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The Banking Awareness Section is covered in many banking/recruitment exams.

The following quiz helps you brush up your banking awareness.

Today’s quiz is a mixed bag, consisting of questions from every topic.

Answer the quiz wisely and remember to post your scores in the comments below. Any questions or related information is welcome.

1. An account holder draws a cheque on a?


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2. The Bank should comply and intimate the compliance of Award to Ombudsman?

Question 2 of 10

3. Capital adequacy is worked out based on?

Question 3 of 10

4. Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) can be maintained in the following ways?


Question 4 of 10

5. What was the deposits criteria of 14 Banks nationalized on 19th July 1969?

Question 5 of 10

6. What are the features of selective credit control?

Question 6 of 10

7. Which of the following are the targets for different categories of priority sector?

Question 7 of 10

8. Benefits in core Banking is ?

Question 8 of 10

9. Cheque truncation can be done by?

Question 9 of 10

10. Bank rate is decided by?

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