10 top banking, insurance and government recruitment exams to apply for in 2016.

In this article you will get a list of 10 top banking, insurance and government recruitment exams to apply for in 2016.

Top Banking Insurance & Government Exams 2016.

Dear MockBankers

The sizzling year of 2015 has ended. Waking up from the slumber of recession, this year brought us a bounty of government/private jobs and recruitment drives.  Some fortunate (read hardworking) ones managed to clear the examination while some others had tough luck, being denied a seat just because of some marks.

Well whatever happens, does so for the good and whatever doesn’t happens, happens for the best. 2016, the crispy new year awaits us with a plethora of new opportunities in banking, insurance and government sectors. Mockbank, the leader in Banking recruitment will help you get the Naukri of your dreams. Here is a list of  10 banking/government recruitment exams you can apply for in the year 2016.

1. Top Banking, Insurance & Government Exam: IBPS PO

The top of the list and why not, the job of a bank probationary officer (PO) is considered as a lucrative white collar job. Every year lakhs of aspirants contest for PO exams. A bank PO job sets you on a high career growth path and offers prospects for a bright future in banking. Many candidates want to know about the responsibilities of a bank PO, what kind of job they do once they are recruited in banks.

  • Position: A bank probationary officer post is the entry level position
  • Training: Typically, a bank PO undergoes a 2 year probation period or training and then gets the post of Assistant Manager on joining a branch.
  • Job Profile: Normal prospect of this job is general banking and bank administration; however, bank POs are expected to possess excellent communication skills and the ability to resolve conflicts in a cool and calm manner. It involves supervision of the clerical works and work towards increasing banks business by implementing better services.
  • Growth Prospects: The career growth prospect of a bank PO is very high as compared to other government jobs. Based on your skills and performances, you can quickly climb the ladder and attain high level banking posts in your zone.

All that is required on your part is strong determination and good preparation, so that you can clear the bank P.O. exam and the interview successfully. Many individuals aspire to become bank PO, because this job promises high career growth.


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2. Top Banking, Insurance & Government Exam: SBI PO

The State Bank of India is naturally the top choice to work for any banking aspirant.

  • Job Profile:  The job profile of SBI PO is little bit different from Bank PO of other banks; the reason is that SBI is a vast bank with presence to the remotest corners of India encompassing all the dimensions of banking. SBI PO Job Profile involves General Banking, Administrative Task, and any other task bestowed by the bank time to time. In SBI there is a lot of focus on marketing & cross selling also hence the Probationary Officer is also exposed to such areas of banking.
  • Training: During probation period of 2 years you will be subjected to frequent trainings and transfers.

The basic difference is that a SBI PO is exposed to bigger roles and responsibilities as there is huge scope for learning every aspect of banking in while working in SBI. So if you are looking for challenges and looking to become a better banker you must aim for SBI. In SBI challanges are more and at the same time opportunities for rising are also more. Best performers are always rewarded in SBI.


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3. Top Banking, Insurance & Government Exam: IBPS SPECIALIST OFFICER

Specialist Officer is appointed for specialized role in various departments. They are allotted the branches of their services based on the Specialization and their educational background.

A brief explanation of Specialist Officers can be described as follows: (Click on the post to get more details)

1.  IBPS Specialist IT Officer: These days, almost every bank is in need of IT Officers. These IT Officers are responsible to take care of banks’ software systems.

2. Law Officer: The Law Officers are needed to handle all Legal or Judicial matters of the bank.

3. Agriculture Officer: An Agricultural officer is responsible for the promotion of loans in rural areas like general and agricultural purposes under the various governmental and financial institutions schemes.

4. Marketing Officer: A marketing officer is responsible for marketing and branding of a bank and its activities either at online or in offline media

5. HR Officer: These are responsible to handle human resource department functions such as compensation, industrial relations, performance management, training and development, etc..

6. Rajbhasha Adhikari: The RajbhashaAdhikari are responsible for translation related works like translating official documents in English to Rajbhasha(Hindi) and other such activities.

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4. Top Banking, Insurance & Government Exam: SSC CGL

If you are aspiring for government jobs in India, SSC CGL is one thing you need to know.Staff Selection Commission conducts Combined Graduate Level Examination (SSC – CGL) for recruitment to different Central Civil posts including ministeries. Qualifying in these exams will open opportunities for young graduates in government sector.

The CGL exam is being held by SSC for group B and C cadre posts. This year shall see the following govt. departments create vacancies.


Examiner is an inspector post. It is an all-time coastal job. If posted in current posting then the main duty of an Examiner is to give clearances, he has the power to access and examine goods, power to take samples, examine the cargo which needs to be imported or exported to other countries and then, levy the charges (duty) on that shipment.

2-Assistant CSS

Assistant CSS post is the lowest post in Central Secretariat Services. The main feature of this job is reasonable peace of mind and posting in Delhi. You get postings in various ministries in Delhi and you would almost always get postings in Delhi only. Work wise, you have to deal with so many files just like in any other Government office and there is average daily work load which you can handle within 3-4 hours if you are efficient enough.

3-Preventive Officer

Preventive officer is an inspector post. As a Preventive Officer (P.O.), you would get either field posting or office posting. If you are posted in office, just like other SSC jobs, you will do a lot of file and paperwork. In field posting, you would get to work like customs preventive officer. Your duty would include stop smuggling and keep vigil on smugglers.

4-Income Tax Inspector

 An Income Tax Inspector post work related to assessment of tax or non-assessment of tax. He also has to see the work related to TAX DEDUCTION AT SOURCE (TDS) besides being accompanying a raid team.

5-Central Excise Inspector

Central excise inspector is posted in Headquarter than he/she have to do Executive work like augmentation of central excise & Service tax etc, detection of evasion of taxes etc. To wear the uniform (Khaki) is optional.

6-Assistant in MEA & Assistant

This is most sought post under SSC CGL due to foreign posting and many other lucrative facilities like children’s education, accommodation etc and a very handsome salary of more than 1 lakh per month.

7–Assistant Enforcement Officer

Assistant Enforcement Officer is an inspector post. If posted in the field than he /she has to do Executive work like prevention of money laundering, to conduct searches of suspected persons, conveyances and premises and seize incriminating materials to arrest. Duty is round the clock means day as well as night shift job.

8-Sub-Inspector in CBI

Sub Inspectors in CBI or any other rank holder in CBI generally does not possess revolver/pistol. In a very few cases, when a search is to be carried out in some dangerous places, weapons are issued to the staff.

9-Inspector of Posts

Inspector of Posts is the worst post offered by SSC. A duty of Inspector of Posts is to sell Postal Life Insurance with a fixed target.


Auditor Post is best post among all Non-Interview posts. Auditors are recruited under CAG and CGDA departments.


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5. Top Banking, Insurance & Government Exam: RBI GRADE B

RBI stands for Reserve Bank of India and It is one of the most prestigious government institute of India. Whoever dreams for getting a Govt. Job, In that a list, this job is one of the butter Job. But, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to get an entry into RBI officers; you have to pass exam as well as interview conducted by RBI officers. Highest posts up to which RBI Service Board can fill into its department through exam is RBI Grade B officers.

If you are being recruited at a young age, there is more chance to be a deputy governor after promotions in RBI departmental exams. Sorry for governor, because this post is already book for IAS officers as mentioned according to our constitution.

If you are good at economy or want to increase your economy learning and want to deep study about inflation, corruption; you are most welcome. Here, you will come to know about IMF, World Bank etc. in whole detail.

If you want to earn fat check in your 50-60 ages, you are also welcome. Investment banks will welcome you with a great salary after your retirement.


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6. Top Banking, Insurance & Government Exam: LIC AAO

Job of an Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) is regarded as a very responsible and respected job in Indian insurance service sector due to involvement of person holding post of an AAO that helps in preparation and scrutinizing the bills for the payment.

An AAO is also involved in various purchases and maintenance of financial, administrative and personal services. Inquiries related to works and purchases are solicited in the name of AAO and work orders are signed and placed under the signatures of an Assistant Administrative Officer. Career advancement opportunities are available for dynamic officers as Administrative Officers, Senior Administrative Officers, Chief Administrative Officer and Director, Administration etc.

Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) belongs to the class I officer group. The job begins with the candidates joining LIC on a probation-cum-training period of 6 months. This is to provide exposure about the working of insurance sector. AAOs can choose any of the areas from Administration, Develpoment and Accounts.

1. Administration AAO

The Administration AAOs handle policy making, policy claims uptocetain limit, checking clauses and details, filing official returns and statements to higher regional offices etc

2. Developement AAO

The Development AAOs deal with marketing and procurement of business, promoting policies, getting contracts etc.

3. Accounts AAO

The Accounts AAOs manage the funds including incomes and expenses of the corporation. After 3 years of working as AAOs they can be promoted to AOs. This adds on more powers and authority and they can be posted anywhere in India.


Click here to read LIC AAO syllabus, pattern, eligibility and preparation tips. 

7. Top Banking, Insurance & Government Exam: UPSC CIVIL SERVICES Examination 

Civil Servants are bureaucrats who often significantly influence decision making of the government. Though you may not be as highly paid as a private sector executive, but the power and status associated with this field more than makes up for it. In fact, civil servants are often called the real power behind the government.

Just imagine being the District Magistrate of a district or the Secretary of a Ministry. If you want to have the power to influence people this is it.

The officers of the Indian Civil Services are general managers who have a wide variety of duties and responsibilities ranging from maintenance of law and order, collection of taxes, to developmental work within State and Central areas of jurisdiction, implementation of social welfare activities, etc. They head the Union and the State Secretariats as well as the district administrations throughout the country. The broad areas of work for a civil servant are:

1. Indian Administrative Services (IAS)

An IAS officer manages the general administration of the state including the development function. Policy formulation, implementation and control at different levels are your main responsibilities.

2. Indian Police Service (IPS)

Here lies the excitement for all you budding KiranBedis. As an IPS officer you’ll be the brain behind not just the police force but also the CRPF, BSF, CISF, etc.

3. Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

The Indian Foreign Service [IFS] is a Central Service in Group A and the premier diplomatic service of our country. The Indian Foreign Service deals with the country’s external affairs, including diplomacy, trade and cultural relations.

4. Indian Postal Service (IPS)

The Indian Postal Service also carries a lot of the aura of living in large bungalows etc. The only thing you miss sometimes is perhaps public exposure. This is however a service that gives you opportunities to do service to your nation by introducing newer and better schemes for the nation especially when communication is changing at a very fast pace.

5. Indian Audit and Accounts Services (IA & AS)

IA & AS Officers work closely with the Union and State government departments for efficient audit

6. Indian Railway Service (IRS)

7. Indian Civil Accounts Services (ICAS)

8. Indian Customs and General Excise Services (IC & GES)

9. Indian Revenue Service Officers (IRSO)

10. Indian Ordinance Factories Services

11.Indian Information Service (IIS)


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8. Top Banking, Insurance & Government Exam: IBPS and SBI Clerk 

With the government saying no to interviews for clerk posts from 2016Clerk jobs are in hot demand.  For visitors and customers to any PSB, clerks are the first point of contact for any inquiries & guidance.

  • The person inside the withdrawal & deposit counters are mostly of clerical grade. This is the reason some banks mention clerk as single window operators or cashiers.
  • They are responsible for accepting payments, sanction withdrawals, verify cheques, issue demand drafts & other banking related services to customers.
  • Back-office work like receipts collection, ledger maintenance, balance tally & other transactions must be keyed in the computer systems after office hours.
  • In addition this, clerks may also have to take-up marketing of financial products of bank such as loans, deposits, schemes to visitors.
  • DATE OF NOTIFICATION:  January 2016 for SBI Clerk and August 2016 for IBPS Clerk
  • DATE OF EXAMINATION:  March 2016 for SBI Clerk and Nov-Dec 2016 for IBPS Clerk.

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9. Top Banking, Insurance & Government Exam: Indian Railways

Indian railways are the largest department of central government in India. It gives vast number of employment opportunities to the job seekers while at the same time best facilities for the transport. Every time it acquires new techniques and gives best support to the people.

For the year 2015-16, Indian railways have released SSE, JE and Special recruitment drive for Non- technical under graduate posts. People who are looking for Graduation jobs in railways, it is the best opportunity of RRB Non Technical Recruitment 2016. People are eagerly waiting for Railway RRB latest vacancies.

RRB NTPC has come up with various posts (Click on the post to read its job description)

Click here to read official notification and Apply now


Click here to read how to fill post preference in RRB NTPC application form 

Click here to read pattern, Syllabus and Books to prepare for RRB NTPC examination 

Government of India, Ministry of Railways and Railway Recruitment Cells are inviting applications from eligible Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) for the erstwhile 1844 Group ‘D’ vacancies. This is a special recruitment drive to fill up backlog vacancies against the quota for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and RRC/N.Rly. has been nominated as nodal RRC for submission of ONLINE applications and conduct of examination.

Click here to read about RRC Group D 1844 vacancies and Apply Now

10. Top Banking, Insurance & Government Exam:  TET

In India Teacher Eligibility Test is conducted by both Central and State governments to shortlist the eligible contenders to employ them as teachers in various government schools and colleges. Most states conduct their own Teacher Eligibility Test such as:

  1. UPTET- Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test
  2. HTET– Haryana Teachers Eligibility Test
  3. APTET– Arunachal Pradesh, Teachers Eligibility Test
  4. RTET– Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility TesT
  5. CTET– Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET)

Government exams for teaching jobs are conducted from time to time all over India. It is conducted at various districts across India. TET is an important recruitment exam for teaching job in Government schools in India. The recruitment is done for all levels of education in schools that is, upper, middle as well lower levels of education.

Recruitment exam for teachers is a very good opportunity for the educated youth of India. These positions have very good salary package with lot of other allowances and benefits. In order to appear for these exams, the candidate should be minimum graduate in any discipline from a recognized university.

Higher educational degrees such as PG and doctorates are added advantage. BEd. Degree can also add to the qualifications of the candidate. Recruitment exam for teaching jobs are conducted on various subjects from all streams like science, arts and commerce.


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