Daily GK Current Affairs Quiz - June 14

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Daily GK Current Affairs Quiz – June 14th 2017

  • Verizon has recently acquired which company?
  • What is the name of Yahoo’s CEO who has resigned post its merger with Verizon?
  • What will be the name of the remainder of Yahoo which is not acquired by Verizon?


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  1. Verizon has recently acquired which company?
A.    Yhaoo
B.     Hotmail
C.     Rediff
D.    Zoho
E.     Shopify


  1. What is the name of Yahoo’s CEO who has resigned post its merger with Verizon?
A.    Maryam Mathew
B.     Marissa Mayer
C.     Carl Joseph
D.    Sayid Ansari
E.     Chipatha Narula


  1. What will be the name of the remainder of Yahoo which is not acquired by Verizon?
A.    Yaltaba Inc.
B.     Alitaba
C.     Altaba Inc.
D.    Veritaba
E.     None of the above


  1. What is the name of mission launched by Indian Railways to enhance the passenger experience by upgrading the existing fleet of coaches?
A.    Mission Retro-Fitment
B.     Mission Rail-Fitment
C.     Misiion Metro-Fitment
D.    Misson Retro-Improvment
E.     Mission Rail-Improvment


  1. Josh Hazlewood, No 1 ODI bowler in ICC rankings, hails from which country?
A.    South Africa
B.     Bangladesh
C.     West Indies
D.    Australia
E.     Newzeland


  1. Successful test firing of anti-tank ‘Nag’ missile was done in which state?
A.    Rajasthan
B.     Bihar
C.     Maharasthra
D.    New Delhi
E.     Haryana


  1. The Nalanda University has inked MoU with which country for academic linkages and collaborations?
A.    Japan
B.     China
C.     Russia
D.    South Africa
E.     North Korea


  1. What is the name of World’s biggest food fair, in which India is participating as Co-Partner?
A.    FOODIES 2017
B.     HUNGER 2017
C.     FOODCOMA 2017
D.    ANUGA 2017
E.     None of the above


  1. The India-Australia naval exercise ‘AUSINDEX 17’ has started in which port city?
A.    Port Blair
B.     Kochi
C.     Fermentale
D.    Geraldton
E.     Kandla


  1. Valmiki National park is situated in which State?
A.    Rajasthan
B.     Punjab
C.     Maharashtra
D.    Gujarat
E.     Bihar


11. In which city India’s first underwater metro tunnel will be constructed?

A.    Kerala
B.     Goa
C.     Mumbai
D.    Kolkata
E.     Kanyakumari


  1. World’s smallest and cheapest private jet “Vision Jet” has been launched by which country?
A.    United States
B.     Japan
C.     Russia
D.    Indonesia
E.     Vietnam


  1. Who is the new commercial vehicle business head of Tata Motors?
A.    Akshay Katiyar
B.     Girish Wagh
C.     Rajeev Dixit
D.    Hanuman Solanki
E.     B D Chittora


  1. When is World Blood Donor Day (WBDD)?
A.    June 11
B.     June 13
C.     June 12
D.    June 14
E.     June 10


  1. What is the new inset letter that will be featured in new Rs,500 banknotes?
A.    A
B.     B
C.     C
D.    D
E.     E


  1. Apart from India, in which of the following two countries, Tamil is an official language?
A.    Srilanka &Bangladesh
B.     Singapore & Bangladesh
C.     Malaysia & Indonesia
D.    Srilanka & Malaysia
E.     Srilanka & Singapore


  1. Who has been honoured with the 2017 Nanniyode Rajan Memorial Award?
A.    Vinod Dua
B.     Sam Pitroda
C.     E Sreedharan
D.    R K Sharma
E.     Vinod Vitthal


  1. What is the direction of flow of energy in an ecosystem?
A.    Cyclic
B.     Cloclwise
C.     Anti-clockwise
D.    Unidirectional
E.     Bidirectonal


  1. Which of the following state is recently facing agitation from farmers?
A.    Rajasthan
B.     UP
C.     Maharashtra
D.    Chattisgarh
E.     MP


  1. Central Government has approved setting up of how many AYUSH hospitals across the country?
A.    10
B.     50
C.     70
D.    90
E.     100


Daily GK Current Affairs Quiz: Answers and Explanations

Answers Explanation
1.      A Telecom giant Verizon has acquired Yahoo’s core business for $4.48bn (£3.51m), thus ending Yahoo’s two-decade long run as an independent company. Verizon is the No.1 wireless operator in the US.
2.      B Post acquisition of yahoo with Verizon Yahoo’s chief executive Marissa Mayer has resigned.
3.      C The remainder of Yahoo which is not acquired by Verizon will change its name to Altaba Inc. It will become a holding company with 15.5% stakes in Chinese Internet giant Alibaba and a 35.5% holding in Yahoo Japan Corp. It will begin trading under the ticker symbol “AABA.” Thomas McInerney, a Yahoo board member will be made as Altaba’s chief executive officer.
4.      A Mission Retro-Fitment is an ambitious program of the ministry or railways to upgrade the level of furnishing & amenities in the coaches of Indian Railways. The refurbished coaches will have better furnishing, aesthetics & amenities and better safety features which are aimed at providing a safe and comfortable travel to the railway passengers.
5.      D osh Hazlewood of Australia is at the top spot in the bowlers’ rankings of ICC. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar of India has improved his rankings by 13 places to rank 23rd. Ranks of Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja has dropped to 20 and 29 respectively.
6.      A The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully test fired anti-tank ‘Nag’ missile in Rajasthan. The test was conducted by Scientists of the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Missile Complex at Hyderabad, Defence Laboratory at Jodhpur, High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) at Pune and Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) at Pune.
7.      E he Nalanda University has signed MoU with South Korea’s Academy of Korean Studies for academic linkages and collaborations in Patna, Bihar. As per the MoU, both the universities will increase their bilateral ties through joint research programmes, faculty and student exchange, mutual sharing of data, academic research/education, joint teaching & cooperation in other areas. The MoU will be in effect for 5 years.
8.      D The world’s biggest and most important trade fair for food and beverage trade “ANUGA 2017” will be held in Cologne, Germany on October 7, 2017. The acronym of ANUGA is Allgemeine Nahrungs- und Genussmittel-Ausstellung ( or General Food and Non essential Provisions Exhibition). India will be co-partner country in ANUGA 2017 and is expected that more than 200 Indian companies will participate in the food fair. ANUGA offers an extensive supporting programme with Lectures, Special exhibition and attractive industry events.
9.      C The 2nd edition of bilateral maritime exercise ‘AUSINDEX-17’ has started between Indian Navy and Royal Australian Navy in Fremantle, Australia from June 13 to increase inter-operability and cooperation between the two forces. The Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy under the command of Rear Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta is participating in the naval exercise. Indian warships INS Shivalik (a muIti-role stealth frigate), INS Kamorta (an anti-submarine warfare corvette) and INS Jyoti (the fleet replenishment tanker) are a part of this 5-day venture.
10.  E The Valmiki National Park (VNP) is located in the West Champaran district of Bihar. It is home to tiger, Rhinoceros, Black bear, Leopard, Wild dog, wild buffalo, wild boar etc. At present 241 bird species have been reported in the forest. Some of the interesting birds are Nepal kaleej pheasant, three-toed quail, flycatcher, grey shrike, green willow warbler and tree pipit.
11.  D India’s first underwater metro tunnel will come up in Kolkata, West Bengal, which will pass through the Hooghly River. The tunnel has been constructed 30 metres below riverbed, just a few metres away from the famous Howrah Bridge. It will be connecting two main terminals: Howrah and Sealdah
12.  A Cirrus Aircraft, the US-based aviation company, has launched the world’s smallest and cheapest private jet ‘Vision Jet’ at Rs.12.6 Crore. The Jet can haul five adults up to 1,150 miles at 28,000 feet. It is the first Private Jet with a single engine and can be conveniently operated by a single pilot, thus keeping production and maintenance costs low for the users. The jet can fly at a speed of 345mph and has an operating altitude of 28,000 feet.
13.  B Tata Motors Ltd on Tuesday named Girish Wagh, known as the brain behind the Tata Indica, Tata Nano and Tata Ace, as the head of its commercial vehicle business. He has also been included in the company’s executive committee.
14.  D The World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) is observed every year on June 14 to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products, and to thank blood donors for their voluntary, life-saving gifts of blood. Every pint of blood donated can save more than 3 lives.
15.  A Reserve Bank of India has said that it will release new batch of Rs 500 currency notes whose design will be similar in all respects to the Rs 500 rupee banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series which were released post demonetisation. The new batch of Rs 500 banknotes will have inset letter “A” in both the number panels. It will bear the printing year as ‘2017’ on the reverse side.
16.  E Apart from India, Tamil is an official language in Sri Lanka and Singapore. In Malaysia and Mauritius, it is a recognized minority language.
17.  C Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC) Principal Adviser E. Sreedharan has been bestowed with the 2017 Nanniyode Rajan Memorial Award for his contributions to the development of the country.
18.  D The energy enters the plants from the sun through the photosynthesis process. This energy is then passed on from one organism to another in a food chain. The flow of energy in the ecosystem is unidirectional because the energy lost as heat from the living organisms of a food chain cannot be reused by plants in photosynthesis. During the transfer of energy through successive trophic levels in an ecosystem, there is a loss of energy all along the path.
19.  A The Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) Monday threatened to launch protest across Rajasthan if the BJP government failed to meet its demands that include minimum support prices for farm produce and a special assembly session to discuss farmer issues.
20.  E The Centre has approved proposals for setting up of 100 Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (AYUSH) hospitals across the country.


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