Daily Civil Services Prelims GS Paper 1 Quiz is very helpful to all IAS aspirants in evaluating their preparation level for Prelims exams. The questions given here are both conceptual and factual in nature.

Answer the question in not more than the word limit specified at the end of each question in the parentheses. Content of the answer is more important than its length.

A robust grievance redressal mechanism is indispensable for providing safeguards to certain disadvantaged sections of society. In this context, analyse the shortcomings of the National Commission for Women involved for redressing grievances and steps need to be taken to make it more citizen centric. (200 words) 10 Marks

The answer of this question

  • The National Commission for Women Act, 1990 constituted the NCW as a statutory body. The first NCW was constituted in 1992.
  • The main functions include – safeguarding the rights of women, shedding the problems faced by woman and evaluating the status of Indian women.
  • While addressing women – centric grievances, many a times a lot of overlap is seen between similar agencies like National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), National Commission for SCs, STs, etc. This further leads to confusion and shifting of responsibility. There should be clear demarcation.
  • The departmentalized linkages of NCW are seen limited on manpower (specialists) and infrastructure which further limits the grievance redressal.
  • An important recommendation of ARC calls for combining the decentralized nodes of these human rights watchdogs and similar agencies so that, a strong decentralized arrangement could be provided with sufficient expertise. Another area of concern is shortage of specialists and less representation of civil society and stake-holders, this is an instructional challenge and should be dealt with effectively.
  • Accountability of NCW is another area of concern, and at the same time they default on public disclosures like annual reports which needs to be fixed.
  • Accountability needs to shift form mere government to include citizens.
  • Use of information technology can effectively lead to positive results in grievance redressal.