Tips To Score 60+ For IBPS RRB Office Assistant/ Officers Scale 1 Exam

Today we are going to discuss the strategy to score more marks in IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Exam 2020. IBPS has already released the notification for RRB Officer Scale I and this exam will be conducted on September/ October 2020. This strategy is to improve your score in IBPS RRB Officer Scale I exam, which is essential to enhance your preparation for this exam.

IBPS RRB Prelims exam is scheduled to be held in September/ October 2020. The countdown has begun and this is the time to indulge in serious exam preparations with a clear target in mind. IBPS RRB Prelims exam is a game of Speed and Accuracy. Thus, applicants need a clear knowledge of concepts and proper practice to score 60+ in IBPS RRB Prelims Office Assistant and Officer Scale 1 exam. In order to achieve this, applicants will have to use their preparation time very smartly. A proper study, revision, and practice strategy will ensure that the applicant scores 60+ marks in IBPS RRB Prelims exam.

How To Score 60+ in IBPS RRB Prelims 2020

In order to score 60 + in the upcoming IBPS RRB Prelims Office Assistant or Officer Scale 1 exam, candidates will have to consider various parameters that influence their performance. Candidates will first have to understand the IBPS RRB Exam Pattern and IBPS RRB Syllabus. Thereafter, a deeper analysis of the type of questions asked in the exam, the difficulty level of the exam, important topics as per marks weightage, and time to cover the syllabus and revision are also to be considered. So, to start with, we will go through the IBPS RRB Prelims exam pattern.

IBPS RRB Prelims Exam Pattern 2020

The IBPS RRB Exam Pattern for Office Assistant and Officer Scale 1 is given below:

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Prelims Exam Pattern 2020

Sections Number of Questions Maximum Marks
Reasoning 40 40
Numerical Ability 40 40
Total 80 80

IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 Prelims Exam Pattern 2020

Sections Number of Questions Maximum Marks
Reasoning 40 40
Quantitative Aptitude 40 40
Total 80 80

Key Note: A composite time of 45 minutes will be given to complete the test.

Attempt IBPS RRB Officer Scale I Prelims Free Mock Test

Attempt IBPS RRB Office Assistant Prelims Free Mock Test

IBPS RRB Officer Scale – I Reasoning Ability Section

Here are some of the tips for scoring well in the reasoning portion of the paper in IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 2020.

  • It is important to enter the exam hall with a pre-decided strategy to attempt a definite number of questions correctly. In the reasoning section, this number should be at least 25 to 30 out of the 40 featured questions.
  • Some topics like blood relation, directions, syllogisms, etc are worth more in the sense that they can be solved swiftly with great accuracy. The aspirants are advised to make sure to solve these questions in the paper to boost the scores.
  • The puzzle section is the most tricky as it tends to take up time, once you get stuck. So, the aspirants should opt for the puzzles only after solving all the possible arithmetic questions. In this way, they can simply give the leftover time of the slot to the puzzles without having to constantly worry about the clock ticking.
  • Some candidates have practised the puzzles quite well during the practice sessions. These students are suggested to go for the puzzles in the first place to get a morale boost and also an incremental start of the score counter. If you can get the majority of puzzle questions right then it is very likely that you’ll have an edge over the other candidates.
  • The reasoning section has the ability to waste a lot of aspirant’s time as if one starts to approach the problem wrongly then there is very less that can be done to avoid time waste. So, it is advisable to opt for the questions that seem solvable on the first hand. If you feel that a question can be solved but requires some extra time, then mark it for review later; please don’t get stuck into it.

IBPS RRB Officer Scale-I Quantitative Aptitude Section

Other than the Reasoning Ability section, the paper also has a Quantitative aptitude section which too has 40 questions and needs to be handled with care in order to get a good cumulative score. Here are some of the hacks that could come in handy while solving the Quantitative Aptitude section in the preliminary paper.

  • The minimum number of questions that a student should target in the paper is 30 to 35 with more than 95% accuracy. Any number more than this will fetch you brownie points. Hence, while practising mocks, you must keep “30 to 35 with more than 95% accuracy” your benchmark to score better
  • The paper features questions from some of the sections like simplification and approximation that are comparatively easier to solve and also give better returns in terms of marks. The aspirants should keep a tab on these questions and make sure to solve them to get better scores
  • The questions from data interpretation sections can have a deciding role. It will be a deal maker or a breaker depending upon how you solve them. These questions seem to take a lot of time, but if you solve them systematically then there is hardly any chance that you’ll miss out on it. Composure is the key here!
  • Accuracy is of stark importance in this section. Calculations should be made in a way that they are not required to be reviewed repeatedly. This would save time in the long run
  • The aspirants should steer clear of the questions that might seem simple in approach but require a lot of calculations and subsequently time. This is important as choosing the wrong questions would not allow you to solve the important questions because of the time constraint
  • Use the options to lessen the calculation part. Approximate the calculations and see if only one option satisfies the approximation. If so, then go for it. For closely placed options, solve the complete question to get the result.

Follow these prepration tips to Crack IBPS RRB

  • Fix a target

Set a target for each day and follow it strictly. Losing or wasting even a single day out of the schedule would be hazardous to the preparation process. Also, remember that it’s suggested that you prepare for IBPS PO Mains as well with the Prelims as there won’t be much time for preparation for the Mains.

  • Choose wisely

Instead of making a mess by referring to numerous books, follow one decent book from reputed writers/ publications for study purposes. Studying with multiple books will only be misleading and ambiguous.

  • Study section-wise

Preparing for each section individually will be beneficial in the sense that you will get to know your stronger and weaker sections. Most students may find it difficult in solving Quantitative Aptitude questions, so this is the area where you need to focus. For some, it may be the Quantitative Aptitude or Reasoning Ability.

  • Time Management

Time is one of the main ingredients in the Success mantra. As you will have to solve 80 questions within 60 minutes, therefore, it’s a very challenging task which calls for effective time management. In this scenario, taking online mock test and solving previous year, sample/ model question papers will help a lot.

  • Overall reassessment

Do a revision of your studies every day and also an overall revision in the last few days before the exam. Remember to recall and practice every formula, each important point, each and every shortcut that you have learned during your reparation.

Now, follow these tips on the day of the exam. If you are lucky enough to get a slot in the second or third day, please do check out the question papers of the previous shifts. Nowadays, online sites are very much proactive and they release the question paper immediately after the shift is over. If you have enough time, you can give a try to those questions. Don’t get too much stress on the exam day as stress doesn’t take you anywhere. After the start of the exam, start with the section you are comfortable with and answer those questions first, which are easier and reserve some time for the difficult ones. Thus, by following this strategy you can easily score more than 60 in IBPS RRB.

IBPS RRB 2020 Exam Date

IBPS has declared the exam dates for IBPS RRB 2020 Exam. Let’s have a look at the Exam Dates of IBPS RRB Assistant 2020 and IBPS RRB Officer 2020.

Activity Dates
IBPS RRB Notification 30th June 2020
Online Application Starts 01st July 2020
Online Applications will end on 21st July 2020
Call Letters for Pre-Exam Training 12th August 2020
Conduct of Pre-Exam Training 24th August to 29th August 2020
IBPS RRB Preliminary Examination
(Officer Scale-I & Office Assistant)
September/ October 2020
IBPS RRB Prelims Exam Result October 2020