Here’s our Current Affairs Quiz for today. Usually, you get questions from various sections like Economy, Sports, Awards, Books & Authors, Politics and Business/Banking Awareness and ace the General Awareness section of your banking/recruitment exams.

Today’s quiz is about the various Committees drafted by the Government of India and RBI. Atleast 2-3 questions are asked in Banking/Recruitment exams under banking awareness and current affairs sections.

Answer the following quiz, checkout the correct answers and post your scores in the comments section below. All the best!

1. Name the committee set up regarding insolvency and wind up laws.

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2. Which committee was set up to review the Coordination Between Commercial Banks And SFC’s?

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3. What was the focus of the CE Kamath Committee?

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4. The DR Gadgil Committee was related to _________

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5. Which committee was setup to review the Public Distribution System?

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6. The G Sundaram Committee was setup to review:

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7. Which committee was setup to make a report on non-performing assets?

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8. James Raj Committee was related to:

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9. Education Loan Scheme was formulated by which committee?

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10. The SS Kohli committee was setup related to which of the following topics?

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