Banking Awareness

Banking Awareness for IBPS PO Exam (Mains stage) is crucial for a candidate’s overall score in the paper. A lot of times, candidates compensate the marks lost in English and Quantitative Aptitude section by scoring well in Banking awareness. In the Mains exam, banking Awareness consists of 40 questions and 40 marks. The maximum time allotted for this section is 35 minutes. This means that a candidate will require the qualities of both accuracy and precision to crack this section.

In the current article, I will elaborate on the preparation methodology, important pointers, expected questions, recommended books and resources for the banking awareness section for IBPS PO examination 2019.


Banking Awareness for IBPS PO 2019: Overview

 Marks  40
 Questions  40
 Duration  35 minutes
 Sectional Cut off  Yes
 Negative Marking  Yes (o.25 marks)

What is Banking Awareness ?

 Banking Awareness essentially means having an overall knowledge about the banking and financial system. Also, the basics of Indian economy ought to be known.

IBPS PO Banking Awareness Section: Preparation Methodology


The fact that you will be appearing for IBPS PO exam makes it obvious that general awareness should be an important component of your Banking awareness preparation. The static as well as the dynamic aspects should be taken into consideration. Current affairs related to economy, banking and finance should be on your priority list. All the ongoing updates from the world should also be duly noted.


Current affairs are an extremely crucial part of your IBPS PO banking awareness preparation. You are expected to stay aware about the important national and international events that are in news. Right from the recently passed GST Bill to the upcoming SpaceX mission should be on you finger tips. Right from the functions of the Niti Ayog to the overview of the Union Budget should be prepared by you.


Go through last year’s questions just to make sure that you’re preparation is at the same page as the expectations of the examiner. Going through questions will familiarize you with the nature and type of questions asked. Don’t expect that questions will be repeated but the the concept can be asked again.


Invest time daily in reading a good newspaper (online or offline). Jot down important news points pertaining to the IBPS PO banking Awareness syllabus and keep these handy in a note book. They will be very helpful for revision. Additionally, you can refer to a good magazine like EPW for helping you score better as well as for your PI preparation.


Your preparation will not be considered complete unless you give it at least 2 rounds of revision. Your hand written notes or e-notes should be useful here. Those who study randomly will be at a disadvantage. So, it is recommended that you make notes.

IBPS PO Banking Awareness: Recommended Books & Resources

General Awareness Books: India Year Book
GK Books: Manorma Year Book, Lucent
Banking Awareness Books: Arihant, Disha Publications
Newspapers: The Hindu, Economic Times
Magazines : EPW, Business Standard

IBPS PO Banking Awareness: Important Topics to Prepare

GST Bill
Reserve Bank of India
State Bank of India Merger
Monetary Policy of India
Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)
Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY)
Basel Norms
Union Budget
Fiscal Deficit
Non-Performing Assets (NPAs)
Repo Rate
Statutory liquidity ratio
Cash Reserve Ratio
Payments Bank
National Income
Stock Exchange
Regional Rural Bank
International Monetary Fund
World Economic Forum
United Nations
Ganga Swachhta Sankalp Divas
Digi Yatra
Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill
US Presidential Elections
Malware Attacks
Stock Exchange
Start Up India
Mudra Bank Yojana
Atal Pension Scheme
Udaan Project
Digital India
Skill India
Make in India
Swachh Bharat
Global Warming
Kyoto Protocol
Foreign Institutional Investors (FII)
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Buddy App by SBI
BHIM App by Government of India
Bear market and Bull Market
Mutual Funds
Headquarters of Banks
Taglines of Banks

Banking Awareness: Taglines of Important Banks

 Allahabad Bank  A Tradition of Trust
 Axis Bank  Badhti Ka naam Zindagi
 Bank of Baroda  India’s International Bank
 Bank of India  Relationship beyond banking
 Bank of Maharashtra  One family one bank
 Canara Bank  Together We Can
 Central Bank of India  Central To you Since 1911
 CITI Bank  Lets Get it Done
 Dena Bank  Trusted Family Bank
 ECGC Bank  You focus on exports. We cover the risks
 HDFC Bank  We understand your world
 HSBC Bank  World’s Local Bank
 ICICI Bank  Hum Hai Na, Khyal Apka
 IDBI Bank  Banking For All, “Aao Sochein Bada
 Indian Bank  Your Tech- Friendly Bank
 Indian Overseas Bank  Good people to grow with
 J & K Bank  Serving to Empower
 Karur Vysya Bank  Smart Way to Bank
 Kotak Mahindra Bank  Let’s Make Money Simple
 Lakshmi Vilas Bank  The changing face of prosperity
 Punjab National Bank  The name you can bank upon
 Punjab & Sind Bank  Where service is a way of life
 Oriental Bank of Commerce  Where every individual is committed
 State Bank of India With you all the way. Pure Banking Nothing Else. The Nation’s banks on us
 Union Bank of India Good People to Bank with

Banking Awareness: Headquarters of Important Banks

 Allahabad Bank  Kolkata
 Axis Bank  Mumbai
 Bank of Baroda  Vadodara
 Bank of India  Mumbai
 Bank of Maharashtra  Pune
 Canara Bank  Bangalore
 Central Bank of India  Mumbai
 CITI Bank  New York
 Dena Bank  Mumbai
 ECGC Bank  Mumbai
 HDFC Bank  Mumbai
 HSBC Bank  London
 ICICI Bank  Mumbai
 IDBI Bank  Mumbai
 Indian Bank  Chennai
 Indian Overseas Bank  Chennai
 J & K Bank  Srinagar
 Karur Vysya Bank  Karur
 Kotak Mahindra Bank  Mumbai
 Lakshmi Vilas Bank  Karur
 Punjab National Bank  New Delhi
 Punjab & Sind Bank  New Delhi
 Oriental Bank of Commerce  New Delhi
 State Bank of India  Mumbai
 Union Bank of India  Mumbai

Banking Awareness: Sample Quiz for Aspirants 

Level: Easy

  1. _____________is the rate at which RBI lends money to commercial banks.
    (A) Repo Rate
    (B) Base Rate
    (C) Bank Rate
    (D) Reverse Repo Rate
    (E) None of these
    Answer: C
  2. A money deposited at a bank that cannot be withdrawn for a preset fixed period of time is also known as ________?
    (A) Savings Bank Deposit
    (B) Term Deposit
    (C) No frill Account
    (D) Current Deposit
    (E) None of these
    Answer: B
  3. Special drawing rights (SDRs) are international foreign exchange reserve assets issued by which of the following ?
    (A) IMF
    (B) ADB
    (C) WTO
    (D) RBI
    (E) World Bank
    Answer: A
  4. What does IFSC stand for ?
    (A) Indian Financial Systematic Code
    (B) Indian Financial Systematic Coding
    (C) Indian Financial System Code
    (D) Indian Finance System Code
    (E) Indian Finance System Coding
    Answer: C
  5. The Report on Currency and Finance is published by-
    (A) World Bank
    (B) Indian Bank Association
    (C) Bank for International Settlements
    (D) Reserve Bank of India
    (E) Ministry of Finance,Government of India
    Answer: D
  6. Which of the following is one of the measures of broad money ?
    (A) M0
    (B) M1
    (C) M2
    (D) M3
    (E) M4
    Answer: D
  7. Who is the custodian of national reserves of international currencies?
    (A) Finance Ministry
    (B) SBI
    (C) IDBI
    (D) RBI
    (E) None of these
    Answer: D
  8. Which one of the following is not a ‘Money Market Instrument’?
    (A) Certificate of Deposit
    (B) Commercial Paper
    (C) Treasury Bills
    (D) Equity Shares
    (E) None of these
    Answer: D
  9. Which of the following regulates the financial activities of the Non-Banking Financial Companies?
    (A) RBI
    (B) SEBI
    (C) SIDBI
    (D) Government of India
    (E) None of these
    Answer: A
  10. The headquarters of Kotak Mahindra Bank is located in ___________ ?
    (A) Allahabad
    (B) New Delhi
    (C) Baroda
    (D) Mumbai
    (E) Bengaluru
    Answer: D

Banking Awareness: Complete Glossary of Terms PDF


Banking Awareness: Best Books Recommended by Toppers for Competitive exam

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FAQ’s on Banking Awareness

Q1. Is Banking Awareness a scoring section ?

Ans 1. Banking Awareness is an extremely scoring section.

Q2. What is the component of current affairs in banking awareness?

Ans 2. More than 50%

Q3.  Is world economy important for banking awareness ?

Ans 3. Yes. At lest the basics.

Q4. How essential is the static aspect of banking awareness.

Ans 4. Moderately essential.

Q5. Is banking awareness synonymous to general awareness ?

Ans 5. No. Banking awareness is a part of GA.