Hello Candidates, As part of Winner’s Curry Series MockBank brings you Computer Knowledge Questions and answers for IBPS PO, RRB and other bank exams.

1. The base of the hexadecimal system is _________ .

a. One

b. Two

c. Eight

d. Sixteen

Answer: Sixteen.

2. ________ is not the function of the Operating System?

a. Memory management

b. Disk management

c. Virus Protection

d. Application management

Answer: Virus Protection

3. ________ is a private corporate network, used exclusively by company employees.

a. intranet

b. local area network

c. peer-to-peer

d. Internet

Answer: Local Area Network (LAN)

4. Which of the following communications lines is best suited to interactive processing applications?

a. narrow band channel

b. simplex lines

c. mixed band channels

d. full duplex lines

Answer: Full duplex lines.

5. The loss in signal power as light travels down the fibre is called

a.  interruption

b. propagation

c. scattering

d. attenuation

Answer: Attenuation

6. In communication satellite,multiple repeaters are known as _________

a. detector

b. modulator

c. transponders

d. stations

7.  ______ is an example of an analog communication method.

a. laser beam

b. microwave

c. voice grade telephone line

d.all of the above

Answer: All are forms of analog communication methods.

8. What is the full form of USB as used in computer related activities ?

a. Universal Serial Bus

b. Ultra Serial Block

c. United Service Block

d. Universal Security Block

Answer: Universal Serial Bus

9. A data terminal serves as an

a. Effector

b. sensor

c. neither a nor b

d. both a and b

Answer: A data terminal serves both as an effector and a sensor

10. The operating system creates.

a. Virtual computers

b. Virtual space

c. Virtual device

d. All the above

Answer: Virtual Computers.




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