Here’s our Current Affairs Quiz for today. In Banking/ Recruitment exams, general awareness is a potential game changer, as more number of questions can be solved in less time with higher accuracy in this section. Following topics are covered, viz.  Economy, Sports, Awards, Books & Authors, Politics and Business/Banking Awareness and ace the General Awareness section of your banking/recruitment exams

Banking Awareness Quiz topic of the day: Banking History

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1. Which bank opened first branch on foreign soil?

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2. What was the initial share capital of Reserve Bank of India?

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3. RBI started working on which date?

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4. The Indian Rupee was devalued for the first time in which year?

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5. In which year, Regional Rural Banks started working in India?

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6. The earliest evidence of Banking transactions in India comes from __:

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7. The liberalisation of Indian banking and regulation was done first on the basis of recommendations of which committee?

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8. Which among the following are the correct locations of three presidency banks during British India?

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9. What was the name of State Bank of India (SBI) before it was created by SBI Act?

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10. The first bank of India “Bank of Hindustan” was established in which year?

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