How to fill post preferences in RRB NTPC Recruitment Application form


In this article you will see Posts available for recruitment through RRB NTPC, Questions for Expert recommendation for post preference in RRB NTPC, RRB NTPC Post Preference for Conservative Male/Female Candidates, RRB NTPC Post Preference for Radical Male/Female Candidates, Preference in RRB NTPC according to Medical conditions , Example to explain selection process for RRB NTPC.

Post Preference RRB NTPC

RRB NTPC Result – Mains Examination 


Candidates who appeared for RRB NTPC Mains examination are now invited to fill fresh preferences. The notification has been released by Railway Recruitment Board.The decision has been taken due to the implementation of seventh pay commission. Since its  introduction, some posts that came under RRB NTPC 2017 have undergone changes including better pay scale and incentives. The candidates who wish to change their preferences should not let go this opportunity.



RRB NTPC Preferences : Result Status for all Regions

Region Link for checking RRB NTPC Result
RRB Ahmedabad
RRB Ajmer
RRB Allahabad
RRB Bangalore
RRB Bhopal
RRB Bhubaneswar
RRB Bilaspur
RRB Chandigarh
RRB Chennai
RRB Gorakhpur
RRB Guwahati
RRB Jammu
RRB Kolkata
RRB Malda
RRB Mumbai
RRB Muzaffarpur
RRB Patna
RRB Ranchi
RRB Secunderabad
RRB Siliguri
RRB Thiruvananthapuram

RRB NTPC Post Preferences – Previous Updates

Online Application Process for recruitment of candidates for 18252 NTPC posts has started from December 26th 2015 and will go on till 25th January 2016. While filling the application forms for the above posts, most students are getting confused on: “How to fill preference for posts in RRB”, “which RRB to choose for filling up the form”, “which post is better for female candidates”, “Which post has least competition and more chances of selection. ” If you are faced with similar dilemmas,  this article will help you get the answers of the above questions.

Indian Railway is comprised of 21 RRBs (Railways Recruitment Board) in 17 railways zones like NR, NWR, ECoR and so on.

RRB NTPC: Eye-Vision.How to check 6/6, 6/9, 6/12, 6/18 Explained.

Posts available for recruitment through RRB NTPC Graduate Level examination.

Vacancies in the following 9 posts will b filled through RRB recruitment: (Click on the post name to read job profile, vacancy in RRBs, Salary, Promotion opportunities and stages of examination.)

Category No. Name of the RRB NTPC posts No.  of  Vacancies
1 Commercial Apprentice (CA) 703
2 Traffic Apprentice (TA) 1645
3 Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC) 127
4 Goods Guard 7591
5 Junior Accounts Assistant-cum-Typist (JAA) 1205
6 Senior Clerk-cum-Typist 869
7 Assistant Station Master (ASM) 5942
8 Traffic Assistant 166
9 Senior Time Keeper 4
Total 18252

As specified in the official notification there would be no interviews for selected candidates and you will be given the post based on the preference you had filled in the application form. This makes filling of preference order a very important task, as it can have an impact on your entire career. RRBs will choose candidates based on their online exam score and other test(typing, aptitude test). These RRBs will post cutoff depending on their total vacancies.

Click here to see RRB NTPC Syllabus Pattern and Books for preparation 

Post Preferences for RRB NTPC Application form 

If you do not wish to wait for 3-4 days, please read the preferences divided based on following categories of applicants:

  • Conservative Candidates: Wants safety and a comfortable job. Do not want any more tests after the initial examination.
  • Radical Candidates: Wants more money, do not care about job conditions. Can give more tests after initial examination.

The preferences below have been evaluated on the basis of gender, work conditions, salary, location, number of vacancies and promotional opportunities.

RRB NTPC Post Preference for Conservative Male Candidates

Post Preference
Commercial Apprentice (CA) 1
Traffic Apprentice (TA) 3
Enquiry-Cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC) 4
Goods Guard 5
Junior Accounts Assistant/ Typist (JAA) 7
Senior Clerk cum Typist 6
Assistant Station Master (ASM) 2
Traffc Assistant 8
Senior Time Keeper 9

RRB NTPC Post Preference for Conservative Female Candidates 

Post Preference
Commercial Apprentice (CA) 1
Traffic Apprentice (TA) 6
Enquiry-Cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC) 3
Goods Guard 9
Junior Accounts Assistant/ Typist (JAA) 5
Senior Clerk cum Typist 4
Assistant Station Master (ASM) 2
Traffic Assistant 7
Senior Time Keeper 8

RRB NTPC Post Preference for Radical Male Candidates 

Post Preference
Commercial Apprentice (CA) 4
Traffic Apprentice (TA) 2
Enquiry-Cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC) 6
Goods Guard 3
Junior Accounts Assistant/ Typist (JAA) 8
Senior Clerk cum Typist 7
Assistant Station Master (ASM) 1
Traffc Assistant 5
Senior Time Keeper 9

RRB NTPC Post Preference for Radical Female Candidates

Post Preference
Commercial Apprentice (CA) 4
Traffic Apprentice (TA) 2
Enquiry-Cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC) 3
Goods Guard 7
Junior Accounts Assistant/ Typist (JAA) 6
Senior Clerk cum Typist 5
Assistant Station Master (ASM) 1
Traffc Assistant 8
Senior Time Keeper 9


Post Preference in RRB NTPC according to Medical conditions 

As mentioned above many posts in Indian Railways require high level of physical fitness especially eyesight and Indian Railways takes eye vision of candidates seriously.  If you don’t posses required eyesight standards then you would not be able apply for certain posts.

  • ASM, TA, GG, T.Asst: Distance vision: 6/9, 6/9 without eyeglasses.
  • All Other posts: Distance vision should be 6/12, 6/18 with OR without eyeglasses.

Near Vision for all positions: Sn: 0.6, 0.6 without eyeglasses and must pass test for Colour, Binocular, Night Vision &  Field of Vision.

RRB NTPC: Eye-Vision.How to check 6/6, 6/9, 6/12, 6/18 Explained.

Note : In the online application you will be required to state whether you fulfill required eye vision condition.


If you don’t fulfill necessary vision standards there is no need to worry. Choose ‘No’ and it will remove ASM, TA and GG posts from the preference list. So our recommendation for all candidates out here is to get their eyesight checked and and make sure whether they meet required eye vision standard. If you enter wrong information you risk getting debarred from the entire process.

For those candidates who have applied for ASM & TA posts will be required to submit a certificate issued by eye specialist for aptitude test.

Example to explain selection process for RRB NTPC: 

Gopi is a graduate, living in Mumbai. His parents live in Uttar Pradesh. He wants to apply for the posts of Assistant Station Manager (ASM) and Traffic Apprentice (TA) and wants to work somewhere in Central/North India.

He goes through the list of posts and he sees that Goods Guard has more vacancies than ASM and TA and he wonders whether more vacancies mean better chances of selection.  So he applies to Secunderabad RRB with the following preference :

Gopi managed to score 100 in the RRB NTPC examination. Secunderabad RRB has fixed 85 as cutoff for ASM post.

1st Scenario: Since ASM was Gopi’s first preference and his score is greater than 85, he will be called for Aptitude test, which if he manages to clear, he will be called for document verification.

2nd Scenario: Gopi was weak in Aptitude (the competition was strong) and therefore he couldn’t clear Aptitude Test. Now he will be considered for this other preferences. The cutoff for TA was 79 and he cleared it. Now he will be considered for TA post.

There are 95 general vacancies for TA in Secunderabad RRB. If his score is in top 95, he will be selected as TA after document verification (No Aptitude Test in TA).
3rd Scenario: Gopi wasn’t among the top 95 general candidates and hence he wasn’t selected as TA. He will now be considered for CA post and the process will be repeated as stated above.

Friends we hope the above information help you make sound decision for post preference in RRB NTPC application form. We wish you all the very best for the exam. If you have answered the questions above for expert recommendation for post preference, please wait for 3-4 days for receiving it.


  • Tamil Selvi D

    SIR i got selected for the psycho test but i am not medically fitted to go with A2. how will i get medical certificate it must be C1. clear my confusion.and is this must to bring my medical certificate to the psycho test???

  • Soumen Singha Sarkar

    i dont hav fitnes in vission bt i am called for aptitute test for asm.. if i dont apear in that xam should i be terminated for other post preff also? my score 70 sc quota rrb guwahati

  • Swarochito Kobita

    I have been selected for RRB NTPC psycho test. My preference TA>ASM>ECRC>GG. My friend’s pref ASM>TA>ECRC>GG. Suppose, both are selected but he gets less. Then who will be prioritised first for ASM. All I want to know, what be preferred -Merit or Preference?

  • Deepika Kapoor

    What is the best job ta or sm for men?
    Pls give me answer as soon as possible.
    And also give reason

  • ashish

    Sir i got 83 (raw score) in RRB Alahabad in GENERAL categ. please give me idea for post prefrances. what should i fill. in orderwise…// Plz reply as soon as possible…

    Thanks in Advance..

  • Baskar

    I see the preference list in my number…. But my preference is ja/clerk/clerk rcf/ca/clerk……something… But there is no gg, ta, asm…. In my list… How can I change my preference to asm…. Pls help me frnds….

  • MARA

    Sir i have got 85.67 raw score from 17 jan 3rd shift (GENERAL CATEGORY) Secunderabad Zone. what should be my preference . Will i get CA >ASM>TA >GG ???? pls do acknowledge me as soon as possible!!!

  • Pradeep Anand

    Sir I have scored 86 (SC category) from kolkata region. After normalization is there any chance for CA and TA POSTS

  • Mithilesh Bharti

    Sir I have scored 88.67 from Gorakhpur RRB and my preference is CA>TA>JAA>GG>ECRC. So would I be called for CA, in the case of normalization mark.
    And what is the probability of getting other post i applied for.


    I got 84 marks (raw score) in rrb ntpc mains 19/2nd shift.And my preference is Goods guard>TA>CA>ECRC>JAACT>SCCT>STK>ASM.
    BUT now I do not want Goods guard job(if selected )and if rejected theGG JOB Will I be eligible for other posts.
    Thanks in advance

    • Bhanu Prakash

      For ur marks in allahabad zone u may get ASM post . I think you dont have any chance to get TA, CA, GOODS GUARD


        Is there chance for JAA OR ERCT.

        • Bhanu Prakash

          Please do type practice everyday.. You will get Junior clerk..

          • ANIRUDHA PAL



        Thanks for the reply and clearing my doubt.

  • rigi

    i got 97.33 it is not a problem.let assum cutoff for CA is 90 TA is 85 GG is 80 ASM is 75 clerk is 70. but in application {while apply for job in 2015} i put GG>ASM>CLERK>TA>CA as my preference now the question is they will give GG to me or CA to me?. if i want CA mean what can i do? any chance to change my preference? if no mean how could i get CA?

    • Bhanu Prakash

      sorry. you dont have any chance to change ur preference list.. May i know which region u are

      • rigi


        • Bhanu Prakash

          definitely u will get Goods guard post.. If you had scored above 100 marks, u would have got CA

          • rigi

            how i get CA which is my 4th or 5th preference
            and it is possible to get CA to me based on mark?
            coz i want to become CA. after normalization surely i get 100 above coz i attended 95%(108) qes with 93%(100) accuarcy

  • Ashutosh Awasthi

    Sir, I got exact 100 marks (105 right and 15 wrong) on 17th Jan 2nd shift. Sir please clarify one that I fill preference ASM> enquiry cum reservation>TA>CA> and others. Please tell me what’s my chance to get any of these post? IS psychometric test is tough or we have to clear each and every section of this test? Please share information about it. You can mail me on

  • Naveen Kumar

    Sir I don’t remember my post preference and I don’t have a copy of my application form……what should I do ????are they going to activate the link for application form again??

  • DAVID(the loser)

    Sir I didn’t give the proper preference if I get good score shall I compete for CA or based on preference

  • abinash

    Sir u describe it nicely sir thank u very much

  • Ishwar

    I am general category student but I fill my form with obc category and cleared pre paper with general category marks so what happen after main rrb ntpc exam am I eligible for any post?

    • k.l.verma

      No if you are gen then you fight only gen cutt off or general category.

  • Raphi

    Thanks a lot sir

    • banwari meena

      Sir by mistakes I fill JAA post in first preference if I will not qualify typing test then I will be considered for next preference or not?

      • Bhanu Prakash

        definitely u have a chance for other posts

  • Shyam Krishnan

    Sir, I am from kerala . I was born and studied here. but I applied for RRB Chennai…. I know to speak and read Tamil fluently but no certificates to prove that… However nowhere in my school certificates or college certificates is any language mentioned. will there be any problem? If yes, how do i proceed?

  • Purnendu Mukherjee

    Let us assume, cut off for CA is 95 and cut of for ASM is 85. Gupi have scored 90. But his first preference ia CA. Then what will happen?? Will he be called for ASM or will be rejected as he has not qualified for his first preference?


      1. He will not be called for CA
      2. If he has filled ASM also as his preference after CA, then definitely he will be called for ASM

  • Yathran Diyan

    sir good evening, my preference is CG and ASM, if i were called as extra candidate in CG, whether i will be called for aptitude test in ASM…pls reply

  • ankush khosla

    I have already given my exam, but forgot to download the application form after the submission . so what should i do to get that form .
    Looking fr your positive revert.


      As of now, it is not mandatory to have the application form.
      Still if you want you can contact RRB.
      They may guide you better.

  • rimil soren

    Sir, if A hv scored 75 marks & B 65 marks ..for ASM upper cut of being 75 & lower cut of 65. Who will b selected first for that post if A hv chosen it as 2nd preference & B hv chosen it as 1st preference..?


      If A is getting his first preference, then he will get that otherwise he will get the ASM post.
      Even after that any post of ASM is left, B will also get it .

      • rimil soren

        Thank u sir


          You are welcome

  • Kuldeep

    I fill first preference asm and 4 preference ta if my score high in ta merit what I join ta


      you will join the first choice that is available as per your prefrence

      • Kuldeep

        Sir m Janna chata hu ki mane 1 no p asm 2 no. P senior Clark 4 no p traffic aprantice k liya choice diya yadi m top ta cut off score karta hu too kya m 4 no choice post LA sakta hu


          pehle jo tumne 1 no par ASM chuna hai, agar woh available hoga to wo milega.
          Agar asm fill ho gaya hai fir 2 no. par senior Clerk agar available hoga to wo milega.
          Agar senior Clerk bhi fill ho gaya hai, fir 3 no. par jo bhi fill kiya hai, agar available hoga to wo milega
          Agar wo bhi fill ho gaya hai, fir 4 no. par traffic apprentice, agar available hoga to wo milega

  • ramya

    i hd fill the wrong date of birth by mistake… will any problem in future?


      you might have to submit an affidavit for it.
      Better you contact RRB and resolve this issue as soon as possible

  • ranjith s n

    sir .am applied rrb ntpc post in bangalore region…when am filling the application online am done spelling mistake in my mother name ….savithri insted of savihri ….is any problem at the time of document verification…if problems occurs what is the solution plese tell me .sir i kindly request to you sir…please


      You may be required to give an affidavit at the time of document verification regarding that discrepancy.
      That is generally done in such cases. So do not worry

  • s chiranjeevi

    Sir i am rrb banglore apply all zones qution paper equal or not equal . to the prepare own qution paper to own zone to can yes or no.

  • s chiranjeevi

    My Name sake chiranjeevi ,sir i am applied for rrb banglore . This zone will be exam
    competetion how much sir.


      s chiranjeevi
      Competition is tough at all the places

  • Santanu Adak

    I applied for I applied for RRB kolkata, Exam language Bengali ,I added all the exam centers of westbengal ( kolkata, greater kolkata etc) . But when I downloaded the admit card it is showing exam center as NOIDA, UP. How is this possible?? Is this any way out of this … Please reply..Thanks in advance.

    • Akshay Jain

      You all having same problem so write a mail to rrb ntpc. raise your ticket to solve admit card Problem


    I applied for I applied for RRB kolkata, Exam language Bengali ,I added all the exam centers of westbengal (1. kolkata, 2. greater kolkata etc) . But when I downloaded the admit card it is showing exam center as NOIDA, UP. How is this possible?? Is this any way out of this … Please reply..Thanks in advance.

    • Akshay Jain

      Contact rrb ntpc first

      ADDRESS :

      Railway Recruitment Board Kolkata

      Metro Railway A.V.Complex,

      Chitpur, Opp. To R. G. Kar Medical College & Hospital,

      R. G. Kar Road,

      Kolkata-700 037

      Phone No: 033-25430108

      E-Mail :

  • Sourav Banerjee

    I applied for RRB SILIGURI, I added all the exam centers of westbengal (1. kolkata, 2. greater kolkata etc) . But when I downloaded the admit card it is showing exam center as NOIDA, UP. How is this possible?? Is this any way out of this .. I allready raised a Ticket for this in the portal. Please reply..Thanks in advance.



  • sandhya

    sir by mistake i applied CA post in SCR AND ECoR REGIONS does my application accepted or rejected i dont know please tell me

    • Akshay Jain

      your application should not be rejected

  • ashwini

    they are not giving ans…yaar

  • Abinaya

    Will I be able to change my postpreference now? Only after reading this article I came to know abt posts…

  • ashwini

    give me ans…plz..

  • ashwini wabhitkar

    I am from chandrapur. by mistake I have filled up form from I am getting tenced becz.all my frnds filled from Mumbai region….what should I do now….is compitituon is more in secunderabad as com paired to other…

  • Rajiv

    sir l fill up wrong information in medicalb fittnes(visual standard) by mistake .will any problem in future

    • Vaibhav

      Yes you may have if any posts from A2 are alloted to you. You will be rejected in Medical and that will render your application unfit for even C1 category posts.

  • nikhil

    I am full fill even make payment also rrbmumbai form but now I want to little bit changes in my application so how to change ?

    • Vaibhav

      Cant modify

  • dhananjaya

    2. how is competition in allahabad when compare to andhra and telangana

    • Vaibhav

      For which post Dhananjaya

  • dhananjaya

    sir, i want to apply in allahabad zone,i want exam centre in andhra pradesh or it possible?

    • Vaibhav

      Yes it is possible

  • Brijendra singh

    Sir how can i change rrb region after primary registration in rrb??
    Plz reply immediately..

    • Vaibhav

      Search for the modify application option

      • s chiranjeevi

        Sir each zone Qution paper will be conducted saparate or all zones qition paper equal .plz answer me sir.

  • giri

    sir, is it possible to know that which rrb having lowset cutoff marks from the previous exams

    • Vaibhav

      No it is not possible. Since the pattern of examination has changed. Previously there was no single test for all the posts together. You can still try your luck and if you find anything share it with other applicants too.

      • shah

        How do I fill the PG column…there is no option available@RRB recruitment

        • Vaibhav

          Do not put PG information then.

  • sushma

    sir i applied for rrb mumbai. i hv done bsc maths hons. and hv spectacles of .75 for both eyes. right now i m doing msc maths. so kindly suggest me about rrb job which will be good for me. i m preparating for banking so i hv no idea about rrb. so plz guide me

    • Vaibhav

      Junior Accounts Assistant-cum-Typist (JAA)
      Senior Clerk-cum-Typist
      Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk (ECRC)
      Assistant Station Master (ASM)
      Commercial Apprentice (CA)
      Traffic Apprentice

      In order of preference. if you wanna read job profile for these click here

      Scroll down to see RRB posts and click on them for Job profile.
      For preparation tips we will post articles soon

  • Rupa

    Sir i wanna change my zone from mumbai to chandigarh, till now i didn’t submitted the final application, plz suggest how do i change my zone after primary registration???

  • Swetha

    Sir, while doing payment for modify application its giving as your transaction has not succeeded. Please help me out.

    • Vaibhav

      Then do it again.

      • dinesh

        Dear VAIBHAV,

        I belongs to Delhi and want to work in Delhi region for the entire job period. For that which Railway zone I should appy for?
        Plz acknowledge asap, i will be very thankful to u.


        • Vaibhav

          There is no Delhi RRB dinesh

          • dinesh

            Dear VAIBHAV,

            I better know that there is no Delhi RRB, i just want to know that for which of the 16 RRB zone my joining will be held in delhi if i will selected.


  • Gayatri

    Is regional language proficiency is need to select
    RRB zone

    • Vaibhav

      No but it is ideal.

  • Rajesh

    if i am not eligible for first preference cut off marks means they allow me for second preference or not?
    please reply sir

    • Vaibhav

      Yes they will allow second preference

  • Gayatri

    Is regional language a major criteria for selecting rrb bone

    • Vaibhav


  • ANU

    I applied for rrb. Thiruvanathapuram ,I don’t know to read/write malayalam(regional language) but I can speak out is it a problem to get recruitment up

  • amit

    can traffic apprentice of a rrb be posted in another rrb?

    • Vaibhav


  • Manas

    I change of my “zone” successfully…..

    • Vaibhav

      Thats amazing Manas. Can you please share how you did it. So that it benefits other subscribers of this thread. Maybe you can send us how you did it on and we can publish an article on how to change zone or modify application with your name,

    • Rupa

      Manas plz help me to change a zone..


    Sir modify option k andar kha pe hai rrb zone ka option link? Because i didnt get option …direct stage one option is opening there..plz sir help me

    • Vaibhav

      please share the screenshot.



    Sir i want to change my zone rrb bilaspur to rrb bhopal can i change? I talked with rrb enquiries they told me yes u can modify your application .so sir there is any option in modify option to change rrb zone?

    • Vaibhav

      The option is there in the application itself Bhavin. Check for a modify application link.

  • Manas

    Sir i applay odisha i got a registration no. but i have non complite of my second phase registration (payment and photo upload).i want to change of my zone secunderabad is it possible or not plz help me…..

    • Vaibhav

      See if the modify application button is still available. If it is then go ahead and do it, if its not available you cannot change it.

  • sanjeev

    sir I apply my Form to secunderabad can I change my zone to bhopal

    • Vaibhav

      No you cannot once you made the confirmation

  • suman pandey

    Sir I fillup my form .
    And by mistake I click English language.but I want to change my language.plz tell me sir.

    • Vaibhav

      If the form has already been submitted, you cannot change it. You need to get in touch with your RRB. Send them an email and/or give them a call.

      • suman pandey

        Email kis. Mail or krenge plz bta dijiye Ki exam k samy language Hindi me exam de skte. H kya.ya fir modify k option. Se change Ho skta h plzz

  • Gaurav Mahajani

    Hello sir/mam,can I apply for more than one RRB…I hv already applied for Mumbai RRB .

  • gaurav

    medical surgery karwakar applicable h kya. pta toh nahi chalega na

  • niraj

    sir ,
    bhopal me two region hai to priority kaise dena hai for ex-ta ke liye do region hai or first choice hai to no. 1,2 dena hoga ya 1,1 karna hoga .

  • bidhan

    hi sir how to see which rrb filled more application by candidate

  • Abhishek

    sir plz zone wise cutoff bataye. . .
    secndrabad ya ahemdabad ya kolkata
    kolkata ka jarur se bataye
    2)kisi ko job lagne k baad zone change kar transfr ho sakta hai ya jis zone me laga usi zone me life time rehna hoga??????
    plz plz plz replyyy. . .

  • mani

    which zone for low cutoff to apply

  • Swetha

    Sir, After modifying the gender in primary registration wil i get new registration id or the same id which i got earlier.

    • Vaibhav

      Same id

  • deepika

    If i have to do prefrence change can it done i have to change my second preference what to do

  • Sana

    I ve applied for the post of ntpc graduate without knowing the priorities. Shall I change those priorities again. Please help me….

    • Vaibhav

      If you still have the modify application button available. please do it

  • Nishant

    Can a final year student give the Exam?

  • Swetha

    Sir, can i change the gender using modify application mode?

    • Vaibhav

      If the option is showing. Please go ahead and do it as soon as possible.

  • Kumar Kandukuri

    is regional language is mandatory to apply other than the native state for rrb non technical post?

  • prateek

    Ydi kisine pref 1)Asm 2)JA 3)TA 4)CA diya h…. Nd result me sari post ka cutoff clear kiya ho… Lekin 1st prefence ASM ke aptitude ya medical me fail ho jaye to 2nd post ke liye eligible rahega ya recruitment processes se bahar ho jayega…..????

    • Vaibhav

      second ke liye eligible rahega.

      • prateek

        Matlab Pahle ASM ke apti me bulayenge ydi usme fail hua….
        to Fir JAA ke typing me bulayenge ydi usme bhi fail hue…..
        To Fir TA ke liye bulayenge lekin A-2 medical me bahar ho jayegye….
        To Fir finally CA ke C-1 medical pass krke selected hoyenge …
        Esa hoga kya???

      • prateek

        Matlab Pahle ASM ke apti me bulayenge ydi usme fail hua….
        to Fir JAA ke typing me bulayenge ydi usme bhi fail hue…..
        To Fir TA ke liye bulayenge lekin A-2 medical me bahar ho jayegye….
        To Fir finally CA ke C-1 medical pass krke selected hoyenge …
        Esa hoga kya??????

        • Vaibhav

          Hanji esa he hoga prateek

          • prateek

            Vaibhav sir mene kal acche se notification read kiya usme clear likha h ydi koi medical me fail hota h to other post ke liye chance nhi milega…
            (ii) Candidates qualifying in examinations for these posts but failing in prescribed medical examination will not, under any circumstances, be considered for any alternative appointment.

          • Vaibhav

            Thank you for pointing it out Prateek. It will help other students too. and sorry for the wrong suggestion.

  • Swetha

    Sir, I have completed my registration successfully. But while filling the application from by mistakenly I have selected gender as male. how to change from male to female. Please help me out.

    • Vaibhav

      The only way to do it would be to contact the RRB from which you have filled the form. We would recommend writing a mail to RRB and they hear your part of the story out.

  • pradeep

    sir if I apply Mumbai rrb and my first preference Mumbai western railway and second central railway if I not selected western railway qualify list and If I qualify central railway so railway bord consider my name or not pleas give answer vabhav ji I confused

    • Vaibhav

      You cant apply from two RRBs.

      • onkar

        can i change my registration from alllahabad to chennai. i had registered with allahabad but now i want to apply for chennai.

        • Vaibhav

          If your registration process is complete you cannot change it and we advice you to not even try and fool the RRB. Prepare for the exam and give your best onkar.

  • Nishant

    Sir I live in Delhi and want to work in Northern Railways for that should I appy for rrb Allahbad? Plzz Rply

    • Vaibhav

      Yes go ahead. Just make sure Allahbad has vacancies for your first three preferences.

      • Nishant

        Thanks Vaibhav. Can a final year engineering student give the Exam?

  • Ajay Gupta

    Vaibhav ji…..Lasik surgery of eyes allowed hai kya medical test me ??

    Kripya Uttar dey shrimaan !!

  • pradeep

    sir if I applied mumbai rrb and give prefreanc first western railway then central railway if I not selected in western railway and I qualified to central railway cut off so can rrb board select me central railway

  • Ali

    Sir what is the best preference of posts if one applying for rrb Allahabad

  • shekar

    I applied to secunderabad bt i know in secunderabad zone compitition is more so i want to change my zone to low competition pls give me sollution sir

    • Vaibhav

      You cannot modify the application. Whats done is done. Start preparing. Secunderabad also has the highest number of seats. So more chances of selection. Al the best

  • raju

    Gudmrng sir,
    Im belongs to secunderabad bt in secndrbd zone more competition than other zones pls tell me a zone where competition is low ?

  • sunil

    Hai sir ,
    I applied secnderabad. I want to change my photo,, is it possible pls explain the process ??

    • Vaibhav

      No it cannot be changed sunil.

  • Ranjeet kumar

    Sir I have filled forms in four RRBs and later came to know that multiple application to different RRBs will be rejected. I havd tried to fill another form with different Email Id and phone number that is showing your detail already registered. I have sent email to them they are simply telling multiple application will be rejected. They are no providing remedial measure.

    • Vaibhav

      Ranjeet we are really sorry about this. We cannot help you on this. This issue is under Railway’s jurisdiction

  • Rohit Pandey

    Sir, Merit will be declared each zone separately or not?

    • Vaibhav




  • theja

    iam a female candidate.i have already applied..but now i came to see this post how to fill preference..can i change my application

  • Ajay Gupta

    Kya Lasik surgery of eyes allowed hai rrb ke medical test me…koi batayega ..agr Kisi ko pata hai to….plz…:(

  • jyoti

    in ecrc job , typing test would conduct by clearing candidate

  • Ishita Gupta

    I want to apply for RRB Allahabad and I live in Lucknow.
    Can you please tell me about the exam centres, where the exam will be conducted?

    • Vaibhav

      Your exam center will be lucknow

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  • Himanshu kumar

    sir I want to apply for goods gard post ,but confuse to select rrb .is there is a better chance for selection if rrb have large number vacant ?? ( like Allahabad or ahamdabad …) is I select the rrb which have small number vacant?? plzzz reply ..sir

    • Vaibhav

      Apply on large no. of vacancies.

  • jiten

    sir plz suggest me to choose a railway zone to apply..i am from odisha.category st. and plz decribe me the seat reservation quata process

  • rahul

    Hi. if i applied another rrb regoin can i write the online exam on my hometown?
    Pls reply

    • Vaibhav

      Yes Rahul. You can give exam from your homestate/hometown even if you filled form for other RRB

  • vicky singh

    some post are not showing in the preference list for a candidate applying to other than his home state ??why….any one havin idea

  • Avinash malviya

    i want to change my zone Bhopal to Mumbai.So what to do ? pls hlp me.

    • Vaibhav

      If you filled the exam form once, you cant edit it again.

  • Ajay Gupta

    Is Lasik Surgery of eyes acceptable in RRB ?? Plz help…


    hi frnds…i m OBC CREAMY LAYER candidate…usually i m applying in UR category..but in RRB appl fist page in the column of RESERVATION CATEGORY thr s one option like OBC CREAMY LAYER.. wat i shud select…pls reply frnds

    • Vaibhav

      Apply as UR.

  • vinay

    any one explain me about syllabus

  • vinay

    hello sir,
    we have same syllabus for all posts in ntpc rrb (or)seperate syllabus for seperate posts explan me clearly

    • Vaibhav

      Vinay the syllabus will be same for all the posts. There is one and only ONE examination for all the posts. We will post the syllabus for RRB soon.

  • rohini

    Pls sir tell me the exam date of RRB NTPc and ESIC

  • Ranjeet kunar

    Can you explain on what basis you reduced the petefrence number of TA than other post as TA GP is 4200 .
    And for Radical student on what basis you given ASM more wiatage than CA and TA.

  • Nikesh

    I am living in kerala.but i would like to apply on more vaccancy rrb’s like mumbai or kolkata. My doubt is whether i applied to another rrb it is must that i have to know the regional language of that rrb region?? Also if i applied another rrb regoin can i write the online exam on my hometown?? Please reply.
    Thank you.

    • parimal

      you need not to know any regional language ,you feel free to apply for any RRBs

      • Pranjali

        is dis necessary if we fill location maharashtra so that is dis necessary dat we have to go for xam in maharashtra

        • Vaibhav

          No you can keep center in area of your choice. And fill a different RRB

    • vioth

      yes u can but u need to pay extra 100

  • vaibhav

    I have applied through rrb Allahabad, but till date haven’t made payment, and now i want to edit few details like i want to change my exam centre that i have opted previously.
    so can i make changes in centre…??
    remember i haven’t made payment till date.what should i do now.