English Grammar Test

English Grammar Quiz 6: The Verb

Question 1:

Name the Verbs in the following sentences, and tell in each case whether the Verb is Transitive or Intransitive. Where the Verb is Transitive name the Object:

  1. The sun shines brightly.
  2. The boy cut his hand with a knife.
  3. The clock stopped this morning.
  4. The policeman blew his whistle.
  5. The sun rises in the east.
  6. An old beggar stood by the gate.
  7. The clock ticks all day long.
  8. I looked down from my window.
  9. Put away your books.
  10. The moon rose early.
  11. The cat sleeps on the rug.
  12. Cocks crow in the morning.
  13. Your book lies on the table.
  14. The fire burns dimly.
  15. Time changes all things.
  16. We eat three times a day.
  17. Tell the truth.
  18. The birds sing in the green trees.
  19. The little bird hopped about and sang.
  20. My new watch does not keep good lime.
  21. The beggar sat down by the side of the road.
  22. I could not spare the time.
  23. He took shelter under a tree.
  24. The boy easily lifted the heavy weight.
  25. Balu wrote a letter to his uncle.
  26. A tiny bird lived under the caves.
  27. I know a funny little man.
  28. Birds fly in the air.
  29. A light rain fell last night.
  30. I shall bring my camera with me.
  31. You speak too loudly.
  32. The dog ran after me.


Question 2:

Write five sentences containing Transitive Verbs, and five containing Intransitive Verbs.

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