Bankers’ Bounty – Quantitative Aptitude – Decimals and Fractions

Bankers Bounty Quantitative Aptitude

Dear Mockbankers

Today in Banker’s Bounty, you will get Decimal and Fraction concept and previous year questions.

Step 1: Watch the video prepared by MockBank’s expert.

Step 2: Read the concepts that follow.

Step 3: Put a timer before you solve the previous year questions on decimal and fraction in quiz and record how much time it takes you to solve it.

Step 4: Send us questions in comments section below which took maximum time and we will tell you a faster way to solve it.


[watupro 32]


  • Bholenaath

    fter measuring 120 metres of rope, it was discovered that the metre rod was 3cm longer. The true length of the rope measured is?

    • mani

      For every 100 cm, there is an extra 3cm. Now, there are 120 metres. so,

      120*3=360 extra cms
      Which means 3 metre and 60cms extra.
      And=123m 60cms.

  • Jayanta

    I am not understand the question no3, 6/7 is correct. ?but it is option no.3

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  • revathy

    I am not able to understand qn no 9.could u pls explain in detail

    • srikar

      correct answer is 99962
      because remainder must be 2 if we divide the number by 3 or 5 or 8 or 12.

      99960 is a wrong answer..

      • Vaibhav

        Hi Srikar
        Thanks for pointing it out srikar.

    • Vaibhav

      Sure revathy. We will ask our expert to prepare a solution

    • Vaibhav

      Greatest five digit number =99999

      Divide 99999/120 = 833.325

      120*833= 99960

      99960+2 = 99962

      is your answer.