How to clear Computer Knowledge section IBPS PO MAINS 2015

Dear IBPS PO Aspirants

We are sure your preparations are going on in full swing. We have already published Tips on how to clear sectional cutoffs for English Language and General Awareness for IBPS PO Mains 2015. Please go through them if you haven’t read them yet. We got feedback from many of our students to post tips on computer knowledge and since there is no concrete information available  on the internet we decided to do this post today.

Not only computer knowledge  considered to be among the easiest sections of IBPS PO mains, it also is the one with highest accuracy. With 20 questions for 1 marks, it takes a maximum of 5 minutes to solve. If prepared right you can pretty much get 15 marks for free.

Lets do an analysis of pattern of computer knowledge section:

The topics covered are:

  • Hardware
  • Internet/Network
  • MS Office
    • MS PowerPoint
    • MS Excel
    • MS Word
  • Operating System/Software Basics
  • Programming
  • KeyBoard Shortcuts

The 20 questions asked are roughly divided into above mentioned topics. There is no definite allocation of questions to any one topic, unlike  in GA/ English or any other section of mains. With 8 topics to prepare for 20 questions, things can get tough, if you do not know the right way to prepare for it. Let us take each topic one by one:

1. Hardware: 2-3 questions will be asked in this section testing your knowledge of basic computer equipment and various terminologies related to computer hardware like bus, ports,  I/O devices, RAM, ROM, memory, hard disk etc. Read about 1-4th generation of computers and their inventors.

The questions asked are generally easy to moderate in difficulty, you can answer them easily if you use presence of mind.

2. Internet/Network: This topic can be a bit tricky, but you can’t choose to ignore it as it is given 15% weight age in PO mains. Expect questions related to internet protocols, cloud technologies, internet hardware(modems, cables, optical fibres, speed), 1 2 3 4th Generation mobile networks and advent of the internet. Also special impetus is given to email and webpage related questions.

3. MS OFFICE: The priority section for CK. If you want to clear sectional cutoff for CK in mains 2015, prepare this topic exceptionally well. Devote maximum time to it. Within this section, read about powerpoint, excel, word and outlook. Remember IBPS asks questions from MS OFFICE 2007 and onwards. So beware of not preparing previous versions.  Learn about various keyboard shortcuts used in MS office applications. Practice above mentioned applications on pc/laptop and focus on how to activate various functionalities and features. Expect 50-60% questions from this section.

4.  Operating system/software basics :  1-2 questions will be asked from this section. Expect questions on various applications/software which are in built in the OS, like video makers, utility programs, backup softwares, multimedia and general working /hierarchy of OS. Don’t fret much over this section, if your aim is to just clear the cutoffs.

5. Programming: No questions from high level programming. Most of the questions are about basic syntax, history and evolution of computer language, compilers, interpreters, binary, hexadecimal conversions.

6. Keyboard shortcuts: If you cover MS Office well, this section is almost done. Apart from that, shortcuts in windows can be asked. Pretty simple, expect atleast 1-2 questions from it.


  1. The expected sectional cutoff for Computer section would be 9-11 in IBPS PO mains 2015. 
  2. Focus on MS Office and Keyboard shortcuts for maximum marks.
  3. Recommended books would be Computer awareness from Kiran, Arihant etc.
  4. Give daily computer knowledge quiz 
  5. Refer Free Study Material from NIOS 
  6. Don’t  allot more than 5 minutes to CK.
  7. The questions aren’t tricky in nature, use your best judgement for answer.
  8. Don’t take tension for this section. Most students appearing for IBPS Mains have similar knowledge of this section as you. The questions are based keeping this in mind.
  9. Even if you haven’t yet prepared for CK yet, there is still time. Starting today read the material , give tests and practice MS Office applications for a cumulative time of 1 hour daily.
  10. Attempt CK in the starting of Mains and boost your performance.

Folks, this is it for the CK section of IBPS PO MAINS. Hope you like it and it helps you prepare well and perform exceptionally well in mains exam. If you have ANY queries, please don’t hesitate and feel free to ask them in the comments section below, we will be glad to answer them.

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