Case filed against SBI Clerk recruitment

Case filed against SBI to cancel SBI Clerk Recruitment 2016.

SBI Clerk Recruitment : Latest Update

The latest update in SBI Clerk 2016 Recruitment is a positive one for all. SBI Clerk Recruitment will continue as announced. As of now the concerned Bench of Madras High Court has issued an interim order to continue with the Recruitment Process as planned. This is not the final order as of now but a temporary judgement for the time being. The final order will also come in a few weeks and most probably, it will also be a positive one.

Quoting the order by the Bench:

“SBI could proceed with the recruitment process as several candidates had already filed their applications for the clerk positions, and would therefore be adversely affected if the examinations were cancelled. However it may be noted that the final judgement, which is still pending may still have an impact on the results of the entire recruitment process.”

State Bank of India has been conducting SBI Clerk Exam every year. The number of aspirants applying for it have also incresed tremendously in the past few years. .This year also approx 25-30 lakhs candidates have applied for it.

Case filed against SBI Clerk recruitment

But everything is not as smooth this year. When the recruitment notification was announced, a significant change was added in it. This new criteria affected the eligibility of thousnads of aspirants.

What was the Issue?

  • As per that criteria, the defaulters (loan defaulter for example) in SBI were not elligible for  applying for the SBI Clerk Exam.
  • The criteria was related to loans & credit card dues wherein if you have defaulted in repayment then you are ineligible to apply for their clerical recruitment.

Read it in detail here

What happened at that time?

  • A whole lot of protest was done over to rollback this decision of the SBI.
  • Even various political Parties like The Communist Party of India and others, even urged union Finance Minister  Arun Jaitley to intervene and scrap the condition that prevented education loan defaulters from applying for clerical jobs in the State Bank of India (SBI) entrance exam.

Read Details here

  • Finally the criteria was not scrapped and the Exam started.
  • Now when everything was looking under control, and Exams were being conducted a new twist entered in the story.
  • A candidate has filed a case in the Madras High Court against SBI for not
    allowing the defaulters to apply for the SBI Clerk Jobs.
  • Not only that, in the litigation, he has also asked the court to direct the State Bank of India for issuing a fresh recruitment notification for all the candidates.

    What is the Case About?

  • S G Gokul, a government job aspirant who was preparing for Banking Exams has filed a PIL (public interest litigation ) recently on 25th of may 2016 in the Madras high court against SBI.
  •  In his petition, he has directly attacked the policy of SBI, not allowing defaulters to apply for the SBI clerk recruitment.
  • Quoting some part of the appeal

 “This condition will prevent a large number of economically & socially backward candidates from applying for the posts.If they were appointed, after selection process, they would be able repay the loans. This move by bank will create more education loan defaulters.Many are Affected; So Quash the Recruitment”

Whats the progress in the Case:

  • The case is being heard by the High Court bench comprising of Justices
    R Mahadevan & SS Sundae.
  • The Court has already issued  notices to the SBI chairman &  also the  concerned ministry of the Government of India.
  • They were given 2 weeks time to file their explanation on this PIL within 2 weeks.
  • SBI has submitted their explanation on this PIL and the court is convined by it for the time being.

What will happen Next?

There are 2 possible outcomes and they depend upon the reply of SBI :

  • OUTCOME 1: SBI convinces the Court regarding this rule and Court agrees and doesn’t cancel the recruitment notification.
  • OUTCOME 2: SBI is unable to convince the Court regarding this rule and Court cancels the recruitment & order SBI  to issue a new recruitment notification

There might be a middle way too, in which SBI does not cancel the notification, but agrees to open the application process for defaulters again.

Friends as of now the SBI Clerk recruitment process will go as per the schedule.We will regularly update you about all the recent happenings in the matter on a real time basis. Also, if your Exam is yet to happen, kindly focus on your studies. The recruitment is not yet cancelled and most probably will not be cancelled also.If you have any queries regarding it, kindly drop your answers in the comments section. We will be glad to answer them.

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  1. Hi Kiran ……………………. is recruitment me koi jhol ni he………………… sab fare he…………………….bs apne pr believe karo sab thik ho jayega

  2. sale kand kare or bhugte hum log………… iske chakkar me po ka vi admit card down load ni ho raha he…………… sale India tujhe sirf SBI bank hi dika tha ………….. railway kya ghas charne gya he kya ……….. usme job krta to kya hota …………. tere bad tere khandan me sab chaprasi hi janam lete kya?……..

  3. Bhai ye dunia ki sbse bdi bkwas k job lgne k bd repay krnge loan bank ko…. Ye to wahi bt hui k phle ek company me chori krke chor kahe k phle m naukari do fr m paise lautaunga…. Is hisab se to kl ye b sunna pad sakta ae k phle m manager bnao fr m dusre loan repay krunga kunki m salary kum hai… ?
    Bhai itna hi loan repay krne ki aag lgi hui hai to pvt naukari kr na chahe tu garib hai ya amir jo paisa bank se loan lia wo tre baap ka nhi public ka hai, sala khud to naukari krna ni chahta. Kon c kitab me likha hai k sarkari krke hi u can repay loan pvt job kr paise lauta sale paise b ni repay krte aur ajate ae logo ka tym waste krne.

  4. Sir, i am having education loan in SBI and the loan became written off then it has been transfered to ARC trust for recovery i am paying only interest on every month from this january ,without seeing the loan default condition i have applied for both SBI clerk and PO .I had my SBI clerk prelims on last sunday,If i selected for final stage whether it will create any problem during final stage of the recruitment.Please reply me sir..

  5. Chances of cancellation are very less.
    but if there is a fresh recruitment, all will be applicable

  6. Sir,
    If there will be fresh clerk recruitments again by SBI in rarest of the cases, then the candidates who had appeared for the exam can apply or all those can apply for the exam who have applied earlier?

  7. As of now it is ok, but they may be checking it at the time of document verification.
    Meanwhile you prepare for the exam and wait for any update from SBI

  8. It depends upon the degree of loan default.
    Meanwhile you prepare for the exam and wait for any update from SBI

  9. Dear Amit sir,also i have a study loan.due to financial problem i also don’t repaid it.its from the matter is dat,at the time of applying,i don’t see the notification clearly,so i have applied for both PO & clerk,also my prelim exam was the question is if i will be selected in final exam,can they cancel it or not??????????plz reply sir

  10. Sanjeev
    Have you received any notice from HDFC Bank?
    If not as such then Credit Card due of 24000 will not lead to a steep decrease in your ratings.
    Generally loan dues have a steep effect.
    So, you focus on your preparation

  11. sir,
    i hv education loan in axis bank young bnakers prgrm.
    it is nearly 3.8 lakhs now, but i resigned to that job and i am unable to pay from last 2 months emi.
    so my doubt is sbi team consider as i was a defaulter or not?
    what happens if i pay emi now.
    still it show in cibil my score?
    please help me?

  12. Firstly of all i am not opposing the case rather telling this person that he should have done it earlier not at the last moment cos it will be total loss of OUR 600 RS. If he has problem should have filed the case BEFORE 25TH MAY. And lastly “This condition will prevent a large number of economically & socially backward candidates from applying for the posts” This surely COVERS my caste issue. I can write whatever my opinion is, don’t need your consent.

  13. First of all Sir m not bhaiya cz I’m a girl. He had so many options.. viz IBPS clerk, PO. Jab sab jagah fail ho gya then SBI clerk. Wo yaha b fail hoga. Defaulter h ghalti manni chahiye instead of filing case.

  14. Bro,,,,i was working in Cognizant,Chennai unfortunately met a severe accident and it took me more than 5 months to recover during the couse of tym the company terminated me (as i was in an active project) also I used my credit card just before my accident ,,,,,by the tym I recovered the amount rose to 24000rs I was nt in position to pay as a result i decided to pay once i get the job ,,,,Bro I have been preparing hard for last 1 year cleard IBPS MAINS fell short by 5 marks in final merit……fell short by 0.25 Marks in GA in IBPS CLK(147 overall)…..All i want to kno is dt i am a defaulter as per HDFC ,,,,so will SBI check my Crisil ratings …..ans debar me ,,,,,Dude plz reply….SBI ‘s this clause is really making fun of all my efforts to stand again in my life .

  15. As per that criteria, the defaulters (loan defaulter for example) in SBI were not elligible for applying for the SBI Clerk Exam.

    The criteria was related to loans & credit card dues wherein if you have defaulted in repayment then you are ineligible to apply for their clerical recruitment.

  16. @disqus_NFAdWmFQmp:disqus I think you are not aware of the fact . This issue is not related to the caste differences. Its about those who had taken loan for studies and now they are restricted to apply for the sbi clerk post as they are considered as DEFAULTERS. if they not got Job then how they be able to repay their loans. Think twice before you wirte without any knowledge of that matter.

  17. Please calm down, Ma’m.! If you have any idea then suggest it. You are also free to use your “Freedom to Express”. Otherwise wait unill SBI submitted the answer or suggestion to the court. Afterall, final decision would have taken by the court.


  19. He is not a fool. He is just raising his voice against wrong circumstances to support all aspirants who is eligible to apply for SBI clerk, but due to such condition they could not apply. If the defaulters would get the job, they will able to repay theirs loan.

  20. sir, will it create problem for all those selected by ibps 5 who are yet to pay education loan.

  21. i am in favour of his plea
    but why didnt he filed the case earlier
    nw wht the lakhs of students may suffer fr him
    may be if he filed the case earlier….
    a quick decision was taken by the board in favour of all
    i want no cancellation of already done exam but yes they can be made eligible fr coming sbi recruitments

  22. You fool why now? Such a waste of Money and Time. If You have a problem should done it earlier not on 25 th may. Maybe he was not prepared enough now just want ruin everyone’s life. Sometimes I just hate this caste differences. They always demand more.

  23. Who is this fool, they are just asking whether the candidate is loan defaulter or not, they are not debarring anybody from filling the form or giving exam……

  24. The guy is born with the blowjob of multiple fathers, and thus, having a dickhead. Cut it off and save the country..

  25. Loan defaulters .. should understand this is not a bank money its a public money . so its everyone responsibility to return it back . There is no question of rich or Poor . There is no Trust factor for a financial institution to offer a job to Financial defaulters.

  26. I’ll file case against that dickhead. Ek to defaulter, ghalti khud karega aur blame bank ko karega. How can someone b so stupid?

  27. If the court revoks the notification then it would be worst decision ,waste of time money and efforts of the candidates.
    I don’t think court will do that( but looking at the NEET decision 1% possibility though)
    Hope for the best. And all the best bro!

  28. I agree with u shiva…hope so govt amd sbi will give clear response in this regard…all the best

  29. See chandrakar..I agree with you but here the thing is we shouldn’t blame the guy …it is a sudden decision taken by sbi so definitely it create tension among the people and takes time to put certain action against the sbi ..instead of blaming the guy we should blame our government and society for creating this type of situation in our country .if banks do not allow and dont give jobs to these poor guys how can they repay their loans,and I hope you will get the job any day if you are a sincere and determine guy .

  30. You too Mr Shivaji, i hope they will extend the application without cancelling the already concluded exams. Sorry if i have offended you, never was my intention.

  31. ‘Pls take back your plea’ that is what u said man, If he does that candidates with education loan problems will loose their chance. I can understand ur position, you might have managed to do well and don’t want to re-take it. Well, these things happens with government exams. If you want to blame somebody, then blame SBI for introducing such crappy eligibility norms, and for revenue loss, again it’s their fault. Don’t worry about the fees, they will refund or let u appear for the re-exam without paying the fee again. About ‘u r not good’ u just go it wrong, it was metaphorical, when it comes to exam candidature a person with no education load defaults is no better than one with education loan default issues, that’s what i meant. ‘Random kid’ ??? what do u mean dude, here everybody is random, u r random, i am random, every person commenting is random. And yeah, i am not looking for anybody appreciation. By the way why u keep calling me kid like u are some 40 year old wise man. I am well in the race man, i been preparing really hard too, missed last PO by .75 in GK section, overall was good, this is my last chance too, only difference i can’t apply because of education loan. I met with an accident on Jan 2015 took nearly an year to walk without support so couldn’t pay for the loan. But still i appeared for all of 2015 IBPS exams, and almost nailed it. Was very much looking forward to this SBI exams. Finally, re-examination should be least of your worries, if the court rules against them, they probably will extend the application for a few more days, and conduct examinations for new applicants. Its a win-win situation for both parties.

  32. I m not selfish bt think abt those candidates who have given examination on 22 28 29 may respectively…i m one of those…and i m sure that i will crack pre…bt this exam is going to cancel then it also take long time to rescheduled..and our mains will be late..that will also effect our families..i m also a serious aspirant of banking exams and preparing from since 2 years..if he wants to raise this issue why he didnot filed this case just after the notification why after 22th may…

    Do u have any ans…

  33. You people are selfish… Pls think about the poor people who have taken loan for their education and trying to find out for a job to clear loan

  34. You seems one immature guy. I have clearly mentioned that he should have asked for a retest for aspirants like him.
    This shows I’m not against those candidates who were unlucky.
    Better focus on what u read.
    What he did is his one side opinion. It will b illogical to cancel d test for some lakhs of aspirants who appeared for it and bare the burden of exam fees again(may be) n also it ll’b a loss of revenue for SBI.
    Logical is to give them opportunity to appear for d exam.
    And comin to u.. what u said.. u r no good
    Let me tell u.. Don’t decide who is good enough here.. bcs u r not in d race.
    U r some random kid who’s trying to show off.. rather give some solution to this complicated issue.

    So if u have any solution then u r really appreciated but if u wanna try giving me ur attitude.. Kid I have much better than u got.

  35. Sir, I have been selected for SBI it officer dis year and in the advertisement, it was not mentioned (regarding loan defaulter). Now my educational loan has been written off. Will it create any problem for me at the time of joining ?

  36. That guy did the right thing. Baring education loan defaulters from appearing the exam is not fair. Dude u are no good than someone who was unable to pay education loan alryt. There will be many who would have done more preparation than you, and was unable to attend the exam because of this eligibility condition.

  37. Truly said!! He may not even clear the test and now gaining publicity by filing bloody complaints!! -_-

  38. Bullshit!! Like me many aspirants have worked so hard to go thru this preliminary test, though the result is yet to come but we are positive about our score. Already in flow to crack mains.. Puting every ounce of my strength day night.. No matter how difficult it will be.. I’ll clear all steps.
    Just a request to this guy.. Pls take back ur plea. This is my last attempt.
    Bcs rescheduling the exam may hamper my career due to age limit.
    One more thing.. U should have asked for a retest for d candidates who were abstained from appearing the exam and not for cancellation of the test.

  39. This boy is such an Asshole….he can never clear a exam even if allowed. SBI should continue as per rule….

  40. this is such a shit thing..where he was when the notification came? He is just wasting the time of sbi and court …

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