GK Updates

Finance Minister assures Economic reforms


  • Addressing investors in Singapore , Finance Minister Arun Jaitley that the government has several legislations in the pipeline to bring about economic reform.
  • The FM stated that a new bankruptcy code and changes to the arbitration laws were in progress.
  • He also hinted that the government might pass the bills in the form of a money bill as the centre does not enjoy majority in Rajya Sabha.
  • The economic reforms are one of the most awaited promises of the Narendra Modi and bills like GST and Land acquisition are seen as crucial to the economy and development.

Cabinet allocates Rs 5142 crore to develop 300 smart rural clusters.


  • The Cabinet today allocated over Rs 5142 crore to develop 300 rural clusters as part of  Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission that seeks to bridge rural – urban divide gap by 2019-2020.
  • The mission aims to spur economic, social and infrastructure development in rural areas.
  • The Mission, that was announced last year to replace UPA government’s PURA (Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) initiative, aims at improving the quality of life of people there by involving the government this time.
  • Under the scheme, the State Governments would identify the clusters in accordance with the framework for implementation prepared by the Ministry of Rural Development.The clusters will be geographically contiguous Gram Panchayats with a population of about 25000 to 50000 in plain and coastal areas and a population of 5000 to 15000 in desert, hilly or tribal areas.
  • The other components of the scheme in clusters will be providing citizen service centres- for electronic delivery of citizen centric services and e-gram connectivity, public transport, LPG gas connections, agro processing, agri services including storage and warehousing, sanitation, provision of piped water supply, solid and liquid waste management and upgrading education facilities.

India to ban testing of soaps and detergents on Animals


  • The environment ministry has accepted the Prakash Javadekar ‘s committee’s suggestions in implementing a ban on testing of soaps , detergents and cosmetics on animals.
  • This ban was actively pushed for by environment minister and animal rights activist Menaka Gandhi and will soon be notified by the  Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.(DIPP)
  • The Centre has constituted the (Committee for the Purpose of Control of experiments on animals)  CPCSEA to take all such measures as may be necessary to ensure that animals are not subjected to unnecessary pain or suffering before, during or after the performance of experiments on them. All establishments engaged in research and education involving animals, are required to comply with the various guidelines, norms and stipulations set out by CPCSEA.
  • Computer modelling and advances in molecular science allow such testing to be conducted without endangering lives, such practices are not only inhumane but also anachronistic.
  • A CPCSEA spokesman stated that their report was heavily influenced by Emperor Ashoka the Great who treated the animals in his kingdom as citizens.

Government to compulsorily retire officers with bad record


  • In a bid to curb corruption and inefficiency amongst government officers ,  the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) which is under the Prime Minister  has now strengthened the review processes to compulsorily retire such officers.
  • As per an existing rule FR 56 (J) which has been rarely enforced, the performance of Group A and B officials who have completed 50 years and junior officials who have completed 55 years of service must be reviewed and a decision taken whether to compulsorily retire them before turning 60.



1) Of the following which is regarded as biofuel??

a) Crude oil

b)Natural gas

c)Algal oil

d) vegetable oil

2) This pass falls under one of the highest battlefields in the world. It connects Ladakh and Aksai Chin . What is this pass?

a)Khardung la

b)Nathu la

c)Goecha la

d) Chang la

3)The 2nd 5 year plan was given by _____ .

a) Jawaharlal Nehru

b)Mahatma Gandhi

c)M.A Jinnah

d) PC Mahalenobis

4)Alexander the Great ‘s army had managed to reach upto River Beas after which they mutinied . River Beas was the traditional border of which Indian Kingdom then ??


b) Gupta


d) Mughal

Answers 1c , 2 a ,3d ,4c