme of the RC Passage. If same is the case with you, you need to understand that you don’t need to understand each and every word of the comprehension. What you need is to just find the gist (summary) of it. In any passage, the author generally uses the first paragraph to introduce his topic and  the final paragraph  to conclude the discussion. SO whenever you have trouble in  finding the purpose of the passage, go back and read these two paragraphs again.

2.  Find your strengths

Well this has to be your first priority. You need to find your strengths first. The conservative approach that the whole how to solve RC Passage Questionsstudent community follows for solving a RC Passage is to first read the passage, then read the questions and then finally solving them. This may be a good approach, but it does not work for all. Probably some aspirants are unaware about which keywords to remember while going through the RC Passage. That’s why they have to read the RC Passage again, after reading the questions. This lead to the problem of Time Management. If that is the case with you too, You can choose what we call as the “QBP” approach (Questions Before Passage). That means, read the questions first, so that you have an idea what to look for, in the Passage. So identify your strength and follow either of the two approaches that suits you.

3.Improve Your Vocabulary:

Do you know what is the most crucial part of RC Passage? Vocabulary, which means knowledge or meaning of words. If you do not have a good vocabulary, you have to stop at each and every new word while reading any passage, and be confused about what does it mean?It ultimately leads to a bit difficulty in the understanding the meaning of that sentence.  Having a good vocabulary, makes you understand the reading  Comprehension  much easier therefore you need to improve your vocabulary. It looks tough but is sweet and simple. What you need to do is Start reading anything that you get in English, be it newspapers, magazines, textbooks,or even a science fiction. You will come across a lot of new words. Keep a notebook with you and whenever you come across any such word, note it down. Check its meaning in the dictionary. By this, you will be able to understand  the meaning of new words.Make it a daily affair.Read and revise it periodically

4.Solve Easy Questions First

All the questions asked in the RC section will not be of the same difficulty level. Try to solve the easy questions first.If you are not able to find answer to a particular question, don’t waste your time on it. you can always come on it later. Leaving the difficult questions and solving the easier ones may prove to be a good strategy to save time.But you must do it carefully. Because most of the time, when you come back to the question, there will be a possibility that you have forgotten the passage itself.

5.  Focus on Improving Your reading Speed:

Most of the times it happens that you lose your focus. It is not unusual and happens with all, when we find the passage dull and boring. It might happen with you as well and you only read the passage without grasping anything.So Focus on the content. Don’t let your mind day dream. You can do that once you have finished that exam. Also try to improve your reading speed. A handy suggestion will be not to move your lips while reading as it slows down your speed.

6. Practice a lot

Generally RC Passages  are taken from different fields of knowledge, like Science, Arts, Literature, Politics, Economics or  even a popular fiction. Read that type of stuff as much as you can. Solve previous year papers and mock tests to understand about the type of questions likely to be asked in the examination. Mostly you will come across questions like Drawing inferences, or asking about a specific word from the passage. Some questions may even check your parallel reasoning skills. One thing that you should always keep in mind while answering these questions will be not to make any conclusion which are not given in the passage.


Friends, this is it for Preparation of RC Passage Questions in the English section of LIC AAO Exam.

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Please let us know about any questions, passages or doubts which are hampering your English preparation in the comments section below and we will be glad to solve them for you. All the best!

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