Doubt and Question Solving Session

Doubt and Question Solving Session

The UIIC AO and NABARD Phase 2 Exam will be conducted this Sunday 12th June 2016.With hardly a couple of days left for the exam to commence, you have no option except to put in every single minute of the remaining hours to prepare for these Exams.

Features of this Session:

It will be a two way process:

  • We will post Questions in the comments section which are important for the Exam
  • You have to answer those Questions.
  • We will verify the answers posted by you. 

If you think,  it is limited to that, then you atre wrong:

  • You are free to ask your questions and doubts in the comments section.
  • We will try to answer all your questions and doubts.

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  1. Sir I am very confuse about the specialist section in uiic exam. Uiic doesn’t mention anything in its info handbook. What to do in last time prepation for specialist section.

  2. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal ( S Chand Publications)

  3. Insurance Awareness 10. Which amongst the following is not an insurance company functioning in India?

    A. ICICI prudential

    B. ING Vysya

    C. National Securities Depository Limited

    D. New India Assurance company

  4. Insurance Awareness 9. A person employed to act on behalf of another in dealing with a third person is called _____________

    A. Lawyer

    B. Broker

    C. Employee

    D. Agent

  5. Insurance Awareness 8. What is paid by the insurer when the policyholder decides to discontinue the policy

    A. Forfeiture

    B. Surrender Value

    C. Intermediate Claim

    D. Lapse

  6. Insurance Awareness 7. Which kind policies are not entitled bonuses?

    A. Non participatory

    B. Money back

    C. Children’s

    D. Whole life

  7. Insurance Awareness 6. In the case of a policy under the provision of M.W.P. ACT who can make the death claim?

    A. Beneficiary

    B. Life insured Heirs

    C. Trustee

    D. Any of the above

  8. The level will be like Bank PO exam, And yes,if you prepare with a proper plan, you can easily crack it

  9. Insurance Awareness 5. Expand IPO.

    A. Indian Public Offering

    B. Initial Public Offering

    C. Initial Political Offering

    D. initial Potential Offering

  10. Insurance Awareness 4.What is a company formed and registered under the Companies Act, 1956 and which has been granted a certificate of registration by Insurance Regulatory and Development called?

    A. Insurance Depository

    B.Insurance Loka

    C. Insurance Atantia

    D. Insurance Repository

  11. Insurance Awareness 3. Where is the headquarter of United India Insurance Company Limited?

    A. Kolkata

    B. Bangalore

    C. Chennai

    D. Mumbai

  12. Insurance Awarenes 2. Institute of Insurance and Risk Management is located in which city?

    A. Agra

    B. Aligarh

    C. hyderabad

    D. Ahmedabad

  13. Insurance Awareness 1. National Insurance Academy is located in which city?

    A. Pune

    B. Ajmer

    C. Gurgaon

    D. Panaji

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