Bankers Bounty Quantitative Aptitude

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Today in Banker’s Bounty, you will get Profit and Loss concept and previous year questions.

Step 1: Watch the video prepared by MockBank’s expert.

Step 2: Read the concepts that follow.

Step 3: Put a timer before you solve the previous year questions on decimal and fraction in quiz and record how much time it takes you to solve it.

Step 4: Send us questions in comments section below which took maximum time and we will tell you a faster way to solve it.

1. Ram bought 800 eggs at Rs.3.75 per dozen. He sold 450 of them at a rate of 2eggs for Rs.1 and remaining at 5eggs for Rs.2. His profit % is

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2. An article is sold for Rs. 880 at a profit of 10%. What would have been the loss per cent had it been sold for Rs.780?

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3. A man sold an article at a loss of 20%. If he sells the article for Rs.45 more he would have got a profit of 10%. The cost price of the article is

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4. A sold an article to B at a profit of 10% and B sells it to C at a loss of 10%. If C paid Rs.4158. How much money was paid by A?

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5. A farmer buys a tractor for Rs.65000 and sells it for Rs.58500. Find his loss per cent

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6. A man buys 12 articles for Rs.100 and sells 10 articles for Rs.120. Find his profit per cent

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7. The profit earned after selling on article for Rs.1666 is the same as the loss incurred after selling the article for Rs.1252. What is the cost price of the article?

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8. A grocer purchases 75kg of sugar at Rs.30 per kg and mixed it with 25 kg of sugar at Rs.36 per kg. At what rate should he sell the mixture to gain 10%.

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9. Pure milk costs Rs.20 per litre. After adding water the milkman sells the mixture at the rate of Rs. 18 per litre, thereby making a profit of 25%. In what ratio does he mix the two?

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10. A merchant buys some goods worth Rs.4000 and sells half of them at a profit of 10%. At what profit per cent must he sell the remainder so as to get a profit of 16% on the whole?

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