How to Avoid Losing Marks in Negative in RBI Grade B Exam

How to Avoid Losing Marks in Negative Marking in RRB Grade B Exam

Today, almost all competitive exams are following the trend of negative marking, be it for Bank or Govt. Jobs, Various Entrance Exams, or even private jobs. Negative marking is the process to filter out non serious candidates, candidates who sit unprepared for the exam and just make wild guesses.

The RBI Grade B Exam will be conducted this sunday, and needless to say, it is also having negative marking. If you are also giving the RBI Grade B Exam then this is the article you need to read at-least once. You need to be careful at the time of answering questions. The negative marks are allocated for each and every incorrect response. There will be a reduction of 0.50 marks for every incorrect response that you mark. It will affect your original ranking, so try to answer carefully.

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Tips To Reduce Negative Marking in RBI Grade B Exam

  1. No Random Guessing

Don’t attempt any question that is completely foreign to you, just leave it. You must answer only those questions that you are certain otherwise it may cause negative marking. Never guess blindly as it will decrease your marks. Attempt only those questions for which you are sure with a response.

  1. Secure Easy Questions First

As soon as the paper is live, scan the questions quickly. Begin with easier questions first because these questions can be solved quickly and will spare enough time for you to solve lengthy questions. This will help you build your confidence.

If you answer questions in the sequence followed, you will waste a lot of time on tough questions and will be left with very little or no time to answer the ones which you were well familiar with. So follow the planned strategy of answering easy ones first.

  1. Calculated Risks, certainly conceivable!

Try to be sure about your answer, and don’t be tempted to answer maximum number of questions. Try responding to first the questions that you are assured of being correct. Take calculated risk only when necessary. By calculated risks we mean, the times in which you can eliminate one, two or even three options. This increases the probability of getting the correct answer from 33% to 50%.
Have a rough idea about what cut-off is expected in the exam. This will better prepare you for what should be an ideal attempt to clear the exam. Once you attempt that many questions, you can avoid guessing. Having no idea about what should be the desired attempt, you don’t know where to stop.

  1. Read Questions Thoroughly

It is very important that you must scan your whole question paper carefully before answering. Go through the questions carefully and answer them only if you are sure. If you have any doubt, then move on to next question and come back it at the end after completing them

Friends, this is it for How to Avoid Losing Marks in Negative Marking in RBI Grade B Exam.

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  1. Sir same query…could u plz tell how to scan the questions quickly?As only
    one question appears on the sceen…wouldn’t it be waste of time going
    through one by one?

  2. Sir…could u plz tell me…how to scan the questions quickly?As only one question appears on the sceen…wouldn’t it be waste of time going through one by one?

  3. i also got same information..i think it is fake news..they are not told in any website..

  4. Avoid Overwriting

    As you have to answer through OMR sheet…
    Kindly note, this exam is online, not offline.

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