Daily Vocabulary words

Dear Banking/Recruitment exams Candidates

After reading our daily tips, tricks and quizzes on different subjects and sections, we got endless requests from candidates for help in improving vocabulary and improve the performance in English section of banking/recruitment exams.


Today we will do a new exciting exercise. Read the information carefully.


Complete each sentence by filling in the blank with the best word from the list. Change the form of the word if necessary. You can use each word only once. Write your solution in the comments section below

abandoned precipitation cultivation fertilize photosynthesis

1. Through __________, green plants create organic materials with the
help of chlorophyll.

2. The coastal city gets half of its __________ during the months of January,
February, and March.

3. Farmers use various methods of land __________.

4. When they heard the hull crack, all but two of the sailors __________

5. Inexperienced gardeners may not realize how important it is that
they __________ their plants.

Find the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the opposite of each word in the left-hand column. Write the answers in the comments section below.
1. physical          (a) not an integral part
2. migration      (b) stay the same
3. adapt              (c) die
4. inherent        (d) staying in one place
5. survive           (e) mental

Don’t forget to answer in the comments section below.

Also do let us know which kind of vocabulary challenges do you want to take? Did you like today’s challenge? Should we revert back to 10 vocabulary words challenge?



  1. Correct answers:

    1. photosynthesis
    2. precipitation
    3. cultivation
    4. abandoned
    5. fertilize

    6. e
    7. d
    8. b
    9. a
    10. c

    Congratulations Althaf way to go buddy. let’s see if you can take today’s vocabulary challenge

  2. 1. photosynthesis

    6.(e) mental
    7. (d) staying in one place
    8.(b) stay the same
    9.(a) not an integral part
    10.(c) die

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