CCTV in Exam Centers to Avoid Mass copying

CCTV in Exam Centers to Avoid Mass copying. Yes you heard it right. The Government has now become active to avoid Mass Copying. In this regard CCTV will be installed in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Other States are likely to join soon.


CCTV in Exam Centers to Avoid Mass copying

A division bench of Hyderabad High Court has ordered the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Government to advise the court about the asset they would distribute for establishment of CCTV cameras in examination focuses to avoid mass duplicating in SSC examinations.

“We want everything in place (installation of CCTVs) by the end of January next year. We are concerned on how to avoid mass copying”, the bench noted.

The bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Dilip B Bhosale and Justice P Naveen Rao was dealing with a PIL filed by G Srinivas of Eluru in West Godavari district seeking to declare the failure of the authorities in not taking effective steps for conduct of public examinations in schools as illegal.  During the course of hearing, the bench insisted for installation of CCTV cameras in all the examination centres in both the states.


The exceptional direction of Telangana presented that a measure of `36 crore was required for establishment of CCTVs. The direction for AP educated the that the state was confronting a money related emergency and not in a position to spend such a sum. Applicant’s advice S Niranjan Reddy called attention to that the administrations were not spending even 10 percent of the aggregate state spending plan on training segment. Actually, praiseworthy understudies are seriously influenced because of mass duplicating, he noted.

Responding to these entries, the bench said that `36 crore was not a major add up to guarantee quality training. After establishment of CCTVs the sum spent on charge repayment will likewise descend, the seat opined.

Advocate general of AP D Srinivas said that the state needs to consider different viewpoints for usage of the heading on establishment of CCTVs.

The seat then requested that both the states give proposals on lessening the expense for establishment of CCTVs.

“The states will get exemplary understudies. There will be quality instruction. Establishment of CCTV cameras will help the understudies to concentrate on studies. We will issue a timetable for execution of the bearings to be issued by the court. It required 11 months investment to introduce 100 CCTV cameras on the High Court premises. Establishment takes a great deal of time”, the seat watched. While deferring the case by two weeks, the seat guided both the states to tell the amount of assets will they apportion for the reason by the following date of hearing.

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