Coding Decoding Tricks

Coding Decoding Shortcut Tricks and Questions with Answer

In Aptitude Test, one of the most important section is the Coding-Decoding section. In the aptitude test of coding-decoding several questions may be asked. We have seen all the different types of aptitude test questions from this section in the chapter on coding-decoding. Non-verbal reasoning has a vast collection of questions of Coding-Decoding.

In the following section, we will see examples of various forms of coding. We will see the Letter-letter codingNumber Coding, Symbol Coding, Number-Letter mixed coding. We will introduce techniques and tricks that will help you solve any question within a minute. The section has problems for practice at the end of the section.

Letter Coding Trick:

This is the code that is derived on the basis of the alphabets. U

sually, the position of alphabets is used. For example, let us see the following question.

Example 1: In some language, “EXAM” is coded as “FYBN”. In the same language, how will we code  “RESULT”?

A) SFTVMU             B) REPTUY             C) ERICCART               D) KYLEBROW

Answer: The first step is to detect the code. For that, we need to focus on the word EXAM. The first letter E in code is F, similarly the code for X is Y, for A it is B and for M it is N. Thus we see that in this language the alphabet is shifted to one step to the front. Thus the code for R will be S and hence the correct option here is A) SFTVMU.

Coding and Decoding

Coding-Decoding is the simplest and scoring chapter of Reasoning. Whenever you face these type of easy questions never skip them.

  • First of all we should know the positioning (in numerical value) and opposite of all alphabets. The below given diagram explain itself:
coding decoding

 (Above given diagram shows the numerical values of different alphabets as well as particular alphabet’s opposite alphabets e.g. Numeric value of is and opposite of is and U’s numeric value is 21 and so on).

Ques 1. If in a certain language “NIL” is written as “MOHJKM”, then how will “BOND” be written in that language?

e) None of The Above


Solution 1.       (Option C)

 Trick – Each letter is coded with its left and right letters in English alphabet manner is used.

Number Coding:

Example 2: In a certain code, “Delhi is capital” is coded as “7 5 9”. The sentence “capital are beautiful” is coded as “3 6 9”, and “Delhi is beautiful” is coded as “6 7 5”. Also “Patna also capital‟ is coded as “9 2 4”. What is the code for “beautiful” in this code?
A) 2             B) 4               C) 5            D) 6                E) 7

Answer: To solve codes like these remember the order of the numbers may be anything. For example, in “Delhi is capital” and “Delhi is beautiful”, we can see that the words “Delhi is” are common and thus we can see that capital is 9 and beautiful is 6. Therefore the correct option here is D) 6.

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