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Dear Banking/Recruitment exams Candidates

After reading our daily tips, tricks and quizzes on different subjects and sections, we got endless requests from candidates for help in improving vocabulary and improve the performance in English section of banking/recruitment exams.

We have started posting a list 10 vocabulary words along with their meaning and pronunciation, your task would be to checkout those words, pronounce them correctly, understand their meaning and finally come up with sentences and statements which contains those words and convey their meaning. Comment your original sentences in the comments section below. The reason we are encouraging you to do that is because the key to improving vocabulary is using new and difficult words in your own sentences as you tend to remember the meaning once you have used it. You can also see how other candidates have used those words in their sentences and improve your word recall. After this you should use these sentences and words while talking to people. Even if you use the word once while talking to a person, you would realize that your vocabulary is increasing swiftly. The format of each word will be like:

WORD (pronunciation) part of speech: Meaning

one or two Sentences” . Consider the following example:

 Abash (uh BASH) v: to make ashamed, to embarrass.

• Raj felt abashed by his inability to remember his lines in the morning prayers.

• To do something without shame or embarrassment is to do it un-abashedly.

• Shreya handed in a term paper that she had unabashedly copied from the newspaper.

Notice that Abash is the word,  ‘uh bash’ is the pronunciation, v signifies its a verb. This is followed by meaning ‘to make ashamed, embarrass’ . There are two-three sentences demonstrating how you can use the word and its antonym.

Candidates set your game brain on, here are the 10 vocabulary words for today:

1. Adulation (AJ uh LAY shun) n: wild or excessive admiration, flattery

• The boss thrived on the adulation of his scheming secretary.

• The rock star grew to abhor the adulation of his fans.

• There is a note of insincerity in adulation, as there is in flattery.

2. Adulterate (uh DUL tuh RATE) v: to contaminate, to make impure

• We discovered that our orange juice had impurities in it. We discovered, in other words, that our orange juice had been adulterated.

• Vegetarians do not like their foods adulterated with animal fats.

• Unadulterated means pure. Unadulterated joy is joy untainted by sadness.

3. Aesthetic (es THET ik) adj: having to do with artistic beauty, artistic

• Our Art Professor had a highly developed aesthetic sense. He found things to admire in paintings that, to us, looked like garbage.

4. Adverse (ad VURS) adj: unfavorable, antagonistic

• Airplanes often don’t fly in adverse weather.

• We had to play our cricket match under adverse conditions. It was raining and only 7 members of our team had bothered to show up.

• An airplane that took off in bad weather and reached its destination safely would be said to have overcome adversity.

• Adversity means misfortune or unfavorable circumstances. To do something in the face of adversity is to undertake a task despite obstacles. Some people are at their best in adversity, because they rise to the occasion.

• A word often confused with adverse is averse. The two are related but they don’t mean quite the same thing. A person who is averse to doing something is a person who doesn’t want to do it. To be averse to something is to be opposed to doing it, to have an aversion to doing it.

5. Affable (AF uh bul) adj: easy to talk to, friendly

• Namrata was an affable girl; she could strike up a pleasant conversation with almost anyone.

• The dog was big but affable. It liked to lick little children on the nose.

• The noun is affability.

6. Affectation (AF ek TAY shun) n: unnatural or artificial behavior, usually intended to impress

• Rohit’s English accent is an affectation. He spent only a week in England and that was several years ago.

• Ramu had somehow acquired the absurd affectation of pretending that she didn’t know how to turn on a television set.

• A person with an affectation is said to be affected.

• To affect a characteristic or habit is to adopt it consciously, usually in the hope of impressing other people.

• Nooria affected to be more of an artist than she really was. Everyone hated him for it.

7. Affinity (uh FIN i tee) n: sympathy, attraction, kinship, similarity

• Ducks have an affinity for water. That is, they like to be in it.

• Children have an affinity for trouble. That is, they offer to find themselves in it.

• Magnets and iron have an affinity for each other, that is, each is attracted to the other.

• Affinity also means similarity or resemblance. There is an affinity between snow and sleet.

8. Affluent (AF loo unt) adj: rich, prosperous

• Neeria belonged to an affluent family.

• Affluence means the same thing as wealth or prosperity.

9. Agenda (uh JEN duh) n: program, the things to be done

• The agenda for today’s meeting is employee motivation.

• A politician is often said to have an agenda. The politician’s agenda consists of the things he or she wishes to accomplish.

• An agenda, such as that for a meeting, is often written down, but it doesn’t have to be.

• A person who has sneaky ambitions or plans is often said to have a secret or hidden agenda.

10. Agrarian (uh GRAR ee un) adj: relating to land, relating to the management or farming of land

• Agrarian usually has to do with farming. Think of agriculture. Politics in this country often pit the rural, agrarian interests against the urban interests.

Don’t forget to use at least 5-7  words from the above list in sentences of your own and write them in the comments section below. It will also help us evaluate whether you have used the words properly or not.

Folks, if you are really serious about improving your English, you start here. Don’t be afraid or shy in writing the sentences because of your fear of not writing proper English. Its good to commit mistakes now rather than in the exam. Always rememberDaily Vocabulary Words Challenge


  1. Sonali Nice attempt. You have used words correctly except for the first word but need to work on the grammer. let me try and correct your sentences.

    1. Adulation means excessive flattery. So the sentence goes like this :
    The student hoped for extra marks as a result of his adulation for the teacher.

    2. Shopkeepers play with innocent people’s lives by adulterating food grains.

    3. Taj Mahal is known around the world for its aesthetics.

    4. Food price hike is having an adverse effect on poor families life.

    5. This sentence is correct.

    6. People are fooled by affectionate speeches of politicians

    7. The art exhibition was hosted only for people from affluent families

  2. adulation-A student caught in the case of adulation with his teacher to get good marks.
    adulterate-shopkeepers adulterate with food grains and play with the life of innocent people.
    aesthetic -Taj Mahal is the mostly known for its aesthetic architecture.
    adverse-hike in the prices of goods is adverse effect of market.
    affable-his affable nature make him different from others.
    affectation-people trapped in affectational speeches by politicians.
    affluent-this exhibition is only for the persons who belongs to affluent families.

  3. 3. I am adamant to land a job in banking sector to the level that i am ready to face any struggle whatsoever and won’t abandon my preparation under any circumstance.

    4. My grandma used to tell me age old adages when i used to narrate any incident of my life.

    5. The word ‘acute’ has not been used correctly.

  4. Great Attempt THamaraikannan

    Everybody who complains about being weak in English section learn from your effort. Appreciate it. Love your enthusiasm.
    You have used the words correctly

    Let me correct the grammatical mistakes:
    1. PM Modi admonished leaders who gave motormouth speeches in public.

    2. Vishal was elected secretary with the adherence of other actors in yesterday’s actors election in Tamil Nadu

  5. 1:)Our PM modi admonished leaders who spoke motormouth speech in public speech.
    2:)yesterday the actors election in tamilnadu actor vishal won the secretary post with the help of adherent actors.
    3)Myself I too work hard and adamant to get a job in banking sector I am ready to face whaterever struggled I faced but I won’t abandoned my preparation.
    4)when I spoke something about incident done in my life for that situation my grandma told adage and always gave explanation.
    5)A cute children in this generation have acute from the born.

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