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Current Affairs Quiz topic of the day: Mixed Bag

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Name the bill passed in Lok Sabha on 7th May 2015 that permits juveniles between the ages of 16 and 18 years to be tried as adults for heinous offences?



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2. In which country, military chopper crashed killing seven people including the ambassadors of the Philippines and Norway on 8th May 2015?

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Which edition of anniversary will be celebrated to mark the end of World War Two in the Europe on 9th May 2015?


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On which country’s victory day parade, Indian Army would participate on 9th May 2015?

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According to the Forbes’s annual list issued in New York, how many Indian companies figured in the world’s 2000 largest and most powerful public companies?


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The Chandrayaan-2, India’s second mission to the Moon, has Orbiter, Lander and Rover configuration. It is planned to be launched during _____ year.


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7. India and _______________ signed agreements for enhanced defence cooperation and in areas like cyber security, shipping and civil aviation.

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Name the two ambitious Social Security Schemes launched by PM Narendra Modi pertaining to the insurance and pension sector in Kolkata on 9th May 2015?


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After how many months, the rupee dipped below the 64-mark to end at 64.23 on 7th May 2015 against the American currency on sustained capital outflows by foreign funds?


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What number of Memorandum of Intent has been signed on 8th May 2015 between the Institutions of higher learning in India and Russia to establish the Network of Institutions of Higher Education?


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