Computer Knowledge Quiz
Computer knowledge Quiz

The Computer Knowledge (CK) Section is covered in many banking/recruitment exams.

The following quiz helps you brush up your computer knowledge skills.

Computer Knowledge section consists of following categories: Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Networking, Basic Hardware and Software, DBMS etc.ut

Today’s quiz is on Microsoft Access.

Answer the quiz wisely and remember to post your scores in the comments below. Any questions or related information is welcome.

1. The Fill/Back Color button on the formatting toolbar applies color to:

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2. The type of query extract the data and put them into separate table

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3. The following criterion is NOT written using the proper syntax?

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4. (IF [Age]>65, “Senior”,”Adult”) This expression is an example of:

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5. The following property determines what is displayed in a control.

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6. You view the properties of a form

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7. You can keep the sum([Sales]) to calculate the totals for each month in

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8. The procedure for selecting multiple controls on a report?

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9. The following database object can you import from one Microsoft Access database to another?

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10. What field type is used to store picture in a table?

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