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We have been publishing series of posts on individual sections of IBPS PO Mains 2015.  We have already published How to clear sectional cutoffs for English Language, Computer Knowledge and General Awareness. Continuing the series, today we will see how you should prepare and perform to clear sectional cutoff of Quantitative Aptitude of IBPS PO Mains 2015. 

Each and everyone of us can vouch for the fact that Quant is most typical section of any competitive/recruitment examination. Not only it takes maximum time to solve, it also has one of the lowest accuracy percentage among all the sections asked. Many students fail to clear Quant’s sectional cutoff by a slight margin of 0.25 – 1 marks in the exam, although they had prepared well for it. There can be numerous reasons for this:

  1. Being a Math dominated section, many students have inherent fear of attempting it.
  2. Others who don’t fear quant complain about how questions which ideally should take 2 minutes, take more than 5 minutes
  3. Some get confused in solutions.

In this article we will see, how you, as a PO aspirant can and should prepare this section and clear it with flying colors.


The expected break up of questions in Quantitative Aptitude section of IBPS PO MAINS 2015 :

  • Arithmetic ( Profit Loss, Time Speed & Distance, Mixture, Trains, Age, Geometry) : 12-15  questions.
  • Data Interpretation (DI): 15-20 questions
  • Series: 3-5 questions
  • Quadratic Equations: 5 questions
  • Data Sufficiency: 5 questions
  • Permutation & Combination and Probability : 2-3 questions

From the first look, it is clear that maximum questions are divided into the first two categories. This means that if you are to clear the sectional cutoff for this section, you should ideally focus all your attention towards them.

Order of attempt

Ideally you should attempt QA section after completing English, GA and CK and before Reasoning. This suggestion is based on the fact that, if you attempt Quant in the beginning, it may tire your mind and dampen your spirits. Besides that it being a time intensive section can grab a lion’s share of your time. So it is better to keep it for last or second last.

Time allocation


Your level Time Questions to Attempt
Expert 30 minutes 40-45
Moderate 35 minutes 30-40
Weak 30-35 minutes 20-30

Categories of Questions :

As we had done for IBPS PO Prelims, we will segregate the questions on the basis of difficulty level. This is done so that you can identify which topics are easy to solve and can be attempted to clear sectional cutoff for Quant in mains 2015.

1. Easy and Scoring Questions: If you are weak to moderate in Quant, these questions are definitely for you. The topics which fall in this category are:

As you can see the not only are these topics falling in the easy and scoring category, more than 30 questions will be asked from them. This is enough to clear the sectional cutoff for Quantitative Aptitude.

2. Time Intensive Questions: If you are exceptionally well in Quant and aim at scoring maximum marks in this section, then have a look at following topics:

If you are not confident of solving questions from this category , don’t be scared as you should only look at these questions from a scoring point of view and not for clearing sectional cutoffs.

Tips to clear Sectional Cutoff for Quantitative Aptitude Section of IBPS PO Mains 2015

THE SECTIONAL CUTOFF is expected to be around 10-14 depending upon the difficulty of the paper. IBPS PO MAINS 2014 was a really difficult paper and hence its cutoff for Quant was 7.


  1. Prepare Easy sections as stated above. Put maximum impetus on learning arithmetic and DI.
  2. Solve as many questions as you can of above topics.
  3. Instead of using risky shortcuts or new tricks, focus on increasing your reading speed
  4. If you have been unable to prepare a topic, leave it. Just go through the basics and your job will be done.
  5. Practice 2 hours daily for solving quant questions.


  1. Read the questions properly.
  2. Start with easy scoring questions.
  3. Think about solving no more than 30 questions.
  4. If you solve 30 questions with even 80% accuracy, you will clear sectional cutoff easily.
  5. After you are done with the 30 questions and have time at hand spend another 5-10 minutes on solving difficult questions and aim for 100% accuracy.
  6. Use elimination techniques to arrive at answers faster.

Folks, this is it for the Quant section of IBPS PO MAINS. Hope you like it and it helps you prepare well and perform exceptionally well in mains exam. If you have ANY queries, please don’t hesitate and feel free to ask them in the comments section below, we will be glad to answer them. Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for a live webinar with our expert. Click below to find out.

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