English Grammar Test

English Grammar Quiz 2: Adjectives

Question 1: Pick out all the Adjectives in the following sentences, and say to which class each of them belongs:-

1. The ship sustained heavy damage.
2. I have called several times.
3. Every dog has his day.
4. A live ass is better than a dead lion,
5. Every man has his duties.
6. Say the same thing twice over.
7. Several persons were present at the time,
8. He is a man of few words.
9. Neither party is quite in the right.
10. What time is if?
11. Which pen do you prefer?
12. The way was long, the wind was cold, the minstrel was infirm and old.
13. He comes here every day.
14. I have not seen him for several days.
15. There should not be much talk and little work.
16. Abdul won the second prize.
17. The child fell down from a great height.
18. He was absent last week.
19. He died a glorious death.
20. A small leak may sink a great ship.
21. Good wine needs no bush.
22. I like the little pedlar who has a crooked nose.
23. King Francis was a hearty King and loved a royal sport.
24. In the furrowed land the toilsome patient oxen stand.
25. My uncle lives in the next house.
26. Some dreams are like reality.
27. A cross child is not liked.
28. It is an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

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Friends this is it for Adjectives. Feel free to ask us any queries and questions you have in the comments section below and we will be glad to answer them for you.
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