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Daily GK Current Affairs Quiz – June 11th 2017

Which state has inked MoU with Central Ministry of Health to set up Centre of Excellence in Transfusion Medicine?

Mangesh Tendulkar, was a famous………?

2017 SAARC Ministers of Law and Order (Interior/ Home Affairs) meeting is being hosted by which country?

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  1. Which state has inked MoU with Central Ministry of Health to set up Centre of Excellence in Transfusion Medicine?
A.    Tamil Nadu
B.     West Bengal
C.     Rajasthan
D.    Haryana
E.     Manipur


  1. Mangesh Tendulkar, was a famous………?
A.    Journalist
B.     Musician
C.     Cartoonist
D.    Dancer
E.     Actor


  1. 2017 SAARC Ministers of Law and Order (Interior/ Home Affairs) meeting is being hosted by which country?
A.    India
B.     Srilanka
C.     Bangladesh
D.    Iran
E.     Iraq


  1. What is the name of the company which has been honoured with the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award (GPEMA)?
A.    Tata Steel Limited
B.     Vedanta Limited
C.     Danfoss India
D.    Wipro Limited
E.     Sahara Limited


  1. When is World Population Day Observed?
A.    July 9
B.     July 10
C.     July 8
D.    July 11
E.     July 7


  1. Sudha Singh is associated with which sports?
A.    Steeplechase
B.     Boxing
C.     Cricket
D.    Shotput
E.     Tennis


  1. 2017 Family Planning Summit (FPS) is being hosted by which country?
A.    China
B.     Japan
C.     Germany
D.    Turkey
E.     United Kingdom


  1. Which state government felicitated India’s medal winners at the Asian Athletics Championships (AAC-2017)
A.    Maharashtra
B.     UP
C.     MP
D.    Odisha
E.     Rajasthan


  1. 2017 International conference on “Reclaiming Social Justice, Revisiting Ambedkar” will be hosted by which state?
A.    Mizoram
B.     Karnataka
C.     Telangana
D.    Rajasthan
E.     Maharashtra


  1. Who has bagged the 2017 Formula One Austrian Grand Prix tournament?
A.    Sebasteian Vettal
B.     Andray Mure
C.     Himesh Manchanda
D.    Valtteri Botas
E.     Lewis Hamilton


11. Who has been appointed as new coach of Indian Cricket Team?


A.    Sourav Ganguly
B.     Virendra Sehwag
C.     Ravi Shashtri
D.    Sachin Tendulkar
E.     Anil Kumbale


  1. Who among the following has been appointed as new Director General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence (DG GSTI)?
A.    John Joseph
B.     Graham Ford
C.     Guruswamy Jayraman
D.    Shankar Raj
E.     Nimmy Rao


  1. Which state is planning to set up “Dog Zoos” to tackle stray dogs?


A.    Rajasthan
B.     Kerala
C.     Gujarat
D.    MP
E.     UP


  1. Which country’s scientists have created miniature versions of Saturn, complete with rings, by electrifying tiny droplets of fluids?
A.    United Kingdom
B.     United States
C.     India
D.    China
E.     Japan


  1. Which state has constituted committee to study legalities for separate State flag?
A.    Karnataka
B.     Jammu & Kashmir
C.     Himachal Pradesh
D.    Kerala
E.     Rajasthan


  1. India will import crude oil from which country for the first time?
A.    Dubai
B.     US
C.     UK
D.    Japan
E.     None of the above


  1. In which country is Okinoshima Island situated?
A.    Canada
B.     South Africa
C.     India
D.    Rome
E.     Japan


  1. Which state of India has recently reported a case of Zika Virus?
A.    Rajasthan
B.     Gujarat
C.     Tamil Nadu
D.    Uttar Pradesh
E.     Himachal Pradesh


  1. Who will be the new bowling coach of Indian cricket team?
A.    Rahul Dravid
B.     Ravi Shashtri
C.     Zaheer Khan
D.    Anil Kumbale
E.     None of the avbove


  1. ‘Aaykar Setu’, a new tax payer service module has been launched by which union minister?
A.    Sushma Swaraj
B.     Narendra Modi
C.     Lal Krishna Advani
D.    Arun Jaitely
E.     Amit Shah


Daily GK Current Affairs Quiz: Answers and Explanations

Answers Explanation
1.      B The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Government of West Bengal to formalize its support to set up a state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence in Transfusion Medicine, also known as Metro Blood Bank, at Kolkata. The Centre has approved an outlay of about Rs 200 crores for this venture towards equipment, manpower and running costs. The land for this initiative will be provided free of cost by the State government.
2.      C Mangesh Tendulkar (82), the renowned cartoonist, has passed away in Pune, Maharashtra. His cartoons especially about government offices and on traffic rules were famous. He often used satire in his cartoons to give social messages and even called himself a satirist (vyang chitrakar). He was conferred with the president’s medal in 1980, Marathi Natya Parishad Award in 1993 and Pulotsav award in 2003 among several other honours.
3.      B The 8th edition of the SAARC Ministers of Law and Order (Interior/ Home Affairs) has started in Colombo, Sri Lanka on July 11, 2017. The 3-day meeting will focus on the issue of tackling terrorism apart from discussing liberalization of visa, illegal trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and small arms. Indian side is being led by a senior official in Ministry of Home affairs (MHA).
4.      C Danfoss India, the Climate and energy efficiency solutions company, has been conferred with the ‘Golden Peacock Award’ for Environment Management at the 19th World Congress on Environment Management’ in Hyderabad. The company has been recognized for its LEED Platinum rated constructed manufacturing facility in Chennai.
5.      D The World Population Day (WPD) is observed every year on July 11 to increase the awareness of the people towards the worldwide population issues. The 2017 theme is “Family Planning- Empowering People, Developing Nations”.
6.      A Sudha Singh has won gold in the women’s 3000 metres steeplechase with a time of 9 minutes and 59.47 seconds at the 22nd Asian Athletics Championships in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
7.      E The 2017 Family Planning Summit (FPS) has started in London, United Kingdom (UK) on July 11, 2017 to discuss efforts to reach Family Planning 2020 goals and ensure that more women and girls around the world are able to plan their families and their futures. The summit has been organized by the UNFPA, the United Kingdom and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
8.      D Odisha government felicitated India’s medal winners at the Asian Athletics Championships (AAC-2017) and gave away cash awards. India topped the medal list in the championships hosted by Odisha with 29 medals including 12 gold, 5 silver and 12 bronze.
9.      B The Karnataka government will organize the 2017 International conference “Reclaiming Social Justice, Revisiting Ambedkar” from July 21 at the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) in Bengaluru to mark the 126th birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar. The 3-day event will see delegates deliberate on universal principles of democracy and importance of social justice in the current global environment.
10.  A Valtteri Bottas, a Finnish racing driver currently competing in Formula One with Mercedes, has won the 2017 Formula One Austrian Grand Prix tournament at Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria.
11.  C Former all-rounder Ravi Shastri has been handed the job of India’s head coach until the 2019 World Cup, a year after the 55-year-old was left disappointed at being pipped to the post by Anil Kumble.Shastri will replace former captain Kumble, who stepped down as coach last month after falling out with captain Virat Kohli despite enjoying a successful run during his year in charge.
12.  A Dr John Joseph, a 1983 batch officer of Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise), has been appointed Director General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence (DG GSTI). He is at present posted in Mumbai and expected to take the new charge soon.
13.   B Kerala’s government recenlty informed the Supreme Court that it has taken a policy decision to open dog rehabilitation zoos in all 14 districts to tackle the alarming situation created by ferocious strays in the state.
14.  B Scientists from Northwestern University in the United States have created miniature versions of Saturn, complete with rings, by electrifying tiny droplets of fluids. The future advance research may pave the way for generating microscopic and uniform particles and capsules which are used in products such as drugs, inks, cosmetics and paints. It will also explore new materials that can be used to produce “ring of particles” effect.
15.  A Karnataka Government has constituted a nine-member committee to study the possibility of designing a separate state flag and providing it a statutory standing. It will be headed by Principal Secretary, Department of Kannada and Culture. It shall submit report to the state Government after looking into required possibilities.
16.  B India, the world’s third-largest oil importer, for the first time will import crude oil from the United States. The purchase comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US in June 2017 when President Donald Trump had assured that US looks forward to export more energy products to India.
17.  E Okinoshima Island, Japan’s men-only island was declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. The island will be the 17th set of Japanese cultural assets to be granted this status and overall 21st in the list. The island is part of the prefecture’s Munakata region. It is located in south-west Japan between the main island of Kyushu and the Korean Peninsula in the Sea of Japan (East Sea). It still follow strict taboos from ancient times, including the controversial ban on women from entering the island
18.  C Tamil Nadu has reported its first case of Zika virus in a 27-year-old man from a village in Krishnagiri district. RT-PCR test conducted on patient’s blood, urine and throat samples were found to be positive for Zika. This is second case Zika reported in India. Earlier in May 2017, the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed the first cases of Zika in in Ahmedabad, Gujarat after three cases were detected.
19.  C BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Council on Tuesday appointed Zaheer Khan as ne bowling coach of Indian cricket team.Tenure of  Zaheer Khan will be till 2019 World Cup,”
20.  D Arun Jaitley, the Union Finance Minister, has launched a new tax payer service module ‘Aaykar Setu’ in New Delhi on July 10, 2017 that compiles various tax tools, live chat facility, dynamic updates and important links to various processes within the Income Tax Department in a single module. This e-initiative would not only provide better taxpayer services but would also help in reducing the direct physical interface between assesses and tax assessing authorities.

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