Daily Computer Knowledge Quiz

The Computer Knowledge (CK) Section appears in most banking exams. This quiz is therefore important for you to brush up your skills in the Computer Knowledge Section. This section consists of the following categories: Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Networking, Basic Hardware and Software, DBMS etc.ut
Today’s quiz is a mixed bag, consisting of questions from every topic.

Answer the quiz wisely and post your score in the comments below.

1. An automatic machine that is made to perform routine human tasks is

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2. The time required to complete a single, continuous execution of an object program is called

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3. This hacker is someone outside computer security consulting firms that are used to bug test a system prior to its launch, looking for exploits so they can be closed.

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4. It is a software program designed to record (‘log’) every keystroke on the machine on which it runs

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5. In Windows operating system it is a very important part of Windows, clicking on it opens up what is called the start menu

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6. In Windows operating system when you delete a file or folder, it doesn’t actually get deleted right away, it goes to the ————.

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7. In Windows operating system shortcut key CTRL+Windows Logo+F

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8. In Windows operating system shortcut key Windows Logo+F1

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9. The first version of MS Office to be released for the Microsoft Windows operating system is

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10. The word processor in MS office suite is

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