English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary – 1 July 2020- Enhance your knowledge

When it comes to enhancing your vocabulary, there are several ways to learn new words so you can begin to put them into use in your writing and in everyday conversation.

No matter what your personality or your reasons for wanting to improve your vocabulary skills, you’re sure to find that one or more of these methods will help you become a better wordsmith in no time.

  • Read, Read, Read
  • Learn About Root Words
  • Practice Word Association
  • Practice with Word Games
  • Use Lists and Flash Cards
  • Learn a Word Each Day


1. Hysteric: mentally maladjusted
Synonyms: distraught, maniac
Antonyms: stable, sane

2. Goon: offender of law
Synonyms: hooligan, thug
Antonyms: samaritan, civilian

3. Misanthrope: person who hates others
Synonyms: cynic, hater
Antonyms: philanthropist, humanitarian

4. Indecipherable: unreadable
Synonyms: cryptic, inexplicable
Antonyms: decipherable, explicable

5. Insolvent: financially ruined
Synonyms: bankrupt, broke
Antonyms: solvent, wealthy

6. Linger: loiter, delay
Synonyms: dawdle, hobble
Antonyms: complete, rush

7. Glimmer: sparkle
Synonyms: flicker, inkling
Antonyms: dullness, vapid

8. Vainly: in vain
Synonyms: futilely, uselessly
Antonyms: usefully, tactfully

9. Pounce: ambush
Synonyms: leap, dash
Antonyms: aid, ascend

10. Discard: abandon, scrap
Synonyms: drop, abdicate
Antonyms: ratify, accept

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