The biggest scientific discovery of the century was announced on Thursday. Without any doubt, there will be questions based on it in every government job exam in 2016.

We hope that you have already gone through Gravitational waves – explained in layman terms.

Enjoy the quiz and let us know your feedback.


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  1. PKR
    When distance between earth and sun becomes half then the revolution around the sun will be completed in approx 129 days


    The ratio of the time periods would be {new is say T1, actual is say T2}

    Note that T is directly proportional to √(R^3)

    T1/T2 = √([R/2]^3)/√(R^3) = 1/(2√2)

    Hence T1 = T2/2√2 = 365/2√2

    Which is approx 129 days.

    Hope that helps.

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