Bank PO Job Profile

IBPS Bank PO Job Profile will cover the job profile, roles and duties of a Bank PO.

IBPS Bank PO Job Profile

If you you want to know , what you will be your job profile and what you will be doing after you clear the prestigious Bank PO Examination, you are at the right place.We will inform you about Bank PO Job Profile.

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Understanding the job profile, role & responsibilities of a Bank PO is important just like paying attention to the salary offered. Knowing the functions beforehand not only saves you from unexpected surprises while on duty but also gives you an extra edge in answering questions during interviews.

IBPS Bank PO Job Profile

During probation period of 2 years you will be subjected to frequent training and transfers and will be trained to get the practical knowledge in the banking industry like

  • Finance, accounting, marketing, billing as well as investment.
  • Learning nitty gritties of General Banking.
  • Opening of new accounts, Doing deposits, cash management etc.
  • Loan Processing
  • Issuing ATM cards, cheque books, demand drafts etc

After successful completion of the probation period, you will be posted in any bank branch as an Assistant Bank Manager to handle works on daily customer transactions, viz.

  • Marketing of New Schemes.
  • Bringing New Business.
  • Solving the grievances of customers coming in the bank.
  • Any other task bestowed by the bank time to time.

IBPS PO Career Progression:

  • Junior Management Grade Scale I known as PO
  • Middle Management Grade Scale II known as Manager
  • Middle Management Grade Scale III known as  Senior Manager
  • Senior Management Grade Scale IV known as Chief Manager
  • Senior Management Grade Scale V known as Assistant General Manager
  • Top Management Grade Scale VI known as Deputy General Manager
  • Top Management Grade Scale VII known as General Manager

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Friends, this is it for IBPS Bank PO Job Profile and its Roles and Duties. If you have any queries regarding IBPS Bank PO Job Profile, please ask us in the comments section below and we will be glad to answer them for you.

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