Top 100 Current Affairs 2016

Current Affairs 2016: Top 100 Current Affairs from the year 2016 available in free pdf. Download now

Current Affairs 2016 – Top 100 (Till April)

Dear MockBankers,

Current affairs comprise of news, information, awareness and comprehension on all that is happening in the world – it is related to every walk of life. It covers all topics ranging from business, sports, money, politics, education, employment, crime, and ethics so on and forth. It may be about rising onion prices, theft in somebody’s shop, or a terrorist attack. You may grasp the news from the television news hours, news papers, Internet, news magazines, business magazines, radio, talk shows, and word of mouth – from anywhere. But it may take a lot of your precious time.

To save your time, team has prepared a Current Affairs capsule of first four months of 2016. This capsule covers all the latest current affairs points relevant to various government job exams. The capsule includes Awards & Recognitions, Science, Technology & Environment related news, and Sports related updates of India and around the world. This capsule will help in clearing General Awareness section of any competitive exam.

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Current Affairs 2016- Importance 

Since current affairs hold  a lot of significance in competitive exams, you can not clear  exams without their knowledge. Reading news papers should be a part of your daily routine. News channels also provide useful information and since visual impact is stronger, it can help you retain the information for a longer duration. However, since current affairs includes a large area of information, it is very important to revise them regularly.

Current Affairs 2016  – Top 100 

This list of top 100 Current Affairs for 2016 will prove useful for all those who are going to appear in the upcoming exams, especially following exams:

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  1. oh thank you thank you so much mock bank team … yea sir pls send every month this kind of pdf file of all objectives.specially for maths its very useful.

  2. We will keep on creating such PDFs for the convenience of students.

    As for sufficiency, i insist you supplement it with more sources.

  3. Do you like it. We will try and publish it every month. It is not sufficient but it is definitely helpful for all competitive exams.

  4. very brief and concise. When the next pdf will be posted? and is it sufficient for all the entrance exams?

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