Civil Services Exam Job Profile of Various Posts

Civil Services Exam Job Profile of Various Posts

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Do you imagine yourself living in an extravagant house with various workers and servants  available? Do you long for going in your own particular chauffeured driven car with a red siren? Security, Satisfaction, Sense of Purpose. This and more for the individuals who wish to make a profession in the Civil Services and administrations.

Civil Services Exam Job Profile of Various Posts


Civil Servants are those officials who regularly impact and enhance the basic leadership of the administration. In spite of the fact that you may not be as generously compensated as an individual working in Corporate Sector, yet the status and power connected with this field more than compensates for it. Truth be told, these civil servants are frequently called the genuine force behind the legislature.

Simply envision being the District Magistrate of your city or the Secretary of a Ministry. In the event that you need to have the ability to impact individuals this is it.

The officers of the Indian Civil Services have a wide assortment of obligations and obligations going from support of peace, gathering of duties, to formative work inside State and Central regions of purview, execution of social welfare exercises, and so forth. They head the Union and the State Secretariats and in addition the district level organizations all through the nation. The wide zones of work for a common worker are:

Indian Administrative Services (IAS)

An IAS officer deals with the general organization of the state including the improvement capacity. Strategy definition, usage and control at various levels are your primary obligations. At the area level your obligations likewise incorporate managing peace circumstances and gathering charges.

Aside from these capacities at the Central and State government levels, you will really go about as the mainstays of administration. You’ll detail approaches, devise systems, assign assets and execute plans. You are the controlling power of all arrangement execution.

IAS officers additionally serve as top level supervisors of Public Sector Enterprises like organizations, Metropolitan Development Authorities, Trade Promotion Councils, distinctive advancement powers, and so forth.

Indian Police Service (IPS)

Here falsehoods the energy for all you growing Kiran Bedis. As an IPS officer you’ll be the cerebrum behind the police power as well as the CRPF, BSF, CISF, and so forth. Your principle undertaking will be to keep up peace at all times. Arranging genius dynamic systems and executing and controlling the police power are likewise your obligations. The ones longing for some experience will have plentiful through handling wrongdoing and peace crises.

 Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

You’ll work in the Ministry of External Affairs and oversee Indian workplaces like Indian High Commission, Indian Consulates, Indian Embassies abroad. Business related to Passport administrations, Visa administrations, Consular administrations, and so on will be steered through you. Obviously you’ll additionally advance exchange and social relations with remote nations.

Indian Railway Service (IRS)

In the event that utilized here, you’ll take care of various divisions of the Railways like the Traffic Service (again this is separated into Commercial and Operations.), Accounts Services, Police Services, Personnel Services, and so on.

The operations division is responsible for the developments of traveler and products train and every one of the exercises identified with development including traveler solace and wellbeing.

Business division cares for all the business capacities connected with train development like tickets deals, gathering income from notices on the stations, and so on. Indian Railway Accounts Services Officers are responsible for all the records of the Indian Railways like wage, use, and so on.

The Personnel officers are in charge of enlistment and determination of railroad staffs, preparing and improvement and all other work force capacities. Railroad Police Service officers are in charge of lawfulness circumstances on the stations furthermore with the development of the trains.

Indian Postal Service (IPS)

This is one of the biggest associations on the planet with various workplaces everywhere throughout the nation. They head distinctive operational divisions of the Postal administration and deal with the whole operations.

Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IA & AS)

Bookkeeping and inspecting of various Central Government divisions is the principle obligations of these officers. They work with the Central Government.

Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS)

They work in the Ministry of Finance, Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Office of the Chief Controller of India, and so on.

Indian Customs and General Excise Service (IC and GES)

Your Role in the Indian Civil Service: Checking of the considerable number of products entering India or leaving India, to guarantee and authorize their consistence with Indian Laws is the prime obligation of the traditions authorities. You’ll have the ability to attack products that abuse Indian laws, evaluate and require obligations on merchandise entering India or leaving India, gather extract charges or circuitous expenses on products created in India, and so on.

Indian Defense Accounts Services (IDAS)

In this division of the Indian Civil Service you’ll care for the records of the Defense strengths, Army, Air Force, Navy and other defensive administrations. You fundamental capacities will be bookkeeping and reviewing.

Indian Revenue Service Officers (IRSO)

In this branch of the Indian Civil Service Revenue accumulation, i.e., charge gathering will be your principle concern. You’ll be in the top authoritative strata of the Income Tax workplaces in India. Directing the capacity of the Income Tax divisions, appraisal of expenses, accumulation of duties and usage of Indian Income Tax laws are your territories.

Indian Ordinance Factories Service (IOFS)

Statute industrial facilities fabricate arms and ammo required for prerequisites. In this bureau of the Indian Civil Service IOFS officers serve in these foundations and deal with the general assembling capacities.

Indian Information Service (IIS)

In this division of the Indian Civil Service it’s your obligation to guarantee that just right data achieves the media. Sorting out question and answer sessions, controlling authority media and arranging celebrations is your business.

Along these lines, now you realize that it’s the common administrations in India that are in charge of the smooth working of the nation.

Prestige , Power, Charm , Glory – Civil Services has it all. So, what are you waiting for ? Fill the form, work hard and be a part of an impressive career.


Note: Friends this is just the beginning. This year be ready to crack the most sought after exam of the country.  We are going to be a regular companion in your preparation process and will be regularly publishing preparation tips, study plan and strategies for of the Exam. If you have any queries/questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and we will be glad to answer them for you.

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