Expected Cutoff and Tips to Crack Numerical Ability and Reasoning section IBPS Clerk prelims
Expected Cutoff and Tips to Crack Numerical Ability and Reasoning section IBPS Clerk prelims

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IBPS CLERK PRELIMS Results announced. Check here. 

Finishing the series of tips and tricks on IBPS Clerk Prelims Preparation, today we will address the main concern raised by almost all candidates – Expected Cutoff for Numerical Ability(Mathematics/Quantitative Aptitude) and Reasoning sections of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015. 

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Syllabus of Reasoning and Numerical Ability IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015.

1. Reasoning: The reasoning section of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015 will consist of 35 questions. 1 mark will be awarded for each correct answer and 0.25 marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer. No marks will be awarded/deducted for unanswered questions. The syllabus of reasoning section of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015 will consist of the following topics. Click on Topic to see its concepts and sample questions. 

Numerical Ability: Numerical Ability is notoriously famous for its difficulty not only in IBPS Clerk Prelims but also for every banking/recruitment exam. Following the recent trend, as seen in IBPS PO and RBI Grade B, most questions in Numerical Ability are expected to be lengthy, time consuming and full of intense calculations. The following topics will be covered in Numerical Ability section of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015. Click on Topic to see its concepts and sample questions. 

Expected Cutoff for Reasoning and Numerical Ability sections IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015

 The expected cutoff for Reasoning section of IBPS Clerk Prelims is 9-12.

  • In Reasoning Section , you need to attempt 15-18 questions accurately to be very sure to clear the sectional cutoff as well as the overall cutoff.
  • This means you need to attempt roughly 50% of the questions with 100% accuracy to crack the sectional cutoff for Reasoning.
  • Give 20 minutes to solve Reasoning section.
  • Reasoning should be attempted in middle of exam. i.e. after Numerical Ability and before English language.
  • Focus on questions from Seating Arrangement and Liner arrangement. They will have 10 questions in total and will take roughly 5-8 minutes to attempt.
  • If puzzles aren’t your thing focus on solving Inequality, Syllogisms and blood relation questions.
  • Glance over Coding Decoding question and if you get the logic while glancing, go for it. Do not sit in the exam hall trying to crack the code for 5 minutes and then realize you have no time left for other questions.

The expected cutoff for Numerical Ability section of IBPS Clerk Prelims is 7-9. 

  • In Numerical Ability you need to attempt 12-14 questions to be sure to clear sectional cutoff. This means you need to attempt 35-45% questions with 100% accuracy. 
  • Give 20-25 minutes to solve Numerical Ability section. 
  • Since numerical ability involves a lot of calculation, it should be attempted first.
  • Numerical Ability will have to DI. Click here to read tips on DI to see how to pick up the easier one and get 5 marks without breaking a sweat.
  • 5 questions are expected from number series. Apply the same concept as Coding Decoding. If you get the logic while reading, go for solving it. If not, it is better to leave it and focus on questions from arithmetic.
  • For Speed Calculation questions, memorize tables till 25, square till 30 and cubes till 20.
  • If you are weak in calculations , leave it and solve quadratic questions instead.

Tips on how to clear sectional Cutoff IBPS Clerk Prelims 2015

  1. The order of attempt should be Numerical, Reasoning and English.
  2. You can inter change Numerical and English. The weaker section should be attempted first.
  3. Read all the questions: Owing to nervousness and extreme pressure, while attempting examination, we tend to forget every strategy and instead focus solely on solving each and every question in front of us. This situation is exacerbated in online exam where you can see one question at a time. Do not fall for this trap. Instead make a rule to read the question in first 15 seconds and deciding whether you have come across that kind of question.
  4. If you have come across that kind of question while preparing and feel you can solve it in 45 seconds, then only go for solving it. Else, leave it and head for the next question.
  5. Do not waste precious time double checking answers. Instead use the mark for review option. This option saves the answer and you can come back to the question to review the answer, if time permits.
  6. This will help you read all the questions and pick those which you can answer accurately.
  7. Improving your reading speed will help you enhance your performance drastically. Click here to spend the next 5 minutes to read Tips for increasing Reading Speed and you will see the difference in the original exam.
  8. Please do not try to prove yourself to be a genius by answering all the question. You need to clear the prelims not top them to get awards and accolades. As mentioned above solve 50% questions in reasoning and 35-45% questions in Numerical Ability.
  9. Use the Rough page wisely. Do not randomly write figures on it and make reading of data hard for you. Start from top, use small font and do not hesitate to ask for new rough sheet if necessary.
  10. Take some deep breaths before the start of attempt and reach the center at least 30 minutes  before the commencement of the exam.
  11. Full proof the above strategy by attempting Mock tests.
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