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Current Affairs Quiz topic of the day: Environment

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1. Which among the following multilateral environment agreements (MEAs) is not correctly paired with the respective issue it deals with ?


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2. Which of the following two criteria have to be met in order to qualify as a ‘biodiversity hotspot’ on the world hotspots map?

1.The region must contain at least 0.5 percent or 1500 species of vascular plants as endemic species.

2.The region has to have lost at least 70 percent of its primary vegetation.

Choose the correct option:

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3. The ‘Red Data Book’ is the documention of rare and endangered species of :

1. Animals

2. Plants

3. Fungi

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4. The Cartagena Protocol is regarding safe use, transfer and handling of:

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5. Consider the following statements regarding ‘ Kyoto Protocol’:

1.It is legally binding for Annex I countries.

2.It emerged from the deliberations of COP-3 to the UNFCCC.

3.The signatories have to reduce their individual Green House Gas emissions by 5.2% from 1990 level.

Which among the above Statement(s) is/are correct?

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6. Which among the following is the most abundant Green-House-Gas(GHG) in the earth’s atmosphere?

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7. The Temperate Grassland or Shrub-Land Biome is commonly known as –

1.Steppe in Central Asia

2.Prairie in North America

3.Veld in South America

Choose the correct option:

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8. The ranking of countries as the highest per capita emitters of Carbon Dioxide in the world, takes into acount their annual CO2 emissions from :

1.Burning of fossil fuels

2. Cement Manufacture

3.Land Use such as deforestation

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9. The ‘Olive Ridley turtles’ are considered to be endangered because of their few remaining nesting sites in the world. In this context, which among the following Statement(s) is/are correct ?

1.Their peculiar behavior of synchronized nesting in mass numbers is known as ‘Arribada’.

2.Gahirmatha Beach in Orissa is one of their few nesting grounds in the world.

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10. The ‘thickness’ of Stratospheric Ozone layer is measured in/on:

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