Bankers Bounty Quantitative Aptitude

Dear Mockbankers

Today in Banker’s Bounty, you will get Decimal and Fraction concept and previous year questions.

Step 1: Watch the video prepared by MockBank’s expert.

Step 2: Read the concepts that follow.

Step 3: Put a timer before you solve the previous year questions on decimal and fraction in quiz and record how much time it takes you to solve it.

Step 4: Send us questions in comments section below which took maximum time and we will tell you a faster way to solve it.


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  1. For every 100 cm, there is an extra 3cm. Now, there are 120 metres. so,

    120*3=360 extra cms
    Which means 3 metre and 60cms extra.
    And=123m 60cms.

  2. fter measuring 120 metres of rope, it was discovered that the metre rod was 3cm longer. The true length of the rope measured is?

  3. correct answer is 99962
    because remainder must be 2 if we divide the number by 3 or 5 or 8 or 12.

    99960 is a wrong answer..

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