Expected Cutoff and Tips to Crack Numerical Ability and Reasoning section IBPS Clerk prelims
Expected Cutoff and Tips to Crack Numerical Ability and Reasoning section IBPS Clerk prelims

Dear IBPS Clerk Aspirants

IBPS CLERK PRELIMS Results announced. Check here. 

Finishing the series of tips and tricks on IBPS Clerk Prelims Preparation, today we will address the main concern raised by almost all candidates – Expected Cutoff for Numerical Ability(Mathematics/Quantitative Aptitude) and Reasoning sections of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015. 

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Syllabus of Reasoning and Numerical Ability IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015.

1. Reasoning: The reasoning section of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015 will consist of 35 questions. 1 mark will be awarded for each correct answer and 0.25 marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer. No marks will be awarded/deducted for unanswered questions. The syllabus of reasoning section of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015 will consist of the following topics. Click on Topic to see its concepts and sample questions. 

Numerical Ability: Numerical Ability is notoriously famous for its difficulty not only in IBPS Clerk Prelims but also for every banking/recruitment exam. Following the recent trend, as seen in IBPS PO and RBI Grade B, most questions in Numerical Ability are expected to be lengthy, time consuming and full of intense calculations. The following topics will be covered in Numerical Ability section of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015. Click on Topic to see its concepts and sample questions. 

Expected Cutoff for Reasoning and Numerical Ability sections IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015

 The expected cutoff for Reasoning section of IBPS Clerk Prelims is 9-12.

  • In Reasoning Section , you need to attempt 15-18 questions accurately to be very sure to clear the sectional cutoff as well as the overall cutoff.
  • This means you need to attempt roughly 50% of the questions with 100% accuracy to crack the sectional cutoff for Reasoning.
  • Give 20 minutes to solve Reasoning section.
  • Reasoning should be attempted in middle of exam. i.e. after Numerical Ability and before English language.
  • Focus on questions from Seating Arrangement and Liner arrangement. They will have 10 questions in total and will take roughly 5-8 minutes to attempt.
  • If puzzles aren’t your thing focus on solving Inequality, Syllogisms and blood relation questions.
  • Glance over Coding Decoding question and if you get the logic while glancing, go for it. Do not sit in the exam hall trying to crack the code for 5 minutes and then realize you have no time left for other questions.

The expected cutoff for Numerical Ability section of IBPS Clerk Prelims is 7-9. 

  • In Numerical Ability you need to attempt 12-14 questions to be sure to clear sectional cutoff. This means you need to attempt 35-45% questions with 100% accuracy. 
  • Give 20-25 minutes to solve Numerical Ability section. 
  • Since numerical ability involves a lot of calculation, it should be attempted first.
  • Numerical Ability will have to DI. Click here to read tips on DI to see how to pick up the easier one and get 5 marks without breaking a sweat.
  • 5 questions are expected from number series. Apply the same concept as Coding Decoding. If you get the logic while reading, go for solving it. If not, it is better to leave it and focus on questions from arithmetic.
  • For Speed Calculation questions, memorize tables till 25, square till 30 and cubes till 20.
  • If you are weak in calculations , leave it and solve quadratic questions instead.

Tips on how to clear sectional Cutoff IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015

  1. The order of attempt should be Numerical, Reasoning and English.
  2. You can inter change Numerical and English. The weaker section should be attempted first.
  3. Read all the questions: Owing to nervousness and extreme pressure, while attempting examination, we tend to forget every strategy and instead focus solely on solving each and every question in front of us. This situation is exacerbated in online exam where you can see one question at a time. Do not fall for this trap. Instead make a rule to read the question in first 15 seconds and deciding whether you have come across that kind of question.
  4. If you have come across that kind of question while preparing and feel you can solve it in 45 seconds, then only go for solving it. Else, leave it and head for the next question.
  5. Do not waste precious time double checking answers. Instead use the mark for review option. This option saves the answer and you can come back to the question to review the answer, if time permits.
  6. This will help you read all the questions and pick those which you can answer accurately.
  7. Improving your reading speed will help you enhance your performance drastically. Click here to spend the next 5 minutes to read Tips for increasing Reading Speed and you will see the difference in the original exam.
  8. Please do not try to prove yourself to be a genius by answering all the question. You need to clear the prelims not top them to get awards and accolades. As mentioned above solve 50% questions in reasoning and 35-45% questions in Numerical Ability.
  9. Use the Rough page wisely. Do not randomly write figures on it and make reading of data hard for you. Start from top, use small font and do not hesitate to ask for new rough sheet if necessary.
  10. Take some deep breaths before the start of attempt and reach the center at least 30 minutes  before the commencement of the exam.
  11. Full proof the above strategy by attempting Mock tests.
    Click here to enroll for Mock test for IBPS Clerk at Rs 199 only! 

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  1. But where to complaint about this….I belvd that IBPS is doing transparent recruitment….but this system also same as other exams.. Shit….

  2. Hai to hai Kuch gadbad
    IBPS RRB me BHI yahi drama hua THA reasoning 35 ka kiya THA 100% THA
    Nunber aaye 17
    Jab ki 35multiply 1.25 krna THA
    To total res ke marks 45 + hota

    I am not satisfied

  3. And they given cutoff of
    Quantitative aptitude -8
    Reasoning – 12
    Since they interchanged scores
    Quantitative they given 18.75 ( but I attended 12 only with 101% accuracy)

    Reasoning they given 11.75 ( but I attended 19 questions with 100 % accuracy)

    This clearly shows my scores are interchanged….plzzz if any one have the same problem plzzz reply on this….

  4. As I got my scores of IBPS clerk 5 today and I am totaly shocked

    My reasoning and quantitative scores are interchanged
    As I hve attended

    Reasoning -19 ( 100% accuracy)

    Numerical ability -12( 100% accuracy)
    But in result I got
    Reasoning – 11.75
    Quantitative aptitude – 18.75

    And I m 100% sure abt my answers realy it is a big injustice….plzzz if any one have this issue plzzzz reply we should fight abt this….I am from karnataka region
    ..vaibhav sir plzzz reply me…

  5. Dear Sir,
    I have cleared prelims, kindly let me know the syllabus and give some tips to prepare for the exam.
    I am very much scare about that.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Thanku sir g
    Pls sir guide me for eng
    Sir reasong and quant to 100% ho chuka hai Bahut practise kiya hai and speed BHI aachi hi
    But eng ka btao pls sir
    Bahut kam time hi
    Minimum pass hi ho jau eng me so Pls sir g guide me
    U r my hop sir

  7. Hello sir,
    I have attempted 58 questions
    Reas-21(95%-100% accuracy)
    Math-16(95%-100% accuracy)
    Sir i’m worried about overall cutoff mark

  8. Sir I have attempted (49) 5 in MATHS 100% accuracy 17 in reasoning 85% and 27 in ENG 75% accuracy …obc cat uttar Pradesh …guru ji kya mera clear hoga..




  10. thank you, Sir….your motivated words means a lot for me, once again thank you so much for your kind support.

  11. Nobody can be entirely sure about getting selected for mains. You should rather focus on how you are utilising the time at hand. Please start preparing for mains

  12. Yes it is sufficient . You have given your attempt. Now there is no point thinking about the result. Better utilize the time at hand to prepare well for mains.

  13. Thank you sir…..Sir I had given SBI associates clerk this year and managed to score 119marks (As i know i was poor in G.K) but the cut off was 149 as i remember….What do you think of my chances to clear IBPS CLERK MAINS….

  14. sir U.P. k liye general ka cutoff kya hoga
    maine 60 ques kra h math and reasoning with 95% accuracy
    eng me 17 aues kra h 70% accuracy
    kya pre cutoff clear hone ka koi chance h

  15. Sir iam from gen category. My overall attempts quant-11/35.reasoning-17.english-22.is there any chance .wats the expected cutoff for assam.

  16. Sir I am under pressure to clear this time. Please suggest me the above is sufficient to clear individual cut off as well as overall?. I will be awaiting for your suggestions…

  17. sir i m lalit my attempt in ibps clerk 63 questions
    maths 19 with 100 % accuracy
    reasning 28 with 100 % accuracy
    english 16 may be 2 or 3 wrong is there any chance for mains????

  18. thanks for your kind support, is there any chance for me for mains because i have attempted only 41 questions belongs to obc category from U.P.

    Please help me on this…

  19. Sir,

    Could you please tell me, what will be sectional cut off and overall cut off for OBC Candidates in all sections for Uttar Pradesh Candidates. Please reply me on this.

  20. dear sir,

    Sir i have attempted 66 questions . in Quants i’ve attempted only 9 questions and in that 2 is wrong i think.
    so wat r my chances for mains??? i belong to sc category and i’m from tamil nadu. pls do tell me sir.

  21. Wow shubham
    Thats one of the best attempts i have seen. You definitely have a strong chance considering you have high accuracy too.

  22. Vikash how you got extra marks in beyond my purview. However i would like to tell you that you should start preparing for Mains.

  23. Juhi
    Yeh farak nahi padta ke cutoff kitna ja sakta hai. Rather than wasting time in thinking that, You should start preparing for Mains and make good use of your time. All the best.

  24. Respected sir what is the expected cutoff for Maharashtra state my attempt is 47cat sc
    Reso21 (100%) eng 18 (80%)mth 7 (100%)
    Pls reply sir

  25. Respected sir what is the expected cutoff for Maharashtra state my attempt is 47cat sc
    Reso21 (100%) eng 18 (80%)mth 7 (100%)

  26. sir,i m from telangana state
    i have attempted
    maths -9(100%)
    general category
    can i know the sectional cut off of my state

  27. sir
    I have attempt 68 question
    english -20 (may be 12 is correct)
    math – 14 (all is correct )
    reasoning -31(all is correct)

    belong to general and live in agra ….
    plz reply sir ….

  28. i have attempted onlt 62
    math -11(90 % accuracy )
    engli- 25
    can i clear overall cut off and sectional cut off

  29. Sir I have attempted 62 26-eng 5 may be wrong,21-res 2 may be wrong,15math 2may br wrong how much chance .I am from delhi

  30. sir i have attempted 67 question belongs to delhi region…what r my chances??
    english-23 (80 accuracy)
    quant-17 (100% accuracy)
    reasoning-27 (100% accuracy)

  31. Hello sir i attended for only 50 overall

    Total attemp-50
    Rsng-20 with 100% accuracy
    Math-10 with 100% accuracy
    Eng- 20
    Is der any chance?
    please replay as iam really worried
    and is there state wise cutoff exist..
    iam really tensed..

  32. Sir i have attempted 46 questions in ibps prelims from maharashtra state..(sc- category)
    resoning 19
    maths 13
    english 14

    can i have any chance for mains?

  33. Hello sir I hv attempted 61 questions

    English 26
    Reasoning 24
    Bt in maths only 8
    I think my 90% questions r correct…..
    I belongs to up… Please tell me may I clear ibps prelims

  34. Sir mp ka obc category k liye sectional & overall cut off kitna jayga, kya mujhe mains k liye preparation krni chahiye? ?

  35. Sir,I have attempted 23 in English with 90%accuracy,maths 16 with 100% accuracy,and 28 reasoning with 100% accuracy.I will clear cut off marks?I belongs to OBC category in maharastra state.

  36. Hi sir,
    I have attempted 58, quant 14 with 95% accuracy, Res 26 with 90% accuracy, Eng 18 with 70% accuracy. I am from telangana OBC female do I have chances to clear Please reply.

  37. Roshan sc cateogory sir, i hav attemptd 42 questions numerical -9 wid 100%accuracy , english – 15 wid 95% accuracy , and reasoning-17 wid 100% accuracy wats d probability of getting chance in main…

  38. hello sir.. I belong to sc category state punjab. I attempted 19 in reasoning,21 in english and 8 in quant.. Do i have a chance of getting selected for mains?

  39. Sir, i hve attempted
    total 61
    Reasoning-30 (95% accuracy )
    English-22 (80% accuracy )
    Maths-9 (100% accuracy )
    I m from m.p. & belong to OBC
    I have very worried about fr maths sec, sir pls tell me there’s any change for clear cut off.

  40. sir cat-obc
    attempted 11 quetion (10 quetion 100% correct) and 11th could be correct. i just want to know will i be able to clear sectional cuttoff. thankyou 🙂

  41. Dear Sir,

    I belong to U.P. and my question is – i have attempted only 7 questions in English for ibps po exam. but i got 10 marks in it. so i want to know, how it is possible, as per my knowledge for each correct answer there is one mark. but i got 3 extra marks in English. please clear me on this.

    And also i want to know sectional cutoff and overall cutoff in U.P. for OBC candidates.

    As I have attempted only 41 question in ibps clerk exam.
    Maths – 11 (All correct)
    Reasoning – 13 (All correct)
    English – 17 (No Idea)

    Please suggest me, is there any possibility to clear the overall cutoff.

  42. sir, i am from Gujarat, I attend total 58
    QA:- 17
    Reasoning :- 20
    English:- 21
    accuracy in reasoning 100% and QA 95%(One is wrong I know it) and English 90%.
    Sir can u suggest the what is cutoff for General in Gujarat.

  43. Sir I am from west Bengal and answers 84 In total in prilims .eng 30 all most correct, maths 20 almost 70percent cooerc and reasoning 33 correct,do I have a chance?

  44. Sir,
    i have attended 74 questions
    16 quanz ( 75% accuracy)
    29 logical ( 95% acc)
    29 english ( 70% accuracy)
    i wil clear over all cut off, im only worried abt quanz sectional cutoff
    im from tamil nadu and belong to General category..
    wats the expected cut off for quanz and over all cut off?
    thanks in advance

  45. I had attempt 35 in reasoning
    20 in english
    14-15 in math
    is there any chance to appear in mains

    last year i had not cleared the total cut off by 1 marks in general category. Any my circle is delhi-ncr

  46. Vaibhav Sir hello….I appeared from Goa on 5th for the exam….please tell me what could be the expected cut off for Goa?…I attempted 55 with 80% accuracy (gen category)…Is there any chance for mains?

  47. sir, m from up..and belongs to General……
    maths-17(100% accuracy)
    reasoning-35(100% accuracy)
    English-22(no idea about accuracy)
    what are the chances to get selected for the clerical main exam…
    nd what will b the expected sectional cutoff ???

  48. Sir i have attempted 62 questions in ibps prelims from karnataka state..
    resoning 23
    maths 15
    english 24

    can i have any chance for mains?

  49. PRIYA it is good you were on the safe side. this years sectional cutoff is expected to be around 11-13. Our suggestion would be to start preparing for Mains. Be positive, because there is no use being negative and doing nothing. Go full throttle in your preparation for Mains. If you clear prelims well and good. If not, the knowledge and the preparation that you did will come in handy for upcoming exams. and mind you there is a plethora of exams in near future. All the best! god bless you

  50. Hello Sir, Priya this side from Delhi.Can you please tell me the expected cutoff for reasoning section.I could mark only 17, and taking safe side, I am expecting around 13 marks in reasoning.Please help me sir as I am under enormous pressure this time to clear the exam.I could not clear my IBPS PO exam due to reasoning section itself and thus I am afraid for reasoning alone this time.Thanking you in advance!

  51. Sonu you will have a problem in English. Neverthless you should start preparing for Mains and wait for the result

  52. Nithiya You might have a problem in English, but then if you clear and are unprepared you will regret wasting the time. Its better you start preparing for mains and expect the best. Knowledge is never wasted

  53. Nimmi the only problem you may have is with reasoning. But then if you clear and are unprepared you will regret wasting the time. Its better you start preparing for mains and expect the best. Knowledge is never wasted

  54. Hello ! vaibhav sir 🙂
    i have started preparing for mains ,hope ur speculations wont b hopless for me . Will come back here to discuss abt .

    waiting for result …

    thank you very much !

  55. Hello Sir,
    I have attempted
    21 in reasoning with 90% accuracy
    19 in maths with 90% accuracy
    24 in English

    I am from himachal Pradesh and of OBC category what are the chances sir what will be the cut off for HP for OBC

  56. Sir I have attempted 51 qus
    Eng 18 all correct
    Reasoning 18 all correct
    Qunt 15 (2 may be wrong)
    I m obc candidate frm Haryana
    Does I have any chance????

  57. thank u sir,i attendented more than 50 questions ,i expect i can be okay with English but i am not okay with another thing , is there any chance to go throw that??

  58. SIR,

  59. sir i had attemped 12 in english 20 in maths and 20 in reasooning belongs to genral category but i had doubt in english whether i clear the exam iam totally get confused because of the english attempt

  60. Sir i am katnataka general category
    I have attemted 57 ques over all
    Reasoning 23 (90%) accuracy
    English 20 (80%) accuracy
    Qa 14 may be 3 ,4 wrong
    Is there any chance for me pls tell me sir

  61. Hello vaibhav sir…
    Mene 58 attempt kiye h.
    Math..16..all correct
    Reasng..24..may be 3 ir 4 wrong
    Eng..18..11 to 12 correct
    I am in pbc catagory from u.p
    Kya muje main ki preparation karni chahiye..
    Plz reply

  62. Sir g pls tell me I am so tentioned
    English section cuttoff SE dar lag rha hai
    Total 71
    Reg 32 ..100%
    Quat 18 100%
    Eng 21. Only 8 or 9 correct and remaking I don’t know
    I am from himacha Pradesh obc catag
    So pls tell me is there any chance for me
    And what will expected cuttoff for Himachal Pradesh section wise pls sir tell me
    It’s my reqst to u

  63. sir,what will be the odisha cutoff for obc category…i have attempted 60 Questions.
    apti-17(95%),reason-24(2-3 may be wrong),eng-19(3-4 may be wrong)..Is there any chance to clear sir?

  64. I had attempted Qa-21,Eng-22,Reasoning-21genral category what is my chance ,I am from jharkhand and I have attempted with 90% accuracy……

  65. sir, i attempted reasoning- 23 ,q.a-17, eng- 16 , accuracy 90 %,category -general , do i have a chance for mains,? pls tell sir

  66. sir i have attempted 49 questions

    quants -`12 (95% accuracy)
    reasoning-16 (95% accuracy)
    english-21 (80% accuracy)

    belongs to sc …state- tamilnadu…. do i hav a chance for mains ??????

  67. Sir i have attempted English-20,Reasoning-28 and Quant-7.all 100% accuracy.Catagory-General..do i have a chance for mains?

  68. sir,i attempt reasoning-23 q.a-12 english-12 total 47
    i am form gujarat…..cast-st…..so please tell me what is a sectional cut off of gujarat??

  69. Meri attemptation h
    Reasoning- 28
    Math – 23
    Eng me 26 h
    Accuracy reasoning aur math me toh h
    But english me 50-50 lgta h kya main k lieye qualify ho skta h

  70. Cat OBC
    TOYAL 71
    Eng 21
    Reg 32 100%
    And quant 18 100% accutant
    But in eng I have some doubt in my eng section only 8 to 9 are correct and remains are in risk
    So pls tell me what will be section cuttoff for Himachal Pradesh pls
    I am so tentioned
    In last bank Po my score 56 but due to eng I idiot qualify for main
    Pls pls

  71. Harti
    If you have started preparing for Mains, expected cutoffs don’t matter. Keep your focus on preparation. You will know the cutoffs once the results are out. If you think right now , you wont do justice to your preparation

  72. Hello sir I am from Himachal Pradesh
    I attempt 71
    Reg 32 100%
    Quant 18 100%
    And 21in Engg
    I have doubt only English
    I know only 9 marks accurate and other I put some guess
    So pls tell me have I any chance to qualify and what’s will be cuttoff for Himachal section wise
    Pls tell me

  73. You may have a problem with Quant. The expected cutoff for SC is 4-6. Since you got 9 questions wrong and 8 correct, your overall score would be 5.75. Lets hope you clear it. But still prepare for Mains. Do not waste time. Knowledge which you acquire never gets wasted.

  74. Hello Sir
    I have attempted 65 ques only . 29 in res , 19 eng , 17 quant with 80% accuracy . I am from haryana gen cat. pls guide should I start preparation for mains ?? Thank in advance

  75. sir, i have attempted of 50 (obc catagory)
    reasoning-18(100% accuracy)
    QS-15(100% accuracy)
    eng-17(90% accuracy)
    is there any chance to clear prelims exam.am from puducherry, sir plz tell the overall cutoff for puducherry.

  76. I have attempted 57
    Reas. 26 99% accuracy
    Eng 15 99% accuracy
    Apti 16 100 % accuracy ..

    my chances for General from Maharashtra ?

  77. 43-47 might be the range for overall cutoff. You will clear sectional cutoffs easily. Start preparing for Mains .

  78. Dekhiye this is just our speculation. Hone ko to 15 bhi ho sakta hai. But usko sochke koi matlab nahi hai. Think about a genuine cutoff (6-8 in this case) and if you think you are clearing it, give your best shot for Mains preparation.

  79. i have attempted 62 .
    Reas. 28 100% accuracy
    Eng 22 90% accuracy
    Apti 12 only 90% accuracy ..

    my chances …for obc … plz vaibhav sir tell me

  80. sir i made 63
    maths 27
    reasoning 21
    english 15
    i m general from bihar state
    can u tell me sectional cut off in bihar

  81. sir i made 61
    maths 24 95 percent accuracy
    reasoning 22 90 percent accuracy
    english 15
    i m from bihar general
    what wil be the cut off marks of english in bihar

  82. Dear Sir,

    I hv attempted Eng.-25 with 90% accuracy. resoning-20 with 80 percent acuracy and maths 20 with sure 12-13 qts. Is it enough to clear cut off. i attempted over all 65 qts. i m an OBC candidate. Pls reply…

  83. sir i’m from west bengal my attempts are in reas-31, math-17,eng-24 total 72. Accurecy in eng 80% and others 95%.Is there any chance for main exam.

  84. I am from Delhi
    I attempted 59 questions in ibps clerk on 05/12/2015
    Reasoning : 24/35 (100% aquracy)
    Quat : 17/35 (100% aquracy)
    Eng : 18/30 ( not sure )
    And I belong to SC category
    Delhi ki SC ki English cut off kha tak ja sakti hai

  85. Sir, i have a doubt that the cut off for prelims is national wide or state wide ?????
    i heard that cutoff is nation wide like that of PO prelimis .

  86. sir, i’m from karnataka. i just attempted only 45questions .
    Is there chance of getting into clerk mains?

    And i have a doubt that the cut off for prelims is national wide or state wide ?????

  87. sir iam from Andhra pradesh
    ibps cleark prelims cuttoff will be varry for each state or same as all states????????

  88. sir
    im from tamilnadu . i have attempted 74 (95% accuracy) is there any chance to clear ??? what is the expected sectional cutoff sir

  89. sir, i ve attempted reasoning-23,maths-16,english-14 from obc maharashtra, do i ve any chance of clearing overall cutoff

  90. sir my attempts : 26 reasoning 97% accuracy
    12 maths 100% accuracy
    20 english 97% accuracy
    cat general
    what r my chances?

  91. sir, i have attempted of 50 (obc catagory)
    reasoning-18(100% accuracy)
    QS-15(100% accuracy)
    eng-17(90% accuracy)
    is there any chance to clear prelims exam.am from puducherry, sir plz tell the overall cutoff for puducherry.

  92. sir i have attemted 61 question
    maths 24
    reasonong 22
    english 15
    math n reasoning me 90 to 95 percent acccuracy hai par english me 3 ya 4 wrong ho sakta hai
    i m from bihar.bihar ka cut off kya jayega.sectional cut off

  93. sir ,
    I have attempted 52, qa-11(100%) accuracy,reasoning-23 but I may lost 3-4 marks and eng 18 don’t know about accuracy…can i clear prelims,iam from andhra obc category..plese reply me

  94. sir i have attemted 66 question
    maths 27
    reasonong 25
    english 15
    darr to english me hi hai sir english me ab tak 9 sahi a raha hai par 6 ka question hi yaad nahi hai.english me cut off kya jayega.i m from bihar

  95. Thank You Sir for the hope.
    Is there any specific statewise cutoff,,if yes please tell me expected cutoff for Odisha state.

  96. sir i have attemted 61 question
    maths 24
    reasonong 22
    english 15
    math n reasoning me 90 to 95 percent acccuracy hai par english me 3 ya 4 wrong ho sakta hai
    i m from bihar.bihar ka cut off kya jayega.
    thora darr lag raha hai english me.english me kya cut of reh sakta hai

  97. sir i have attemted 61 question
    maths 24
    reasonong 22
    english 15
    math n reasoning me 90 to 95 percent acccuracy hai par english me 3 ya 4 wrong ho sakta hai
    i m from bihar.bihar ka cut off kya jayega.

  98. You might be eligible. The expected cutoff for QA is 6-8. But it won’t be a problem for you. Please start preparing for Mains.

  99. sir i have attemted 61 question
    maths 24
    reasonong 22
    english 15
    math n reasoning me 90 to 95 percent acccuracy hai par english me 3 ya 4 wrong ho sakta hai
    i m from bihar.bihar ka cut off kya jayega

  100. Hi Shyam you might have a problem with Reasoning sectional cutoff. it is expected to be around 9-12. you should anyway start preparing for Mains

  101. Sir I have attempted 22 in English nd 25 in Reasoning with 100% accuracy, but I’m worrying about quantitative because attempted only 17 and around 8 of them is correct, I belongs to sc category from tn, do I have any chance to clear?

  102. Hi Lucky
    Seems like you have had a great attempt. Start preparing for Mains. you will get through. Cutoff marks for AP 43-47

  103. sir,i have attempted of 47 question.(OBC)
    english-19(may be 2-3 wrong)
    QA-9(99% accuracy)
    is there chance to clear prelims exam?

  104. Woww thats one nice attempt. Prasoon you will definitely clear sectional as well as overall cutoff. Start preparing for IBPS Clerk Mains 2015 now!

  105. If you have attempted with 90-100% accuracy, you should be able to clear sectional cutoffs very easily. But you might have a problem in clearing overall cutoff. The expected overall cutoff for TN OBC category is 38-42. All the best.

  106. If you have attempted 16 in Quant, then even with 80% accuracy you will clear sectional cutoff quite easily. Do not be worried and start preparing for Mains.

  107. Hello Sir
    I have attempted 65 ques with 80 % acc . Belongs gen cat. From haryana should I start preparation for main
    Res 29 ,eng 19 and quant 17 .

  108. Hello Sir
    I attempted 65 ques . 29 in reasoning ,19 eng ,17 math with 80 % accuracy and I belong to gen cat. From haryana state . Sir pls suggest me should I start preparation for mains .Thanks in advance

  109. Nice attempt Lalit. You will clear sectional cutoffs for Quant and English but you might have an issue clearing overall and sectional cutoffs for Reasoning

  110. Yes there would be statewise cutoff for prelims as well , according to the information supplied to us by IBPS. We will notify if otherwise.

  111. Hi Abhilash
    Yes you have a high chance of clearing Cutoff. For karnataka state the state general category cutoff is expected to be 43-47. Do not be tensed and start preparing for Mains. All the best

  112. Sushma you have a bright chance to clear the overall cutoff. You might have a slight problem in QA. We expect the cutoff to be around 6-8 for QA.

  113. sir I have attempted total of 62 quest and I belong to general catogary..
    English 30 (5 myt be wrong)
    reasoning 22(2 myt be wrong)
    QA 10 (1 myt be wrong)
    is there any chances of me clearing sectional as well as over all cut off
    thank you sir

  114. Sir hve attempted total 49 questions in IBPS preliminary clerk exam December 6th..I belongs to general catogery

    Quantitave – 12 ( 100% accuracy)

    Reasoning – 19 ( 100% accuracy)

    English – 18 ( 4 wrong)

    S there chance to clear prelims exam
    Can I prepare for main exam…??

    What is the total cutoff for karnataka state general catagery??

    Plzzz reply me sir I m so much tensed

  115. Thank you Saurab sir ( mockbank) for your valuable suggestion. I’m a regular fallower of mockbank. GA section can be cleared very easily by fallowing daily quiz. Thanks
    Is there any chance to clear my sectional cut off and overall?
    Thanks in advance Saurabh sir.

  116. Hi sir
    I attended 67 questions.
    Eng- 26
    Rea- 33
    Quan- 8(99% accuracy)
    I belong to OBC cata. Is there any chance to clear prelims.

  117. Sir,
    Attempted ques. 43
    State- uttarakhand
    Category – general
    Quant. 15 (100%)
    English 16 (96%)
    Reasoning 12(98%)
    Have Any chances of through to the mains??

  118. I have attempted 16 in Quant’s.sir really r u sure that cutoff will only be b/w 9-10 I mean in po prelims it was 7. Something..so it should no 4or 5 higher than that no?? I’m very confused plz guide me sir..

  119. Sir I have attempted only 10 question I maths out of which 2 may be wrong ….what r my chances to clear maths cutoff ?? I m from st category………. Thanks

  120. sir i have attended only 44. maths 16 ,reasoning 15 , english 13 . i am from tamilnadu belongs to obc. any chance to clear?

  121. Attempted 79
    Reasoning 35(95% accuracy)
    English 30(95%accuracy)
    Quant 14 , 1 wrng in quant getting 12.75 in quant
    wat are my chances sir for clearing quant ? general candidate

  122. Sir i’m from andhra pradesh..i attemt 60 questions..QA:20,res24 both of with 90% accuracy and eng 16 i don’t know about accuracy..please tell me cut off marks in andhra pradesh..

  123. sir, i have attempted 55 questions overall
    quant-9 english-24 reas-22 …i m in the sc category…do i have any chances to clear the cutoff…please reply kindlyy…i am from andhra pradesh

  124. sir,i am attented math-13(100% accurate),gi-14(100% accurate) and eng-24(85%-90% accurate) i attent 51 total,gen.what will my chance?

  125. category-general
    QA- attended 10 , 90-100% accuracy
    RA- 20 , 90% accuracy
    English-15, 80-90% accuracy
    shall i be eligible for ibps clerks main
    please give the sectional and overal cutoff for odisha region..
    Thank You.

  126. SIR,
    i have attended 87 totally (general category) TN state
    eng – 30 (28 correct)
    reas – 33( would be 29 or 27 correct)
    quants – 24( im worried about quants only 14 or 15 would be correct)

    shall i prepare mains sir.. im much worried about sectional cutoff

    thanks in advance

  127. Sir I have attempted 59 question in that
    Reasoning 29 (almost all correct)
    English 15 (may b 3 – 4 wrong)
    Maths 15 (almost all correct)
    Is there any chance for me to clear the cut off of delhi(general)?

  128. sir i ve attempted 53, eng-14, maths-23, reasoning-16, from maharashtra, obc with 95% accuracy, is there any chance for me

  129. sir, I have attempted 72 questions in total.. English-30;reas-28; maths-14..gen category from W.B..80% accuracy..what are my chances of being selected for mains sir

  130. vaibhav sir thaks fr ur postve rly .. nw I m relief to start my mains prepartn .. .. can u tel the expected cut off fr SC catrgry in tamil nadu .. ovrall nd also sectnl .. thnks n advance .. kndly rly

  131. helo sir
    I have done 24/30 in english 19/35 reasong nd only 12/35 in maths …in 1st slot of 5 dec exam since OBC category
    what chances r there?

  132. Thanks ‘Mockbank’ (specially Vaibhav Sir) for kind suggestions and posts. Will keep them in mind.

  133. The only issue you will have is with Math. But considering you belong to ST category, you can speculate that you will clear sectional cutoff for numerical easily.

  134. Thanks alot Saurabh for the kind words. For GA section, we would suggest keep reading current affairs, read newspapers (The Hindu or Economic times) daily. Apart from that start referring magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan/ Chronicle. Not only will reading these magazines keep you updated with current affairs, they would also help you increase your reading speed. Which comes in very handy at the time of the exam. All the best for your Mains attempt.

  135. Anupama We know you are tensed about Numerical Ability. Your overall attempt is good. expected cutoff for Numerical will be 6-8. Let us hope you clear it

  136. And Sir..please assist me how and what to prepare for GA in mains.I’m very much concerned about dis coz its sectional cutoff devastated me in Ibps PO mains…though my overall cutoff was much higher than official cutoff.So please tell me about the preparation.

  137. I’m from Karnataka. I attempted 52 questions with 80% accuracy and belong to GM category.
    Math- 15
    Eng- 19
    Res- 18
    Is it good attempt or bad? Any clue that cut off stands for KN region?

  138. Sir i m from HP ….belongs to sc category …..attemtpt. QA….15….reasoning
    ….25 …english…..27 …..is there any chance?…..cutt off in hp could be??????

  139. I have attempted 84 questions with 85% overall accuracy.kindly tell me the overall cutoff for General in Bihar.

  140. sir i attempted 70 question ib total ;29 in english (95%accuracy) reasoning 30 (99%aacurary) maths 11(90% accuracy) what are my chances of clearing .?? i belong to SC category .!!

  141. what will be the cuttoff marks for SC in andhra pradesh
    Reasoning – 24 (100% accuracy)
    QA – 12 (100% accuracy)
    English -27 (90% accuracy)
    Total attempts – 63 (96% accuracy)
    can i make to mains

  142. sir i attempted 70 in total ; 29 in english 30 reasoning and 11 in maths(90% accuracy) what are my chances ? i belong to SC categpry..!!

  143. sir,
    i have attempted 67 questions with 80% accuracy.. sir can u please provide material for current affairs for main exam.

  144. Thanks for your quick reply and kind suggestion.
    I came from technical background and computer part will be a plus for me in Mains. Will you please suggest a good way to prepare for GA section.
    I am a regular follower of your ‘Bulletin’ section and found it very helpful for competitive exams. You current affair post is what I enjoyed most. Keep posting and guide.
    Thanks. 🙂

  145. Dear Sir,

    My attempts :

    English : 30/30
    Reasoning : 22/35
    Quant : 11/35

    Total : 63/100

    Any chance I will make it to mains?

  146. Hi Sir
    M from Karnataka
    attempted 52 questions with 80% accuracy.
    Eng – 18
    Res – 19
    Math – 15
    Is there any chance to clear?

  147. Sir for IBPS clrk prelims 6th Dec morning shift total attempts – 70 category – gen. English – 25. (95% accuracy) Reasoning – 33.(99% accuracy ). Numerical ability – only 12 (95% accuracy). Tensed about numerical ability cutoff

  148. 8-10 vinod. and at the risk of sounding unfriendly, let me specify that I’m not your bro. Please address faculty with respect.

  149. Harti since you belong to SC category, you have a very strong chance to clear cutoffs. please start preparing for Mains ASAP.

  150. You have the slightest chance to clear sectional cutoff for Quant. The expected cutoff is
    Numerical – 7-9
    Reasoning – 10-12
    English – 8-10

  151. Numerical – 7-9
    Reasoning – 10-12
    English – 8-10

    For Maharashtra region expected cutoff for OBC category would be 38-40

  152. IBPS-Clerk-prelims-2015 (6th Dec – Evening Batch)
    Cat- Gen
    Reasoning – 28 (100% accuracy)
    QA – 12 (100% accuracy)
    English -22 (90% accuracy)
    Total attempts – 62 (96% accuracy)

  153. Hello sir I attempt 51. In that reasoning 26math 12 English 13. please tell me expected cut off for all section and overall cutoff for Maharashtra region for obc category

  154. There is definitely a chance. If you Math is 100% accurate, you will crack sectional cutoffs for all. Overall cutoff will go around 42-44

  155. Hitesh your overall attempt is low. We will post statewise cutoff soon. please keep following mockbank.com/bulletin

  156. Numerical can be your weak link. Otherwise your attempt is satisfactory. If you have attempted Numerical with 100% accuracy then you shall be comfortable.

  157. kindly tell me about the sectional cutoff of quantitative section.I have attempted 19 with 90% accuracy..Also tell me cutoff for Bihar
    thanku .

  158. Maine 38 Marks ka attempt kiya hai……par kuch wrong ho sakte hai….aur maine Maharashtra ke liye apply kiya tha (OBC Catogery)…..mera question hai ki…har state ka prelims ka cut off alag hota hai kya…….?….agar Yes… to Maharashtra ka cutoff kitna expected hai……

  159. I have attempted only 12 in maths with 100% acuracy would I will able to clear individual cut off of inpatient clerk

  160. I hav attempt 8 que wid accuracy in maths do I hav any chance in maths… cuz I jav done well in the remaining two sections… plz rply soon..

  161. Ctgry-gen
    Total attemp-52
    Rsng-24 with 100% accuracy
    Math-10 with 100%
    Eng- 18 may be 12-13 accurate
    Is der any chnc?

  162. i have attemted 55.

    english – 20 may be 3-4 wrong

    numerical ability – 12 bt almost all correct

    reasoning – 23 may be 2-3 wrong

    do i exist in safe zone ???

  163. sir / madam
    overl attmbt 45
    APS 10 (100%)
    reasng 19 (100%)
    eng 16 ( don’t knw abt acurcy)
    shall I prepare fr clerk main exam ..
    is thre any posblty to clear prelms
    pls rly .. I’m vry confused
    I’m belong 2 sc categry nd frm TN ….

  164. sir / madam
    overl attmbt 45
    APS 10 (100%)
    reasng 19 (100%)
    eng 16 ( don’t knw abt acurcy)
    shall I prepare fr clerk main exam ..
    is thre any posblty to clear prelms
    pls rly .. I’m vry confused
    I’m belong 2 sc categry nd frm TN

  165. how much you are expecting sectional cutoff for QA section bro..i did only 13 category general any chance
    to clear the sectional cut off

  166. What can be the expected overall cutoff marks for general category. Plz sir /mam rply soon , tomorrow is my exam

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