Everyone knows About MGNREGA ( Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment guarantee Act), the reason it being the best job guarantee scheme of our country.

The MGNREGA has been designed in such a way that, it provides at least a 100 days job guarantee to those living in rural and remote areas of the country.

The best part is that all the adults more than 18 years of age in such areas will be given some sort of non skilled work in their vicinity, So that they don’t need to wander around to get work and earn livelihood.

This program came into effect by regulation on Aug 25, 2005. It provides a legal assurance for one hundred days of occupation in every financial year to individuals of any rural family, who are willing to do such work at a minimum wage of around 120 Rs a day.

This Act was presented with an aim of facilitating the buying power of those living in rural areas, mainly unskilled individuals residing in rural parts of the country, regardless of their poverty line status.

The law was initially known as the NREGA but was relabeled in 2009. Regardless of its finest objectives, MGNREGA has always been in debate about damaged authorities, lack of funding, low quality of work under this program, and it’s random dangerous impact

The MGNREGA completed 10 years on February 2,On this occasion, the INDIAN government also said the last financial year had seen a great comeback of the programme. It also stated that , they would focus on simplifying the procedure and building sustainable assets to benefit the poor, in the coming years.

Like previous years,the ministry organized the “MGNREGA Sammelan” this year also on 2nd of  February at New Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan. The MGNREGA Sammelan highlighted the effective implementation of the Act in states as well as innovative measurearunjaitleyMGNREGAs adopted by States towards Sustainable livelihood through Convergence, Social inclusion, Accountability and Transparency. It also showcased innovative works done by districts. The best practices in MGNREGA were exhibited during the programme. The interaction during Sammelan served as a medium for the exchange of information among State Governments, members of rural households and the media fraternity.Some announcements were also made by our Finance Minister  Mr. Arun Jaitley, who was the Chief guest of the sammelan in his keynote address at MGNREGA Sammelan-2016 in New Delhi. The most important being the Expanditure ofs 3,13,845 crore, of which 71 per cent was spent on wage payments to workers.

Well not only that, Out of this, the percentage of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe workers consistently  remained around 20 per cent and 17 per cent respectively.

The figure thus achieving a total of 19.8 billion person-days , inclusive of about more than 33 % participation by women.

The main agenda being the creation of sustainable assets, linked to conservation of our natural resources and overall development of rural areas.

Work Done in NREGA

The MGNREGA scheme mainly focusses on the growth of rural and remote areas dealing with:

  • Water preservation
  • Aforestation
  • Fixing of embankments
  • Constructing of new tanks/ponds, percolation aquariums.
  • Area stabilizing etc.


Issues in NREGA

  1. Issues Relevant to Job Cards:

Job cards confirmation is done on the spot by checking it in a database.

It helps in reducing time lags between program and issuing of job cards.

But in certain cases it was reported that the standard procedure was not being followed.


2. Issues Associated With Applications

 As per this issue, it was specified that within 15 days of application by an individual, he/she must be provided with work.

3. Issues Relevant to Choice of Works

This was done by Gram Sabha, which selected all its workers after following the necessary rules and regulations.

4.Issues associated with Performance of Works:

Well this was and is still very difficult to access.

5. Issues Associated With Payments

Payment of income is done either through post offices or banks. The government transfers the wages directly into their accounts.



1.Rozgar Jagrukta Puraskar

Rozgar Jagrukta Puraskar  also known as Employment Awareness Award is given to recognize the excellent participation by Civil Society Organizations for their efficient execution of MGNREGA in the different States of the nation.

The main objective of this award was to motivate and recognize the excellent and exceptional participation created by Civil Society Organizations in the execution of MGNREGA in the nation.


2.Excellence in MGNREGA Administration District Level Awards

It is given to recognize the excellent participation by Region MGNREGA Groups for their efficient execution of MGNREGA in the nation.

The main objective of this award was to motivate and recognize the excellent and exceptional participation created by Region MGNREGA Groups in the execution of MGNREGA in the nation.

3.Excellence in NREGA Administration For Financial Inclusion

It is awarded for excellent participation by officer for efficient execution of MGNREGA in the nation.

The main objective of this award was to motivate and recognize the excellent and exceptional participation created by Postal Department Officials in the execution of MGNREGA in the nation.



  • As per a  CAG report of 2013, States like Bihar, UP and Maharashtra got only 20 per cent of the total fund allocated to them.
  • A study by former CACP chief A Gulati showed that the impact of GDP was almost 4-6 times higher than the wage rise of MGNREGA

Whatever be the controversies, the scheme is still a great tool that can come handy for the government to provide support for the needy.

Since the start of this programme, the Indian govt has spent about Rs 3,13,844.55 crore. Out of this, more than 70 percent has been spent on wage payments to workers. The total number of men days stands at 1,980.01 crore and that’s not all, the percentage participation by women is much higher than the criteria of minimum percent.