How to Write a Formal Letter in BOB PO Exam

Formal Letter Writing Format in BOB PO Exam 2016.

  • Bank of Baroda PO Exam will be conducted this weekend. One of the Most Important Part Of the Exam is the Descriptive Test.

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  • Descriptive Test Will Comprise of Essay and Letter Writing. We will be doing a Series of Article on How to Write the Answers in the Descriptive Test of BOB PO Exam.
  • Lets Get Started. Here we will be sharing insights about How to Write a Formal Letter in Bank of Baroda PO Exam

What is a Formal Letter?

Formal letter is one of the most challenging types of letter format. It is that letter which is written when you address someone you only know in a professional capacity. The quality of your content, including spelling and grammar needs to be strongly scrutinised.

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In general, any formal letter is written for one of the following purposes:

  • Make a complaint
  • Request something
  • Make an enquiry

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In general, any formal letter is written to:

  • The government departments.
  • News Paper Editor.
  • Bank Manager
  • Your Boss.

How to Write a Formal Letter in BOB PO Exam

  • Write your address and today’s date at the top of the page, on the right.
  • Write out the full date in any Standard Format 20 Sep 2016 or September 26, 2016.
  • Write the name and address of the recipient.
  • Write the salutation and greet the recipient with “Dear” followed by their “name” or “designation” or “Sir” or “Madam”
  • Write The Subject of the letter.
  • Write the body of the letter.
  • Remember to Keep the letter open with a clear statement of purpose.
  • Use a complimentary close, that too on a Good Note.

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Important Points to Remember while writing Formal Letter in BOB PO Exam

  • Do not use contractions (write are not instead of aren’t), and
  • Phrase the questions formally (Would you be interested in…? instead of Do you want to…?).
  • Proofread the letter for spelling and grammar when finished.
  • Don’t write any un-necessary thing in the Letter.
  • Keep it short and direct.

So students now you are aware of Bank of Baroda PO Formal Letter Writing Pattern. So why wait; Start your preparation for BOB PO Paper right today. Further on our part we will be assisting you by sample topics with their answers too.

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