Devaswom jobs only for Hindus

India is a country, where people of different religions live peacefully and amicably. But recently we came across a news in one of the leading Newspaper of the country “THE HINDU”.

If the content in this article is believed to be true, this recruitment is going to be the one where only Hindu Candidates are allowed to apply for the recruitment. Quoting that article from “The Hindu” News Paper:

Devaswom jobs only for Hindus?

The recruitment to Devaswom, as proposed to be carried out by the Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC), will be restricted to Hindus and confined to Karayma (temple administration) jobs. The Oorayma (services related to the temple rituals) will remain exclusively in the domain of families who are traditionally engaged in the rituals.

The PSC is awaiting the government nod for conducting the recruitment following an announcement from the Devaswom Minister even as the Nair Service Society (NSS) has objected to it. For Devaswom jobs, only Hindus can apply. Candidates should produce certificates stating that they follow Hindu religion and believe in temple rituals.

The campaign that non-Hindus would be recruited for temple jobs was wrong and baseless, said K.S. Radhakrishnan, chairman, PSC.

Reservation norms

While recruiting, 68 per cent of the vacancies would be available in open quota and 32 per cent would be set apart for Hindu Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes and the other eligible communities. Non-Hindu candidates cannot apply.

The PSC would pick suitable hands for the temple administration jobs such as clerks, engineers, doctors, accountants, and security personnel.

The Oorayma jobs would remain untouched. Staffing by PSC would ensure a free and fair recruitment process and ensure adequate reservation to eligible sections, he said.

The agency had been recruiting hundreds of employees to the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Department in Malabar till recently without giving room for any complaints.

Draft rules

Once the government approved the draft Special Rules drawn up for the recruitment to Devaswom, which contained all details, including the necessary qualification for the candidates, the process would kick start, he said.

Incidentally, the previous UDF government, which had approved the draft rules, backtracked from the decision just before the agency notifying it. For Wakf Board, only Muslims would be eligible to apply. Recently, the board and the State government had decided to leave the recruitment to the PSC.

The agency was equipped for such specialised jobs. Being a constitutional body, only PSC could ensure the principles of social justice enshrined in the constitution in the recruitment process, he said.

The PSC, which recently took up the assignment of recruiting to universities, would issue advice memo to 450 candidates in first week of August, he said.



The Above article has been taken from The Hindu Newspaper (Updated: June 27, 2016 08:15 IST). The views shared above are of the Individual Author at “The Hindu”. We don’t vouch the credibility of the content.

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  1. Do Muslims or christians allow other religion people to carry up the priest work….have u ever seen any hindu beleiver doing the rituals or prayers in any Mosque or Church…???

  2. I dont understand why do you want to seek an opinion in this thing. Yes , India is a democratic country which safeguards every religion. Dewasom board is incharge of temples in Kerala. Its like a state government authority to ensure the proper functioning of temples and to make sure the poojaris (one who perfrm daily poojas)and other persons involved in the temple functioning are taken care of. What is wrong in recruiting only Hindus to a board relating only to temples ???

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