GATE 2017 Self Preparation Tips
GATE 2017 Self Preparation Tips

You are reading this article because you are thinking of self preparing for GATE. That is a very good thinking. You are the best coach you can ever have. The only thing you need now is truly believe in yourself. It is one thing to say that, quite another to believe in the same.

It does not matter, from which engineering branch you come from. These preparation tips will suit all the engineering branches.

If you are/were a sincere student during your engineering and have sound fundamentals, then you are well placed. Only thing you need to do is practice as many questions as possible. Daily 1-2 hours or weekly 5-8 hours from now till the exam day are sufficient for you.

However, if you were just busy with things other than studies during your B.Tech, even then nothing to worry, you can still clear GATE. Better late than never. Get the standard books for all the subjects and start studying from today itself, as mentioned below.

Periodic self-analysis is very important. Analyze yourself before starting the preparation. That will tell you where do you stand right now and how much do you need to travel i.e. prepare. Accordingly plan your studies.

If it suits you, you can learn from videos/lectures. You should start with NPTEL videos. You should also start listing the standard books according to the subject and get their e-books or hard copy. Always remember to refer the GATE syllabus. If you do not understand any topic from the books, then use online resources for help. Google will prove to one of your best friends during preparation. There are infinite free online resources. Use wisely.

Now set your daily/weekly/monthly goals and stick to them. Never leave any subject unread for more than 2-3 weeks. Constant revision is the key to success. Your syllabus should be completed by November end or mid-December. Next one-two months should be spent only revision.

You need to solve as many questions as possible. You should join 1-2 test series to check your preparation level and practice with different questions. You should solve last 10-15 years’ GATE question papers twice.

All the while, you need to stay focused and motivated!

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