Coal India Limited Interview Preparation 2017

Coal India Limited Interview

Coal India Limited Interview Preparation 2017.


Coal India Limited Interview

Coal India Limited successfully conducted the written exam on March 26th, 2017 for the recruitment of Management Trainees in 18 disciplines. From a job perspective, Coal India is an extremely important PSU to work for among the long list of Public Sector Units. Best part is that it conducts its own exam besides GATE for recruitment of some of the most competitive minds in the country. Also, the CIL MT Exam isn’t just for techies but for individuals from various academic streams. This is why aspirants in large numbers appear for it whenever CIL advertises its recruitment notification.

Coal India Limited Interview Official Weightage Not specified by CIL in the official recruitment notification.
Coal India Limited Interview Weightage (As told by previously selected candidates and experts) 25-50 marks


Now that the written exam is over, its time for aspirants to start focusing exclusively on their Coal India Limited Interview preparation. In the current post, I’ll try to elucidate the preparation strategy for CIL MT Interview 2017. Also, the speculations that have been perplexing aspirants will be dealt with.

Coal India Limited Interview 2017

The Coal India Limited Interview will essentially consist of 2 parts, the individual time of which will be diligently balanced by the interviewers.
Part I HR Round
Part II Technical Round


There may or may not be a specific distinction between the 2 rounds. This means that the questions will be asked from a human resource (HR) perspective as well as a tech perspective without necessarily being specified.

Coal India Limited Interview Preparation 2017

Understand the Nature of CIL MT JOB Completely The fact that you will be joining Coal India Limited entitles you to know the exact nature of the job. You are expected to have complete knowledge about Coal India as a PSU, about its inception, its current rank and reputation nationally as well as globally,  the duties and responsibilities of a Management Trainee, and lastly, the role of CIL in India in the contemporary times.
Know your Academic & Professional Background Having a thorough knowledge about your academic background is an absolute must for the interview. You should be able to answer questions about your stream as well as the reasons for choosing it. In case you are a professional and possess relevant work experience then be ready to answer questions pertaining to it.
Stay Extremely Aware about the ongoing Events Once you’re done preparing basic information about yourself like academic background and professional status, begin reading all the important events that are ongoing right now. If you are in a habit of reading the newspaper daily or watching the news, this skill will come handy. If not, better start working on it with immediate effect. Newspapers like the Hindu will be of good assistance to you.
Read the past experiences of candidates who have appeared for Coal India Limited Interview. Surf the internet and look out for genuine Coal India Limited interview experiences of past year candidates especially the ones who were successful and who belong to your stream. This will prove immensely useful for you. Learn from their mistakes and get inspired by their promptness.
Enroll Yourself in Mock Interviews Once you’re done with your Coal India Limited Interview preparation, either get enrolled in a Mock Interview series or take help from family and friends to help you boost your confidence. Facing the interview panel will be easy if you’re used to this kind of a verbal confrontation well before time

 What Documents Should You Possess for CIL MT Interview ?

Once the result for the written MT examination is out, you will be issued call letters for the Coal India Limited Interview. You will be expected to definitely possess the subsequent list of documents.
Biodata Form MT 2017 The Biodata form will be issued by Coal India Limited officials and will be made available on the website. 

You can view below the Biodata Form for the year 2014 just for curiosity.

Format of SC/ST Certificate This will be filled in by candidates who belong from the Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe categories and have applied for CIL MT recruitment 2017 under the same.

You can view the SC/ST form below .

Format for OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) Certificate This will be filled in by candidates who belong from the OBC Non- Creamy Layer category and have applied for CIL MT recruitment 2017 under the same.

You can view the OBC(Non-Creamy Layer) form below .

Format for PH Certificate  This will be filled in by candidates who belong from the differently abled category and have applied for CIL MT recruitment 2017 under the same.

You can view the PH form below .


The Expert Panel at Coal India Interview Limited Interview

The expert panel at Coal India Limited Interview will consist of some of the finest intellectuals of the best PSU’s in India, A rated companies and HRs. They are knowledgeable and well exposed professionals. They understand the industry and the working of PSU’s much more than all of us do. That is why they are called experts.
Sometimes, the CIL MT Interview panel may also consist of a highly skilled professional from the field of psychology. His/her role in the interview will be to observe candidates and determine their underlying personality traits at the end.
You are not advised to make an effort to outsmart them or lie. Just be yourself and answer questions to the best of your ability. If you are unable to answer a question, be honest and politely reveal that you do do not know the answer for that question. They will ask you another one. If you try to fake answers, they will find out immediately and you will make a fool out of yourself.
Coal India Limited Interview isn’t only to test your knowledge but also the essential skills that make up your personality and honesty is an important trait expected to be inherent in you.


How to Approach the Coal India Limited Interview Panel ?

  • Be courteous and graceful in your conduct while greeting them.
  • Be extremely polite and soft spoken.
  • Cockiness and arrogance should be a total no-no.
  • Be decent enough and thank them when you’re appreciated for your achievements
  • Be apologetic if you spell out a wrong answer
  • Be truthful at all times. Being yourself is all that an interview is all about.


Coal Interview Limited Interview: Do’s & Don’ts

Do’s Don’ts
Be confident and assertive at all times. Don’t allow nervousness to show on your face. Even if you’re worried, let go of all fears.
Be very dignified and graceful in your demeanor.  Don’t be rude no matter how much you dislike the interviewers. If the panel is rude (very unlikely though), it is because they are testing you.
Be composed throughout your Coal India Limited interview. Don’t lose your temper no matter how much the interviewers push you. Remember that your are being evaluated at all times.
Stay modest about your achievements as well as your failures. Don’t either be a boaster nor a frail mate.
Wear well ironed clothes and reach on time. Don’t even think about being late. Make sure your clothes are well ironed.

How to Dress up for Coal India Limited Interview ?

An individual’s wardrobe is reflective of one’s professionalism. So dress up decently. Do not wear any flashy clothes. Dress smartly and decently. Wear formals. No jeans, casual tshirts. Women should be dressed up in either Indian or Western formals and men should dress up in a shirt (plain), tie and formal trousers. Make sure to smell good but do not apply excess perfume. That will put the interviewer off.  Lastly, well ironed clothes should be worn. No wrinkles or folds should be a part of your attire on the day of the Coal India Limited Interview. 

Coal India Limited Interview : Queries and Customer Support

I wish each and every aspirant who will be facing the Coal India Limited Interview, my very best. Give your best shot and stay confident at all times.

If you have any doubts or queries in relation with the Coal India Limited interview, kindly post it in the comments section below and I’ll resolve them for you at the earliest.

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