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Russia plans to build bases in Syria to fight ISIS

russian air

  • Russia is building a military base in Syria in the heartland of President Basher al Assad controlled territory to fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)
  • Russia has already set up Air Traffic Control towers and has transported pre fabricated housing units for 1000 troops.
  • Until now Russia ‘s help has been restricted to financial , military supplies and training of Syrian soldiers.
  • With NATO trying to depose of President Basher al Assad , the Russian involvement has changed the equation and surrounding NATO allies Iraq and Saudi have voiced concerns regarding Russian intrusion in what they view as a Syrian internal problem.
  • Russia currently maintains a naval base in the Syrian city of Tartus.
  • They have also asked neighbouring countries to allow Russian combat aircraft into their airspace.

Chinese Economy crash impacts Indian diamond industry.


  • More than 5000 Surat polishers have lost their jobs as Chinese consumers pull back from luxury purchases , leaving jewellers with stocks of unsold diamonds and jewellery.
  • While China accounts only for a fifth of the world diamond market but its growth has fuelled the diamond industry in recent years as companies expanded at break neck pace to cater for luxury hungry consumers.
  • Between 2008 and 2013 , Chinese Diamond purchases grew by over 18% but has now reduced to single digit figures.
  • India’s diamond industry accounts for over 70-75% of the diamond exports in the world and employs over 1 million people.Surat , Ahmedabad are the major cities involved in the diamond trade.

Australia puts tough norms for Uranium sale to India.


  • A multi party committee recommended that Australia should not sell Uranium to India unless it sets up an independent nuclear regulator and separate its civilian and military installations.
  • Overall the report recommended the sale of Uranium to India despite not being a member of the Non Proliferation Treaty or the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.(CTBT)
  • The report states that Australia must encourage India to ratify the CTBT.
  • India ‘s views on NPT and CTBT are that , they are a flawed agreement that gives one party rights to nuclear weapons and denies another and has proposed for a treaty that includes all countries .
  • Indian import of Australian Uranium is expected to increase the size of Australian Uranium industry to double its present size.

PM Modi tells India Inc. to invest more

Narendra Modi Meeting India Inc

  • Prime Minister Modi encouraged Indian industry leaders to take more risks and step up investments in the domestic market.
  • The meeting chaired by the PM was attended by industry leaders , central bankers , economic advisers and analysts.
  • The business heads , requested the PM to remove red tape with regards to starting up a business which could fuel a lot of development.

Centre bans import of Ammonium Nitrate in loose form.

ammonium nitrate ban

  • The Ministry of Home Affairs has asked the Department of Industrial policy and promotion , not to allow import of Ammonium Nitrate which is a highly explosive substance in loose form.
  • The MHA has directed that Ammonium Nitrate can be imported only in bagged form irrespective of the quantity.
  • This comes as a relief as domestic manufacturers had made investments in bar coding of Ammonium Nitrate bags , IT infrastructure and tracking devices as till now imported Ammonium Nitrate was allowed in loose form without any guidelines thus making it cheaper
  • Currently around 15 % of Ammonium Nitrate in India is imported. This ratio has come down from 60 % in 2010.

GK Questions of the day

1) It is one  of the most strategic straits in the world . Along with Dardenelles and the sea of Marmara , It links the Black sea with the Mediterranean. The City of Constantinople was founded on this strait.Which Strait is this??

a) Gibralter




Answer Bosphorus.

2. Which of the following is not a reason for  inflation??

a)Availability of goods in the market

b) Excessive printing of currency

c) Decrease in government subsidy schemes

d) rise in bank rates as set by SEBI

Answer: Bank rates are not set by SEBI. Reserve Bank of India(RBI) sets different rates which impact the Bank rates.

3) Consider the following statements and answer the following

Statement 1 : The Right to Education Act enacted by the govt ensures free education to children of 6-14 years .

Statement 2 : The Act makes it a criminal offence on the part of the parents if they don’t send their wards to schools.

Which of the following is true?

a)only 1

b)only 2

c)both 1 & 2


Answer: Only Statement 1 is true.

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