All India Ranker's Test IBPS PO Prelims 2015

Hello applicants!

IBPS PO is just around the corner! We sincerely hope that you are done with the preparations and would be giving the final rounds of  mocks to improve your scores and ultimately your chances of getting selected for one of the Top Banks in India through IBPS PO.

To ensure that no stone is left unturned in your preparation of IBPS PO, MockBank is organizing an All India Rankers Test for IBPS PO Prelims 2015 on 18th, 19th and 20th of September nationwide for all the aspirants.

Below we have tried to answer all the queries that we have been receiving since the launch of All India Rankers Test for IBPS PO Prelims 2015.

1 . What is All India Rankers Test for IBPS PO?

A Rankers test is where all candidates appear for the exam and are ranked according to their performance in various sections. After all the candidates have appeared for Mockbank’s All India Test IBPS PO Prelim 2015, our team will publish the ranking of all the applicants, their percentile and individual overall and sectional scores. This ranking and percentile coupled with scores would offer you the best insight on where do you stand against the competition and how much more do you need to prepare inorder to excel the original IBPS PO. This information can have a surprising effect in boosting up your confidence and ignite the much needed spark in the last leg of your preparation for IBPS PO. In a nutshell attempting this test will help you measure your preparation levels and also improve upon it . To quote famous thermodynamic scientist Kelvin, Lord William Thomson

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.”

2. Why I should appear for All India Rankers Test for IBPS PO?

All India Rankers Test would be attempted by over a million candidates from all over the country irrespective of the institute they have taken coaching from. This could be your one and only chance to test your level and skill against all your competition combined before the original IBPS PO Prelim exam.

3. How will appearing for this test impact my preparation?

  • The pattern followed in this exam would be the exactly similar to the pattern of the original IBPS PO Prelim exam. This is not only in terms of no. of questions per section but also in terms of difficulty level, mix of type of questions and negative marking. Hence it is an ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with the overall pattern , identify your mistakes and improve your scores.
  • The biggest hurdle that comes in the way of clearing the online exam is the alien nature of a test attempted on the computer screen. As we had pointed out in our previous articles people when appearing for an online exam face various psychological and physiological factors arising from continuously staring  at the computer screen like eye fatigue, body strain seriously hampering the chances of clearing the exam. This test will give you ample time in front of the computer screen and will prepare your body and mind for the original IBPS PO exam.
  • Many applicants complain they are unable to allocate the time effectively to the various sections and hence lose out on attempting questions they could correctly answer. When you take this test would give you a fair idea about your speed and accuracy and will help you allocate your time effectively in the original PO exam.
  • After the attempt you will be provided a detailed report with the analysis of your performance. This includes the number of questions you answered across different sections and difficulty level, incorrect answers, solutions of all the questions, time taken per section and your performance graph throughout the exam.  This would boost your chances incredibly to feature on the list of selected candidates.

4.  How shall I appear for All India Rankers test for IBPS PO Prelim.

We are glad to tell you that registrations for this test are on and you should register as soon as possible. Click here to go to Registration page and Join millions of fellow IBPS PO aspirants to take one of the biggest test in India. After you register for the test you will receive a confirmation email with the link for the test. The test will be live from 10 am 18th September to 6pm 20th September. You can appear for the test from either your laptop, PC or from a cyber cafe. We would recommend you check your internet connection and make sure it is running fine before attempting the test. Also make a note of checking the results on 21st September.

5. Are there any hidden costs?

The All India Rankers Test for IBPS PO Prelims is absolutely free of cost and there are no hidden costs. No payments required. Just register for the test, appear for it, analyse your performance, identify the problem areas and compare your scores against your real competition.

If you are serious about clearing the IBPS PO exam this year and want absolutely no regrets after the official exam then you should have no doubt in appearing for this test. Invite maximum applicants to avail this opportunity and help them prepare for IBPS PO exam.
All India Ranker's Test IBPS PO Prelims 2015