Bank of Baroda PO Cutoff 2016

Bank of Baroda PO Cutoff 2016- Expected BOB PO Cutoff

In this article, we will discuss about Bank of Baroda PO Cutoff 2016 and How many Marks you need to Score in BOB PO Exam to clear the BOB PO cut off.

Bank of Baroda PO Cutoff 2016

Bank of Baroda has been conducting PO Exam every year. The number of aspirants applying for it are also increasing continuously. Thus the level of competition is going to be very very tough.In this article we will analyse Bank of Baroda  PO Cutoff so that you can have an idea about how much to score in Bank of Baroda PO 2016 Exam.

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The analysis is based on previous year Bank of Baroda PO Cutoff as well as taking into consideration the new pattern.

Bank of Baroda PO Cutoff : Previous Year and Present Year

Let us see the previous year BOB PO Cutoff in a sequential manner.

BOB PO Previous year Cutoffs

Below is the list of Bank of Baroda Previous Year Cutoffs. BOB PO Cut Off For Final Selection(Out of 100):

Bank of Baroda PO Cutoff 201359.9555246.2
Bank of Baroda PO Cutoff 201457.252.949.943.4
Bank of Baroda PO Cutoff 201555.551.648.641.8


Bank of Baroda PO Cutoff 2016 (Expected CutOff for BOB PO 2016)

  • There will be both overall and sectional cut offs.
  • Pattern is widely different from all previous year Papers

Expected Cutoff for Bank of Baroda PO Exam:

CategoryGeneral Awareness (50)Reasoning (50)Quantitative Aptitude (50)English (50)Written Exam (200)

How to Score Marks to clear BOB PO Cutoff

In Order to reach the the marks specified above, you need to

  • Attempt at least 70 percent questions overall to clear the overall cutoff
  • A minimum of 50% question in each section to clear the sectional cutoff

Is Scoring Cutoff marks enough in BOB PO Exam??

In very simple language NO. You must score at least 10-15 marks more.

DO’s to Clear BOB PO Cutoff

Again in simple words, try to score at least 10-15 marks more than the expected cutoff.

DONT’s to Clear UIIC AO Cutoff

Once again in simple words, Do not waste your time making Permutation and Combinations. Instead prepare harder and thus score more. Even the previous year cutoffs are to give an idea . Do not plan your number of questions to be attempted based on the cutoff.

Well Enough said, Give last boost to your BOB PO Preparation Now!

This is it for Bank of Baroda PO Cutoff. We will be sharing all updates related to BOB PO Cutoff and more. If you have any queries/questions regarding Bank of Baroda PO cutoff, feel free to post them in the comments section below and we will be glad to answer them for you.

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  • Ajay

    any body can clarified what will the level of exam’s questions difficult or medium or easy..?

  • yamini

    can anyone clarify if the number of vacancies are actually 1200 or just 400…because it would help me and i think everyone a lot…plus i attempted 156 in total but i am still skeptical about it…i dont remember much but i think i did 45 in reasoning…and when will the result be out?

    • Sandy

      its 1200, I called the BOB headoffice Mumbai. Even my friend also did the same.
      1200 confirmed according to BOB, rest we can see in future

      • yamini

        thank u sandy

        • Sandy

          whats your result

          • yamini

            yes i just checked after seeing your comment…thank you for telling me by the way…I GOT IN!!!!!…I am really really happy!!!!…and u?…if u gave too

          • amr

            will all 1200 get the job

          • yamini

            i guess so…in 3 batches.

          • sakshipriya mukherjee

            How it can b possible that all 1200 will get the job..moreover the vacancies are ONLY 400 not 1200.

          • Sandy

            Yes i also cleared, lets see what happens

          • Sandy

            Yes i also cleared, lets see what happens in future

    • Sandy

      and yes, if you expect around 120-125 out of 156 then you are much safer even with moderate discriptive, ATB

  • Jenifer-The Princess

    sir i had attempted 107 questions
    math 12 i believe 1-2 question wrong
    reasoning 33 i believe 2-3 questions wrong
    english 25 in danger cant predict more than 12
    gk 37 only two mistakes

    can i expect selection while last year cut off (SC) 80 for 1200 vacancy while it is only 400 pls tell.

    • Jatin Mehrotra

      Vacancies are 1200

      • BAHUBALI

        no..vacancies are only 400.just check notification

        • Jatin Mehrotra

          I had talk to the hr…vacancies are 1200…u again read the notification…3 batches..400 each…

          • BAHUBALI

            what man….had u lost ur sense??3 batches is written but not written 400 each and all category seats are disclosed and u still saying 400 each..its kk sir u live in ur dream .no one can stop u to doing so…

          • Jatin Mehrotra

            Ahahaha…bhai..result dekh lena…nd moreover read the notification again…they have given a sample size of 400..and they are recruiting in three batches…lagta h bhai..angrezi kam samjhte h…

          • BAHUBALI

            yes u r right sir..tum kuch zyda hi english samajhte ho so mei balance banaye rkhne k liy kam samjhta hu..u r really too fool to say anything..i ll talk to u on the day when result ll be published till then good bye aur haan live in ur 1200 dream

          • JATIN MEHROTRA

            Chal bhai..dekh lete h…or haan 1200 hui to plss eng course join kar lena..

          • BAHUBALI

            kk sir..i surely ll opt an english course..

          • bhahubali ,,,,,, 1200 vacancy hain is bar ,,,,, hr confirmed
            3*400 = 1200
            400/each batch = 1200 in 3 batch

          • sakshipriya mukherjee

            This means all 1200 candidates shortlisted for gd/pi will get the offerletter!! R u serious.. !!!!! the vacancies are ONLY 400…..

        • Sandy

          its 1200, I called the BOB headoffice Mumbai. Even my friend also did the same.
          1200 confirmed according to BOB

          • Sowjee

            Whats the status now…???

    • Sandy

      its 1200, I called the BOB headoffice Mumbai. Even my friend also did the same.
      1200 confirmed according to BOB, rest we can see in future

      • Jenifer-The Princess

        obc cut off??

        • %Cute&Smart*#

          not yet confirmed

        • Sandy

          What is your attempt and your Expected score?
          i think it will lie btw 90-95 For obc max
          an with discriptive 20+ in this

          • Jenifer-The Princess

            m Sc category expecting 85 marks

          • Sandy

            good chances

          • Jenifer-The Princess

            no chances i didnt qualify

          • Sandy

            sorry to hear that dear, better luck next time

  • Sharyu

    @disqus_8op6A1eq5e:disqus Sir After how many months we will get inhand salary?
    or the salary is same like others bank po?


      You will get it after your course is complete

      • Sharyu

        So that will be aftwr deduction

  • dream girl

    only 90?..but last year it was 96 ..dont you think it will be more this year ?

    • Sandy

      what do u think, cut-off can be?

      • vishal singh


  • nikhil chavan

    You mean bob, right?



  • Kranthi

    Bank of maharastra exam expected date plz?

  • SR

    What can be the cutoff marks for bank of maharashtra po?

  • Priyanka

    when will the admit card be available?


      We will update you soon

      • krishna

        Is there a bond in this recruitment?

    • JANA

      Just before 2 weeks from the exam date mostly