Here’s our Current Affairs Quiz for today. In Banking/ Recruitment exams, general awareness is a potential game changer, as more number of questions can be solved in less time with higher accuracy in this section. Following topics are covered, viz.  Economy, Sports, Awards, Books & Authors, Politics and Business/Banking Awareness and ace the General Awareness section of your banking/recruitment exams

Current Affairs Quiz topic of the day: International Affairs

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Islamic State (IS) militant group has destroyed part of historical Temple of Bel in the ancient site of what in Syria?

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2. Highest mountain of North America Mt McKinley renamed as?

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3. An Indian-origin driver in Australia, named __________________was named as Australian of the Day by Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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4. _____________ became the world’s second longest reigning Monarch.

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5. Supreme Court of _________ordered immediate adoption of Urdu as official language of the country.

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6. Singapore’s PM lauded the city-state’s youth vote for helping return his party. Which was this party?

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7. Who is Singapore’s Prime Minister?

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8. ________’s parliament has overwhelmingly approved a new constitution.

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9. Islamic State (IS) have seized ___________ a key town in central Syria.

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10. _________ launched a major expansion of the Suez Canal

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