English Grammar Test

English Grammar Test series quiz: irregular verbs

Question 1:

Irregular Verb Exercises: Fill the blank spaces with the appropriate irregular verb.

  1. My dog jumped out of the swimming pool and _____________ himself, causing water to spray everywhere. (shake, shook, shaken)
  2. You should have ______________ Trish’s face when she got her surprise. (saw, had seen, seen)
  3. We _____________ the whole day lounging on the beach. (spend, spent, had spend)
  4. Let’s _____________ a hike on Saturday. (take, took, taken)
  5. My brother Mike ______________ his stinky socks on the coffee table. (leave, left, leaving)
  6. This is the ninth time that pitcher has _____________ a foul ball (throw, threw, thrown)
  7. The water balloon _____________ when it hit its target. (burst, busted, broken)
  8. Jesse intentionally ______________ gum in Jeff’s hair. (stick, stuck, sticky)


1: shook
2: seen
3: spent
4: take
5: left
6: thrown
7: burst
8: stuck