BSNL JE Job Profile, Salary & Career Path

In this article, we will discuss about BSNL JE Job Profile, Salary and Career Path.


BSNL Junior Engineer Salary, Job Profile, and Career Path Details Here

Let us discuss BSNL JE Job Profile, Salary and Career Path in a sequential manner.

BSNL JE Job Profile: 

As a Junior Engineer in BSNL , your work profile will depend upon where you are posted.The duties and responsibilities in different Departments will be as follows:


  • Here you will be responsible for maintaining the Optical Fiber.
  • Assisting a team under the guidance of your superior to restore the faults.


  • Here you will be responsible for providing New Landline, Broadband & WLL connections.
  • Also, you will be monitoring the faults maintaining the UG cable,
  • In addition to that, You will be providing customer care.

Optical Fiber System Maintenance:

  • BSNL has largest Optical Fiber network in India (which carries very high data & voice traffic).
  • Here you will be responsible for looking after the all maintenance activity related optical fiber routes.

Data Centers:

  • BSNL uses the best in class software for their products  & services.
  • This profile will be similar to a software job.
  • Here you will be responsible for developing and maintaining the Data & software for BSNL.
  • It is the most suitable job for Electronics, Computer & IT Students to work.

Mobile Communication:

  • Here you will be responsible for maintaining and upgrading the Mobile Technology.


  • Here you will be responsible for maintaining the Switching & operations under the exchange, you will be posted in.
  • You will also be responsible for taking the exchange backup & troubleshooting.
  • You will also be performing daily routine jobs (like monitoring the status of all the exchanges connected to the Switcht, creating and deleting Landline telephone numbers etc.)

Broadband or Internet:

  • Here you will be working with routers and complex databases, which provide data services for BSNL.
  • This  job profile will include programming complex routers DSLAMs, configuring Virtual Private Networks (VPN) & monitoring connectivity with next level switches.

Apart from above departments, newly recruited Junior Engineer may also be posted in Network maintenance, Marketing or  Customer Service centers etc.

BSNL JE Work Timings:

As a Junior Engineer in BSNL, you will have a proper work schedule. Daily you will be going in the morning and coming back to your home in the evening, no extra work hours and working in shifts.

BSNL JE salary and allowances

The salary of a JE in BSNL varies as per the area you are posted in:

IDA Pay Scale
13,600 – 25,420 (Non Executive- 9)
Grade Pay
No Grade Pay
3% of Basic Pay
HRA & Other Allowances As per Company Rules

According to current pay scales, You would get a salary of around 40,000/- pm initially( can be varied a little as per place of posting).

As a JE in BSNL, you will also be entitled to the Various Perks & allowances like :

  1. Medical Allowance.
  2. Transport Allowance.
  3. Perks.

BSNL JE Career path:

  • As a JE IN BSNL, you will be getting immense opportunities for promotion and career growth.
  • The promotion will be time bound and if you clear the departmental examinations on time, there are chances of quick promotion to higher cadres.
  • If you pass all the departmental exams timely, you can go reasonably higher in the grade as well.

The Career Progression is as follows:

  • Junior Engineer (TTA).
  • Junior Telecom Officer (JTO).
  • Sub Divisional Engineer.
  • Divisional Engineer or AGM.
  • Deputy General Manager (DGM).
  • General Manager (GM).

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