Civil Service Exam

Having a thorough knowledge of the Economic Survey is extremely important when it comes to Civil Service exam both for Prelims as well as Mains.

How to Read the Economic Survey for Civil Service Exam ?

Each year direct and indirect questions pertaining to the Economic Survey are asked in the exam.

3 Things to Remember 

Here are 3 things you need to know right at the onset –

  1. You do not need to remember the Economic Survey word by word. Nobody expects you to memorize it.
  2. Prioritizing certain chapters is important. A thorough knowledge of the concepts/events/schemes/statistics are expected. You might not be asked questions on statistics directly but comparative questions can be expected in the exam.
  3. One does not need to be a student of Economics to understand the Economic Survey.

Reading Economic Survey

Now let me suggest some ways to read the Economic Survey so that it proves beneficial –

  • Know and understand the basic terminology of Economics. When you prepare for GS , you will anyways develop a better grasp of the subject. However, you can keep a basic dictionary for economics as well (in case you don’t have a background in Economics)
  • Read the entire Economic Survey, not in one day of course. Take out time daily to give it a good focused reading and underline the important things. Also, make notes simultaneously. They’ll help you once you’re done reading.
  • Divide the Economic Survey in different parts and then study.

For instance –

Urbanization and Social Empowerment.

Welfare Schemes and their analysis,

Schemes for Vulnerable Sections

Government Initiatives

Human Resource, Hunger, Malnutrition and Poverty


Sustainable Technological Initiatives

..etc etc.

  •  Make sure you know the important indicators and data. Also the Schemes launched by the government (not just for one financial year but the schemes that are important anyways as well).
  •  Never miss out on Chapter One. It is one of the most significant chapters of the Economic Survey.
  •  Visit the following links –

Economic Survey Highlights

Economic Survey Archives

All the best.

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