RBI Grade B Exam Eligibility Criteria

Dear RBI GRADE B Aspirants

This year RBI changed the eligibility criteria for Grade B recruitment exams, plunging candidates in confusion and has left them surrounded with misinformation. We have received countless queries from candidates inquiring about various conditions in eligibility criteria for RBI Grade B 2015, prompting us to write this article focusing on different eligibility criteria for RBI Grade B examination.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has invited applications for filling up 134 Grade B officers posts for the year 2015. It is worth noting that RBI Grade B officers are paid highest salary in the category. (Checkout latest salary of all bank exams). This coupled with the prestige of working with one of the best central banks in the world has catapulted this recruitment exam to the top in the list of most coveted jobs in government/banking. Owing to this, every serious banking aspirant is eager to appear for this exam and make his/her dreams come true.

But the recent changes in the eligibility criteria of RBI Grade B has led to crashed dreams for many candidates. We will do a breakdown each eligibility criteria to answer all the queries we have received so far.

RBI Grade B Eligibility criteria #1: Origin

Applicants should be Indian citizen, citizen of Nepal/ subjects of Bhutan, persons of Indian origin who have migrated from Myanmar and Sri Lanka with the intention of permanently settling in India and in whose favour Eligibility Certificates have been issued by Government of India.

This means that if you are a person of indian origin from any country other than Myanmar and Sri Lanka, you are not eligible for RBI grade B. In certain special cases, people who have received Eligibility Certificates from Government of India are allowed to sit for the exam.

RBI Grade B Eligibility criteria #2: Age (as on 01/10/2015)

Candidates must be between 21 and 30 years of age for being eligible to appear for RBI Grade B Criteria. This means that the candidate must have been born not earlier than 02/10/1985 (30 years age) and not later than 01/10/1994 (21 years age).

Age Relaxation

a) For candidates possessing higher educational degrees like M.Phil. and Ph.D. qualification. The upper age limit for candidates possessing M.Phil.  will be 32 years and that for candidates holding a Ph.D. degree will be 34 years.

b) For candidates having experience as officers in Public Sector Commercial Banks/Financial Institutions and Reserve Bank of India, the relaxation would depend on the number of years of experience, subject to maximum of three years. What it means is, if a candidate has 1 year of work experience in RBI or any other public sector bank/financial institution, the upper age limit will be 31 years. Similarly for a candidate having 2 years of work experience the age limit would be 32 years and 33 years for a candidate with work experience of 3 years. Any candidate with more than 3 years of work ex, the upper age limit would be 33 years only. Probationary period will not be counted as experience.  

c) For OBC candidates the upper age relaxation is three years.

d) For SC/ST candidates the upper age relaxation is five years.

e) For Ex-employees of banking institutions whose services had to be terminated for reasons of economy or as a result of bank going into liquidation and personnel retrenched from Government Offices after at least one year’s service and currently registered with Employment Exchange the age limit is extended by five years. i.e. 35 years is the upper age limit

f) For Ex-servicemen (including Emergency Commissioned Officers/Short Service Commissioned Officers) provided applicants have rendered at least five years continuous Military Service and have been released on completion of assignment (including those whose assignment is due to be completed within one year). These ex-servicemen should not have been dismissed or discharged on account of misconduct or inefficiency or on account of physical disability or have been released on account of physical disability attributable to Military Service or on invalidment the upper age limit relaxation is again five years.

g) For Emergency Commissioned Officers/Short Service Commissioned Officers who have completed their initial period of assignment of five years of Military Service but whose assignment has been extended beyond five years and in whose case the Ministry of Defence issues certificates that they would be released on selection within three months from the date of receipt of offer of appointment the age limit relaxation is five years.

h) Candidates who had ordinarily been domiciled in Kashmir Division of the State of Jammu and Kashmir between 1st January, 1980 and 31st December, 1989 will get an upper limit age extension by five years.

i) For person with physical difficulty the upper age limit relaxation is 10 years for PWD(GEN); 13 years for PWD(OBC) and 15 years for PWD(SC/ST) candidates.

RBI Grade B Eligibility criteria #3: Educational Qualification (as on 01/10/2015)

Perhaps the most confusing criteria of all is the educational qualification. Starting from year 2015, only those candidates who have scored minimum of 60% marks or an equivalent grade in Bachelor’s degree as well as in 12th and 10th standard examinations will be allowed to sit for RBI Grade B recruitment examination. The minimum qualifying percentage or an equivalent grade for the Bachelor’s Degree will be in aggregate for all semesters/years. This means if in a three year course, the candidate scored 55, 60, 65 for first, second and third year respectively, the average marks for Bachelor’s degree come out to be 60%. The average would be considered only for semesters/years of Bachelor’s degree and not for 10th, 12th and Bachelor’s combined. Let us explain this point in depth below:

1) A candidate who has scored more than 60% in 10th, 12th and less than 60% in graduation is not eligible for RBI GRade B . We have to understand that RBI has specified clearly that you should have scored more than 60% in all three results (10th, 12th and bachelor’s degree). The higher percentage (more than 60% )awarded in any of three exams wouldn’t compensate for lower percentage(less than 60%) in other exam.

2) Similarly,candidates who scored more than 60% in graduation but less than 60% in 10th and/or 12th will not be eligible.

3) Candidates who are currently pursuing final year of graduation, are not eligible for sitting for RBI Grade B. You need to be a graduate on or before 1st October 2015.

4) Candidates with borderline scores such as 59.4 or 59.7 or even 59.9% in any of exam will not be eligible. Candidates need to have 60% or more marks for being eligible.

For Universities/Institutes/Boards which do not follow the percent system and instead award Aggregate Grade Points (e.g. CGPA/OGPA/CPI), they can either provide criteria for conversion of aggregate grade points into percentage of marks or follow the conversion stated below

Equivalent CGPA/OGPA/CPI or similar Aggregate Percentage terminologies allotted on a 10 point scale of Marks Aggregate percentage of marks
6.75 60%
5.75 50%


RBI Grade B Eligibility criteria #4: Number of attempts:

Last but not the least, the eligibility depends on number of attempts for RBI Grade B.

A candidate belonging general category, who have already appeared six times for RBI Grade B Phase-I Examination are not eligible to apply. However for candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC/PWD, this criteria is not applied. That is they can give the exams unlimited times.

We hope the article solved your doubts regarding eligibility criteria for RBI Grade B recruitment examination. We understand we might have been unable to address all your queries, so please feel free to comment your questions in the comments section below and we will be more than happy to answer them.


  1. Sir,I have done my graduation from Mumbai University.My degree i.e, my final mark sheet has total more than 60% but my aggregate for the previous semesters are not 57%.The mark sheet of Mumbai university for B.Sc(IT)consists of marks of only final year,so the aggregate of previous years is not taken into consideration.Only the final year marks matters.So according to the final mark sheet am I eligible for the post of RBI Grade B officer?Pls rly as fast as possible

  2. I got 5.92 in my graduation(btech) which sum up to 64.2% according to conversion criteria of my university. Now my score was count on 9 pointer and not 10 pointer. A note was given in the notification regarding this which I couldn’t understand clearly. Am I eligible to apply for RBI grade b

  3. sir, for exams like rbi, as aggregate of 12 is being asked, can i calculate physical education as my best 4 subjects, or in best 5, sir they want the 12 marks as best 4 or best 5, please answer me sir i am in big dilemma

  4. I was a graduate student under burdwan university and we have alloted paas subject and honours subject marks individaully
    So would my graduation 60%include paas marks also for the rbi po eligibility

  5. Hi Amit,

    I have scored 575 in my bachelors degree but scored 67% in my Post Grad. so m I Eligible for the same?

  6. Sir I have secured 73 % in 10th and on the basis of 10th ,I have Completed Diploma in Computer Engineering with 80 % aggregate and in B.Tech i have secured 7.44 aggregate CGPA So am I ellgible for this exam? Please Reply

  7. Sir
    I want to know . If an employee is already working in rbi as a “rbi assistant post “with 50% .. of mark in graduation as rbi requirement….
    And wants to write “grade b” exam of rbi …so is he eligible to write the exam with 50%of mark in graduation for grade b exam?

  8. Sir
    My marks in 12th are less than 50% but after 12th I have done diplomain electronics and secured 75%.i belong to sc category.all other criteria are satisfied by me .Is I’m eligible??

  9. Sir,
    I’ve got 61.125% in my honours subject that include eight papers of my honours subject Economics in all three years. But my aggregate marks in all tree years is 58.6% that include 15 papers( 8 honour paper + 7 subsidiary and compulsory language paper. ). First class is written in my marksheet.

  10. Hey I have the same exact question? Did you get the answer? What did you fill in the form first or second class?

  11. I have 64 % in engg but second class.Am i eligible?if i am what should i fill in form first or second class?

  12. If u have read my earlier comment then u would have known that i had a talk wid the dgm of hr dept of rbi guwahati about the eligibility criteria

  13. broo how u come too know abt this rule of honrs as nthg is said abt this in notfctn at all abt honours
    i have compltd my graduation in bcom economics honours
    soo 60% i have too get in economics paper only
    means honours is of pre n final means prev n final kee hpnours kee economics paper mee only i have too get 60% aggregrate then wat abt 1 year of my bcom in that too i have eco subject soo usko count karoo yaa nai
    yaa fir sirf honours mee zho eco subject h mere sirf unko count karu plz tell that

  14. For people who have confusion regarding eligibility let me make it clear..
    minimum 60% for general as well as obc
    minimum 50% for sc and st.
    In your ssc,hs as well as graduation seperately i.e.ssc- minimum 60%(50% for sc st)
    Hs- minimum 60%(50% for sc st)
    Grad- minimum 60%(50% for sc st)
    It cannot be average of these 3 years i.e.if u have less than 60%(50% for sc st) in any of these then you are not eligible to apply.
    Now coming to grad eligiblity
    You have to attain 60% marks in your subject of graduation only if you have honours paper. But for those who are simple graduates i.e. dont have honours they have to get minimum 60% in their grad.i.e.average of all papers in all 3 years should end up being minimum 60%.
    It applies to all for engg grad as well as those who have done distance education.
    I hope its helpful…best of luck

  15. dude can i get urr cell number orr urr email id plz share here i wanna talk abt u relating tob this if u dnt mind

  16. biprodip bro i face same prblm i have 65% in grad hons in eco but when considered all 1 n 2 n 3 year i have 55% only so am i eligible for grade b exam and plz tell too whom i should contact regaRDNG this plzhelp bhai soon

  17. amit bro i too face same prblm as i did my graduation in honors paper in economics so only honors marks considered not all soo in that case wat i doo as in honors total i have 65% but when taken all 1 n 2 n 3 year i have 55% only soo am i eligible can u ell me too whom i can contact regardng this plz tell

  18. my graduation aggregate percentage is 59.67%. Am I eligible for the exam? or whether should i confirmed it with rbi??

  19. if some one have less than 60% in graduation but more than 60% in masters degree, is he/she eligible for rbi exam

  20. Hi. I am 31yrs old belonging to OBC category. Could you please let me know whether i am eligible for RBI Grade B? I have referred to 2015 notification, but they havent mentioned about 3yrs age relaxation for OBC. I am quite confused. Did OBC candidates claim 3yrs of age relaxation last year? Thanks in advance.

  21. I am an obc candidate. I have above 60 percent in 10 and 12 but not in graduation. Do i need to have 60 in graduation for applying like the general candidates? Nothing is mentioned about obc students.

  22. I am a qualified Chartered Account (CA) with 62 %
    Will I be eligible. Presently working in PSU Bank

  23. i have an experience of one and half year as a bank officer after excluding probation period my dob is 24081984 shall i eligible for current year vacancy?

  24. Hey Deepika, I have completed my engg from pune university and facing the same problem as yours. Did you confirm with RBI regarding same?

  25. I don’t have finance background I am graduating in pharmaceutical sciences(B pharm). am I eligible?

  26. i have 65% in my graduation but it is second class according to my university so as per notification first class degree is compulsory or just above 60 %…will i be eligible for this year’s exam ???

  27. Sir the degree of pune university for engg consists of percentage of only final year..so the aggregate is not taken into consideration..only the final year percent matters…so according to the final marksheet m I eligible?

  28. overall it should be 60.
    How is it possible that only final year marks are on degree.
    what about remaining 3 years

  29. sir m from pune university and my degree has percentage more than 60% but my aggregate is not 60%..so m i eligilble?

  30. hello sir ,
    can i appear for rbi grade B examination in my 3rd year of graduation ? (ba economics honors is the course)

  31. Hi sir, i took 5 years to complete my 4 year engineering degree due to a year back.will i be eligible for rbi b grade exam if my aggregate is above 65%

  32. Messi
    that will depend upon the upcoming notification as to what they specify.
    till then just wait and watch

  33. I’m an St student, I scored more than 70 percent in class 10 and 12 but I scored only 49 percent in ba economics. I know I’m not qualified with that mark but if I get more than 50 percent in my MA economics, will I be eligible to sit for rbi entrance exam?

  34. I have 90 % in 10th……85% in 12th but 55 % in b tech but i did b.a history from madurai kamaraj in which i secured 65% …..Am i eligible for RBI grade B exam

  35. Vishal
    Don’t be disheartened Vishal
    at least Contact Them once.
    There can be a chance that they might allow you as well

  36. Vishal
    As per the notification, criteria is 60 or more

    Educational Qualifications (as on 01-04-2016):

    A Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent qualification with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent grade in aggregate of all semesters/years. Aggregate Grade Point or percentage of marks were awarded would mean aggregate over the entire duration of the course.

    Still try once and contact RBI

  37. Hi Sir….I recently applied for RBI Technical Civil Grade B……I got 59.46% aggregate of all years……My category is OBC but I applied in Open category because there is no vacancy for OBC…….M i eligible for RBI since i got 59.46%?

  38. Debashish
    Generally the criteria is 60%, but the notification for this year is yet year.
    Let’s wait and hope if they do any changes this year

  39. Hey, Amit even I have the same problem as I hv 61% marks in grad(honurs) but 54% in pass….so I called up Mr. Abhishek Sinha AGM of hr dept. RBI,Guwahati. He told me that u have to get 60% in your subject of graduation i.e. I did my honours in botany so I have to get 60% in botany, aggregate of all semesters. I hope it clears the confusion because this I received from the rbi hr dept.itself. best of luck

  40. Is graduation from distance mode is eligible as i got 89%in 10 ,82% in 12 th and 60.26% in graduation via distance mode ,sir am I eligible??

  41. Agreed. Yes you can complete CA without having an undergrad degree. But CA is considered as a qualification. Not a degree and hence mohit cannot be eligible for RBI Grade B

  42. You are CA with 60% marks?? 60% marks in CA final is very unique. Lot’s of private organizations will pay u lots of money. U don’t need to appare for banking exams.

  43. I am b.com graduate from Calcutta University with 61 percent marks in honors paper. Calcutta University provide percentage only on da basis of honors paper. But apart from 9 honors paper there was also 7papers additional.(officially university didn’t include such marks in the total no. Calculation). But if i add those 7 paper, my parcentage is coming 55. Am i eligible??

  44. Hi Vaibhav Sir,

    Please rply…

    I have 65% in class 10th
    I have 63% in class 12th
    I have 64% in Diploma
    Bt in degree, if i have 48% in 2nd yr and 51% in 3rd yr and 51% in 4th yr , combine aggregate is 50%, am i eligible for exam, as i belong to sc category.

  45. f I am not wrong the notification said aggregate score in bachelor’s degree should be 60% … So if someone scores 65% in aggregate but in final year is 59% he should be eligible …what say vaibhav

  46. I believe this year educational qualification for RRB b grade officers should be 60 % or above in graduation only that’s it. Let’s C for good to go .

  47. Have you filled up RRC recruitment Madhavan? It was specially for PHD category. and yes you are eligible for every bank exam under PWD category.

  48. I have been 74% in 10,85%in 12,58%in graduation (b.sc)& pursuing m.sc (previous)&bca result awaited of final.is I ‘m eligible for any posts.is their any age bar as I ‘m not 21.

  49. My cgpa is 6.7, my college does not provide any conversion formula but considers cgpa of 6 as first division.
    My marksheet says “A CGPA of 6 or above is considered greater than 60% that is first division, however institute does not specify any conversion formula.”
    Am I eligible for RBI?

  50. can someone be eligible for the exam if he/she secures above 60% in the honours paper but less in all the three papers together?

  51. Sir,
    It is mentioned that one has to secure at least 60% marks in graduation.But does this include only honours paper or honours paper and general papers as well?

  52. last year MBA candidate with second class was allowed to appear for exam but this year nothing has been mentioned about it. Can you clarify this? and please throw some insight on next year eligibility criteria also expected date of exam?

    Thank You

  53. Hi Manisha
    In order to get promoted to RBI GRADE B officer you will have to appear for RBI Grade B examination. Your marks aren’t eligible for the examination. So even if you work the best in RBI Assistant there is no chance to get promoted. We are sorry. !

  54. I am 25 year old got 51% in 10th, 48% in 12th, 63% in graduation and 69% in post graduation. but according to the RBI notification I m not eligible for the post of Grade B officer. but If I apply for the post of RBI assistant, is there any possibility to get promotion in assistant to grade B officer with such marks? plz reply. I m very worried about it and waiting for year answer.. :-/

  55. Hi sir
    I belong to general. I have 52.2%in tenth. 70%in 12th and 65%in btech from EC branch. Am I eligible for rbi grade b exam. Plz suggest me.

  56. Hi sir
    I belong to general. I have 52.2%in tenth. 70%in 12th and 65%in btech from EC branch. Am I eligible for rbi grade b exam. Plz suggest me

  57. Sir,
    I belong to ST category. I have completed 10 th with 58.4 and did Diploma in Mechanical engineer after 10 th with 59.37 marks. Also completed Degree in Mechanical engineering with 82.6 marks.
    My question is Am I eligible for RBI grade B job as I didn’t attained 12 std but did Diploma in mechanical Engineer after 10std.

    Hope for a favourable reply.

    Thank You
    Rajib Uzir

  58. Hey Vaibhab, I have more than 60% marks in both 10th and 12th but have only 57% in BSc. As far as I know, there is no relaxation in educational qualification for OBC candidates. Please clarify if that is true. I belong to OBC category so am I eligible?

  59. If your overall percent (aggregate) is greater than 60% then you are eligible. This percent should be on your degree or final marksheet.

  60. sir, can a student who got more than 60% in B.tech, but he had got back in 1 paper(later he cleared that by giving supplimentary exam back).. is eligible or not?? his 10 and 12 is more than 60%.

  61. Sir i have 78% in 10th, in diploma 83% then in b-tech 79%.so am I eligible for rbi b grade exam as I have not done +2..?

  62. You arent eligible as your 10th percentage is less than 50(relaxation for reserved categories is 10% on 60%)

  63. Hello sir I m shashi i have 63% in 10th but 45% in 12th and 60% in graduation and belonging to sc,
    Please clearify it eligible or not..

  64. Hi! Vaibhav plz let me know whether I’m eligible for RBI grade B or not…. ?
    10th percentage-86
    12th percentage-83
    B.sc. Percentage- 58
    LL.B. 3 Years percentage -64
    category- General
    can i apply on the basis of my ll.b. 3 Years degree as bachelor degree ….

  65. Hi Nani
    There is nothing like being overqualified for RBI Grade B. You can apply next year after completion of your degree and 60% aggregate.

  66. I am doing BE CSE final year. Can i apply after completing my course, I am eligible or over qualified for the course

  67. Instead of 12 Mark shall I mention my diploma marks? Because bigot below60%in 12th and more than 60% in diploma… Pls reply

  68. My Cpga is 6.37 in degree…. Wat is my percentage… Pls tell me … I did both 12th and diploma … but in 12 percentage is 59% but in diploma 76% and 10th is 84%percentage …. Pls explain in detail… My category is SC… Instead of 12th Mark shall I mention diploma Mark…. ? Plz reply to my mail Id also…..

  69. Sir,
    I have completed MS software engineering 5 yrs integrated PG course in VIT vellore with 85%. Am I eligible for rbi grade b exam this year..?
    Thanks in advance.

  70. hi, i am a chartered accountant with more than 60% marks in aggregate. however i am not a graduate. am i eligible for RBI grade B

  71. I have 6.78 cgpa up to 6 seems and 7 in 7th semi and result of last sem is awaited can I give the exam

  72. I have a cgpa of 6.75 until 3rd year and in 7th sem sgpa was 7 but the final sem result is still awaited in b.tech
    can I sit in the exam???

  73. sir tell me abt the syllabus for it…..
    I hv scored 90% in 10th
    92% in cbse 12 commerce
    83% in b.com general

  74. I have 58 % in 12th and belongs to OBC category……….is there any relaxation in marks like SC/ST for OBC??
    am i eligible?

  75. hi sir..my 10th percentage is 57.09 and 12th is 62.1 and my ug % is 71.4.belongs to ob category.am i eligible sir ??

  76. I am pursuing P.hd, I got first class in 10,12, b.sc, MBA. Only M.Sc. with 59.2 percentage marks
    , my age is 30 year’s 10 months. Am I still eligible for RBI grade B exam?

  77. Sir, my cgpa is 8.8 and my institute doesn’t have any system for conversion of 10 point scale to percentage. While applying should i write my ℅ as 88℅ or the calculation that RBI has given in the table I.e 8.8*60/6.75. Please clarify. Treat this as urgent.

  78. sir i belonging to category(1).so it will be consider as under which group.

    is in sc/st (or)
    obc (or)
    in general group.
    plz reply me as soon as possible.


  79. I Scored 56.8% in 10th 59.6 in 12Th 59.9 in graduation and 66.62 in MBA and also from ST category I am eligible for RBI grade B plzzz tell me

  80. Hi
    Your graduation score is less than 60%, you are not eligible for RBI Grade B, same way a candidate with less than 60% in 12th/10th but 60+ in graduation is not eligible.

  81. Hi Rahul

    Since your bcom percent is less than 60 and assuming you belong to general category you are not eligible for RBI Grade B.

  82. Educational Qualification

    Candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree with at least aggregate of 60% or equivalent CGPA OR

    Second class Master’s Degree with minimum aggregate 55% marks or equivalent CGPA OR

    A Doctorate Degree with minimum aggregate 50% marks or equivalent CGPA OR

    Chartered/Cost Accountant/Company Secretary (ACS) with a Bachelor’s Degree OR

    A Post Graduate Diploma in Management or Masters in Business Administration qualification from a recognized institute with Graduation.

  83. hello
    my percentage in graduation is less than 60 percent. but my percentage in PG are 60 percent.

    can i apply ??

  84. Moni
    As per the information we have regarding RBI grade B, the marks in your final marksheet will count. You can check with RBI for clarification on best of five subjects.

  85. Tilak
    You said that its a one year degree. For bachelors degree the three years B.Sc. degree will be counted.

  86. iHi Vaibhav ,R u sure? becoz my Bachelor in library science’s degree says” passed Bachelor in Library Science Degree Examination with First Class” plz confirm?

  87. hi my graduation hons percentage is 65 but after adding pass papers total and hons papers total it comes to 59 % tell me if I am eligible or not

  88. R u sure? becoz my Bachelor in library science’s degree says” passed Bachelor in Library Science Degree Examination with First Class” plz confirm?

  89. when I add pass percentage and hons percentage it comes to 59% where as only hons percentage is 61%

  90. Hi Moni

    There is no concept of best of 5. The final result on your marksheet of 12th standard will be taken into consideration for eligibility of RBI Grade B

  91. Hi there,
    Aftet the Bachelor in Scienc(B.Sc with 57%) i did one year Bachelor in Library science degree with 60 % marks, and my B.Lib marksheet says First Division.Can i apply for RBI Grade B???!

  92. VAIBHAV,

  93. I scored 62% in tenth 69% in 12th and I have a doubt about graduation please clarify my bcom hons papers are 61% butwhen I add pass percentage and hons percentage it comes to 59% and in my certificatewritten first class with distinction can I apply forRbi grade b if yes how please explain

  94. soo no chance.my class 10th percentage is 70.Btech 67%.but in 12 taking best of 5 60.40% and considering all subjects its 54%.Okay.thank u

  95. Hi Anand

    You need 60% in graduation. ICWA is a diploma. It doesn’t counts in eligibility criteria for RBI Grade B exam

  96. I Have less than 60% in bcom. But,soon gonna a cost accountant(icwa course). Will I b eligible after being a cost accountant

  97. I Scored 56.8% in 10th 59.6 in 12Th 59.9 in graduation and 66.62 in MBA and also from ST category I am eligible for RBI grade B

  98. I scored 62% in tenth 69% in 12th and I have a doubt about graduation please clarify my bcom hons papers are 61% butwhen I add pass percentage and hons percentage it comes to 59% and in my certificatewritten first class with distinction can I apply forRbi grade b if yes how please explain

  99. I scored 62% in tenth 69% in 12th and I have a doubt about graduation please clarify my bcom hons papers are 61% but when I add pass percentage and hons percentage it comes to 59% and in my certificate written first class with distinction can I apply for Rbi grade b if yes how please explain

  100. It is clearly mentioned that score of graduation would be average of scores in all years/semesters. RBI won’t consider what is written on your degree but the aggregate of your score throughout engineering. If it is less than 60% you are not eligible for RBI Grade B

  101. Hi Moni
    The final score of all the subjects that you appeared for in the 12th standard will be the one taken into consideration by RBI for your eligibility.

  102. I have 65% in last year engg. But aggregate is not more than 60%. My degree certificate shows first class. Can I apply?

  103. I want to know I scored 65% in tenth 67% in 12th and bcom hons papers with 61% can I apply for Rbi grade b

  104. Hi Ram

    The percentage on the marksheet is the final percentage. You may be getting 50% after excluding sanskrit but it’ll not matter since on your marksheet the aggregate percentage is written which is less than 50%

  105. Dear concern

    for rbi grade b officer

    I have secured 49.6% marks in high school with the total of six subjects hindi english sanskrit science maths and sst but when I excluded sanskrit my exact percentage is 50 so tell me I m eligible for that or not sanskrit was an additional subject

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